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In the 2011 season Enfield Croquet Club opened a Croquet reference library where books and DVD's will be on loan for those wishing to learn more or to improve their game. On this page you will be able to find details of the items we have available, plus reviews for those wishing to purchase their own copies.

We are still adding to our new library so perhaps any of our more established members who acquired their own libraries which they no longer require should contact the Club Secretary who is now accepting donations. Anyone wishing to take out a loan should contact our Club Secretary.

Croquet Books and DVD's

A Guide to Golf Croquet

Written and compiled by Jennet Blake & Gerald Mitchell, updated by John Cundell and Richard Keighly for the Third Edition 2010. Paperback produced for and sold by the Croquet Association.

This title doesn't include a glossary or the rules but is the best introduction and simple instruction guide on the market for those taking up Golf Croquet for the first time. Although this tidy little volume is broken down into five lessons, please don't attempt jump shots on your fifth week, or if you do please don't attempt it on our lawns. Rather use the lessons to ease yourself into the sport, take it in gentle stages at your own pace and repeat the lessons learned. There is a lot to learn and progress is always best achieved with practice. A guide to Golf Croquet suggests what to practice whilst at the same time talking you through the essential rules and etiquette that are involved in the game and the tactics required.

Highly recommended for beginners.

The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Sheila Rudling

Can be ordered from the Croquet Association

paperback in the shops - hardback for loan

Croquet - Skills of the Game
Bill Lamb
Published by The Crowood Press
£9.99 Paperback
ISBN 978 1 86126 992 8

As a comprehensive start to finish volume this book not only covers it all but does so in a very readable, clear and well defined manner. It's strictly an Association book and includes nothing about golf croquet, but the shots and learning techniques are equally valid. It's the sort of volume which can be referred to for many years and will probably need to be because its somewhat difficult for newcomers to master all the shots in one go. So best to concentrate on one thing at a time as you progress which this title aids rather well. Once learnt the odd refresher is never a bad thing and the layout of this volume makes it quite easy to pick out specific topics, be it for the first or fifty-first time. It also differentiates well between basic technique and applied technique. Separate chapters on break play, tactics and handicap play also make a great deal of sense and makes reference to specific topics accessible without use of the index, even though it has quite a good one. It has a whole host of useful and very much to the point illustrations, diagrams and photos in black and white. The only down side of this volume for me are the numerous diagrammatic game plans in black and white, which for me at least require a concentration above and beyond the call. To that end my volume is about to be 'coloured in' but you won't be able you do that with the Club's copy if you take it out on loan.

The paperback is available to order from Amazon and all good booksellers.
There was also a hardback edition published which is no longer in print.

The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Sheila Rudling

Teach Yourself Croquet
Don Grant
Published by Hodder & Stoughton

No longer in print but still available from local libraries. It's a decent enough read and general introduction for the newcomer in the first 30 pages. But given that it was published in 1992 and probably written some time before that the piece on Golf Croquet, which is only three pages long is maybe best ignored because the rules are very much out of date. The book is primarily for the Association Croquet newcomers and as such it does its job quite well. The colour photos illustrate the grips and positions for a variety of shots but the temptation to colour in the black and white diagrammatic illustrations for various breaks is immense. Worth a read? Certainly but even if you can get hold of a second hand copy don't use it as your main source book. The book also includes a very succinct and useful glossary of terms.

Play the Game Croquet
Stephen Mulliner
Published Ward Lock

The Club has 2 loan copies available - Generously donated by Ken Pickett and Sheila Rudling

J W Solomon
Published by A & C Black
Still available at £9.00 paperback from the Croquet Association

The author is he of the famous 'Solomon grip' and this title was first published in 1966, while this edition was published in paperback in 1989. This is an association book which explains the intricacies of play, while techniques and tournament strategy are explained in full. There is also a chapter on tactics. It's a readable little title but as with most of the books illustrated in black and white the diagrams can be a tad difficult to interpret.

The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Ken Pickett

Know the Game Croquet
Produced in association with The Croquet Association
Published by A & C Black
The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Sheila Rudling

Mastering Golf Croquet

DVD with Aaron Westby and Dennis Bulloch

£19.00 from the Croquet Association

A coaching DVD for Golf Croquet put together by Aaron Westerby and Dennis Bulloch of New Zealand, in 2005.This is a very decent introduction for beginners as it outlines the principles of the game by way of demonstration and outlines all the basic rules required to enjoy a game of Golf Croquet.

The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Sheila Rudling

How to Play Croquet

a step-by-step guide
Edited by Mike Shaw - Technical consultant Nigel Aspinall

A beginners guide to how to play Association Croquet, written by Mike Shaw and Nigel Aspinall. 48 colour pages softback booklet, with lots of helpful diagrams.

Reprinted from the 1989 original

The Club has a loan copy available - Generously donated by Ken Pickett
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