Gardening and Lawn work

Tuesday 25 April

David Warren and others watered lawn 2


Thursday 27 April

Alan Bateman watered lawn 2 and lawn 3


Tuesday 28 March



Marian Hardy, Des, Ian Moore, Valerie Rennie, Peter and Jenny Ruddle, David Warren, Frances and Michael Broadway.


Plenty digging and weeding completed. A late arrival Ian Moore dug for England. Well done Ian and hope to see you again soon.

Digger Hardy.


Tuesday 21 March.


Marian Hardy, Dave Hill, Tony Elliott, Des, John Street, Alan Foott, Frances, Andrew Fall, Brian Dawes, Brian Sturt.


Lots of digging, pruning and weed removal.


Tuesday 14 March at 10:00


Tasks completed:

  • Valerie Rennie switched 2 lawns solo - a fine effort.
  • Andrew and Brian Sturt removed the last remaining mowings and numerous leaves from last season.
  • Des and Brian Dawes strimmed
  • Mary Grove removed the remaining bush prunings from Dawes Alley (adjacent to playground) and carefully pruned - checking no nesting birds about
  • Des, Andrew, Brians * 2 cleared the bramble area privet side of lawn 1 and continued to reduce the height of the grass.
  • Marian and Des had an experimental (basic) treatment of 12 weeds on lawn 3.
  • Marian planted numerous plants - aided by Mary.
  • Tony Elliott oiled the club mallets.
  • Mary took some pictures for the website


John Street demonstrated how to use the lawn mower.

Tony Elliott mowed most of lawn 1.

John Street and Peter Brock mowed lawns 2 and 3.

Des had a little mow.

A very creditable job.

The lawns are now looking much better.  


Monday 6 March at 10:00.


David Warren, Michael Broadway, Frances Broadway, Tony Elliott, Des, Alan Bateman, Marian Hardy, broken toe Sturt and jet lagged Brian Dawes.


John Street battled with the mower and had to depart to get a spare part.

Alan switched and moved mowings then tidied up the extension lead for the kettle in the hut. It is now much safer.

Frances, Michael and Andrew moved lots of old mowings and with Alan and David removed many brambles.

Tony pruned the roses, dug the rose bed and collected grass from the strimming.

David Warren did everything including getting the strimmer working.

Des strimmed and dished out jobs.

Marian dug and planted and gave excellent advice.

Broken toe made a cameo appearance then hobbled off onto the horizon.


Well done everyone - Stars.

Wednesday 1 March


Alan Bateman switched 3 lawns

Des Taylor and Brian Sturt moved a fair bit of the dumped lawn mowings from last season - then went to the cafe.

Winter Workers 27 February - All smiles no moans. Great stuff.

Monday 27 February


David Warren, Valerie Rennie, Alan Bateman switched.

Des moved some old grass mowings

Friday 24th February


John Street mowed the grass in between lawns 1 and 2 and around the perimeters of lawn 2 and 3. He also started to cut the long grass at the top of lawn 1.


He was completely knackered, particularly loading his mower back in the car. He will return soon to use the club mower to finish off. 


Thanks and well done John

Monday 20 February


Dave Hill, David Warren, Valerie Rennie switched all 3 lawns with some advice from Brian Dawes.


Thanks to all.


Thursday 16th February


Spring bulb planting - Brian Dawes and Marian Hardy have dug over the cleared area in front of the gate and Brian planted about 100 daffodil bulbs along with some ground cover plants.


It is intended to add more plants and small shrubs to cover the area.

Monday 13 February Moss Treatment


Peter Brock, Andrew Fall, Des Taylor, David Barnicoat and Alan Bateman.


All lawns were switched

Lawns 2 and 3 were treated for moss and lawns 1 and 3 had the hoops collapsed.


Lawn 1 treated following Tuesday.


31 January and 7 February 2017


Visit of Capel Manor students


Many thanks to Sarah and Ian together with their willing team of students who pruned and cleared our borders on their first visits.

Switching Timetable


To remove worm casts before the new season.


Completed until the end of the season.


Many thanks to all volunteers.


When switching it is important to make sure that:

There is no sign of frost or frozen ground.

You do not stand on any switched worm casts or casts.


Why remove worm casts?

15 September 2016


Lawn 2 has been over-seeded and topsoil added which was also duly luted in by our lawns crew.

Marian Hardy and Alan Bateman luting.

Blessed are the tea makers

Lawn Setting 

How many members does it take to measure a lawn prior to lawn work?


And how much more difficult is it to supervise?