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Why this logo and what is an 'Enfield'?


The above design has now been adopted as our Club logo and the strange creature shown upon it, seen holding a croquet mallet, is called an 'enfield'. Now most Enfield residents will be familiar with the Enfield logo because it appears on all the Enfield Council's correspondence including numerous undesirable bills. The 'enfield' is seen on Enfield Council's letter heads, vehicles, website, signage, notices, etc., invariably in red, and it forms the corporate logo for Enfield Borough Council. But what you may not know is why it is there.

Enfield Council's Logo which is all too familiar to local tax payers in Enfield

The 'Enfield' is a mythological heraldic creature that first appeared on Irish coat of arms.


Initially on those arms belonging to the Irish families of Kelly and O'Kelly.

This mythical beast is said to have protected fallen chieftains' bodies for proper burial. Of all the creatures in the heraldic menagerie the enfield is possibly the most bizarre and is also seemingly one of the rarest of heraldic animals. There are various descriptions of the creature itself but the concensus seems to suggest the head of a fox, the chest of a hound, the talons of an eagle, the body of a lion and the hindquarters and tail of a wolf. Given the local wildlife to be found in Bush Hill Park the fox aspect, we thought, was particulary appropriate for our croquet club.


The Urban District of Enfield first adopted the enfield on the coat of arms granted them in in 1946. It also features on the official coat of arms for the Borough of Enfield granted in 1966. And so it was that the current borough logo derived from that particular aspect of the Borough's coat of arms. The only other place it is known to be found, outside of Ireland, is on the arms of another district called Enfield which is in Port Adelaide, Australia..... and as Michael Caine would probably say ' not many people know that'.


As you may determine our 'enfield' is based more upon those used as heraldic symbols rather than the Borough's official logo. And rather than deploying the borough's red enfield ours is green on a yellow background because it seemed altogether more appropriate for a Croquet Club and also because we really didn't want any Club members associating our Club logo with their community charge.


Enfield Croquet Club badge is available to all members. It is suitable for t-shirts, tops, jerseys, hats or anything else you may fancy. This embroidered badge can be ironed or sewn on, although it has to be said that the iron on facility is not too good and sewing is recommended - contact Brian Dawes for further details.


Price £2 each.