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This is a indeed a good 15 minute interview - the interview starts at 41 minutes on the audio clip - with a very enthusiastic and articulate JP Moberly – currently regarded, it seems, as the best of the young English GC players.
He lost to Harry Erian 7-6, 7-6 in the "round of 16" at the current World Championship.

From the Oxford Croquet Website
Here is a nice little 3d croquet lawn for you to play with which can be used in a simple format or loaded with association sample plays


(I cannot get it to work - Des)

Golf Croquet Exhibition Match

Very highly recommended for new players. An excellent introduction to Golf Croquet as played by some seriously good players

1997 USCA Croquet Championship

An American ESPN TV link so this one is a bit cheesy with the commentary. It also however acts as a brief introduction to the game

Croquet Men's Final Part 1

Croquet Men's Final Part 2

Croquet Men's Final Part 3
Croquet Men's Final Part 4

Association Croquet Men's Championships 2004 Bamford v Trimmer. Reg Bamford completed 7 sextuples

How to Play Croquet (Association)

By Wayne Davies of the Westmoor Club teaches us how to play - a brief introduction for beginners.

Reg Bamford - Double Jump Shot Mastery

Don't practice this one on the lawns please

Mohammed Nasr Hoop 7

This would look like a really impressive shot if we were not so used to seeing Tony knock them out like this all the time

Ask him for a demo next time you see him

Robert Lowe's Straight Rover Peel and Combination Peg-out 

World Golf Croquet Champship Seni Final Ahmed Nasr vs Chris Clarke

Clip of the semi between Ahmed Nasr and Chris Clarke - it shows the first 6 hoops. The match was played on a bowling green at Kelvin Grove with gale force winds so you might want to turn the sound down to avoid the wind noise - beware shaky camera work... which is why I'd like any of you out there who know of better links to let me know

Reg Bamford Jump Shot - The Shot

Reg Bamford Jump Shot - Judgement
Reg Bamford Jump Shot - The Analysis

Can't beat a good bit of controversy - as was the case with this incident in the final of the 2011 Golf Croquet Finals