2016 - 2017 Committee

Brian Dawes - Chairman


Marian Cuckson - Secretary and Joint Social Secretary with Fiona Montgomery-Baird


Valerie Zaater - Treasurer and Minutes Secretary


David Frost - GC Club Captain, Internal Competition Organiser, Handicapper, Fixtures Secretary and Purchasing Officer


Peter Brock - Lawns Officer and Parks Liaison Officer


Andrew Fall - Publicity Officer.  Grants Applications (once lease is in place)


Des Taylor - Website and Hut maintenance


Marian Cuckson and Fiona Montgomery-Baird - Joint Social Secretaries


Positions vacant:


Contact Brian if interested


Sheila Rudling has been appointed Life President. Ken Pickett and David Fenner have stepped down from the committee so very many thanks on behalf of the Club for all their work over the years. Andrew Fall and Des Taylor both accepted nominations and so the full committee is now as follows:


2015 - 16 Committee

Brian Dawes - Sheila Rudling - David Frost - David Fenner - Valerie Zaater - Tony Elliott - Ken Pickett - Peter Brock - Marian Cuckson