Inter Club Golf Croquet

ENFIELD NORTH 13-5 ENFIELD SOUTH - 26th August - Handicap

Not an Inter Club match as such but a game organised to replicate all the conditions of an East Anglian Croquet Federation Handicap Golf Croquet game between Clubs. The idea being to provide a days play carried out under competitive match conditions to members who have yet to participate in an Inter-Club match.

Enfield North: Peter Ruddle (10), David Warren (11), David Barnicoat (11) and Marian Cuckson (11)
Enfield South: Graham Curtis (10), Dave Hill (11), Andrew Fall (11) and Jenny Ruddle (11)
Scorer and timekeeper: Des Taylor

This match worked very well given that those participating were not too sure what to expect. All the players turned out in white, or very close to it which gave the match a more enhanced touch of realism. As the day wore on we'd like to think that the participants all learned something about themselves, team play, match conditions and basic procedures for a days play between teams. Plus of course possible areas of their own game they need to improve.

Star of the day was David Warren who managed to win all of his 4 singles matches and not too far behind him were Peter Ruddle, Andrew Fall and Marian Cuckson who all succeeded in winning 3 of their singles games. Thanks and well done to all the competitors involved.

If any other members of the Club would like to compete in any future matches of this nature they should contact David Frost or Brian Dawes

ENFIELD 17-1 CHELMSFORD - 24th August Level Play

Enfield: David Frost (0), Brian Dawes (3), John Street (3) and Tony Elliott (3)
Chelmsford: John Skuse (4), Karen Jones (7), David Dawsey (7) and Ernest Bailey (10)
Enfield players shown first in all results:

El Scorchio best describes the weather, it started very warm and proceeded to get much hotter, even reaching 31 degrees Centigrade at one point in the afternoon (88F in real money). This was about the time when Tony and Karen were the last pairing out on the lawns and pleading for water.

So although the greens were relatively slow they did get faster. Chelmsford bravely put out a very inexperienced team with three of their members making their debuts: namely Karen, David and Ernest. Although the match was somewhat one-sided with combined handicap totals of 9 to 28 all matches were played in good spirit. John Skuse had Chelmsford’s only win of the day when he beat Brian, and a fine win it was. For Enfield David, John and Tony were only entering 7’s on their handicap cards as they all achieved 100% victories on the day.

David Frost & Brian Dawes 7-6 John Skuse & Ernest Bailey
John Street & Tony Elliott 7-1 Karen Jones & David Dawsey

David Frost 7–5 John Skuse … John Street 7–6 David Dawsey
Brian Dawes 7–5 Karen Jones … Tony Elliott 7–1 Ernest Bailey

John Street 7–4 Ernest Bailey … David Frost 7–1 Karen Jones
Tony Elliott 7–3 David Dawsey … Brian Dawes 4–7 John Skuse

David Frost 7–2 David Dawsey … John Street 7–5 John Skuse
Brian Dawes 7–4 Ernest Bailey … Tony Elliott 7–3 Karen Jones

John Street 7–4 Karen Jones … David Frost 7–1 Ernest Bailey
Tony Elliott 7–4 John Skuse … Brian Dawes 7–3 David Dawsey

Congratulations to Enfield's Level play team for scoring 123 hoops - which I'm pretty sure is the highest tally in the league this season.

Enfield finished 3rd in the Level Play league which Northampton won comfortably

LEIGHTON-LINSLADE 11-7 ENFIELD - 22nd August Level Play

John Thorp (1), David Ball (2), John Cundell (3) and Roger Stroud (3)
David Frost (0), John Street (3), Brian Dawes (3) and Tony Elliott (3)

Leighton-Linslade players shown first in all results

Leighton-Linslade’s ground looks much improved with their new fencing and as usual the scorers were out in force for all matches on a day where the mixed weather was a tad breezy. Three very differing lawns caused Enfield problems on a day where our team didn’t exactly shine. Going 2-0 behind on the doubles round the team hauled it back to 3-3 following the first round of singles. After that however it was all down hill. David won two of his matches, Brian three but Tony and John had a day to forget. A pleasant days play and Leighton's usual fine hospitality but in all a days play best forgotten.


John & Roger 7-4 David & Brian

David & John 7-3 John & Tony


John Thorp 3–7 David Frost … John Cundell 4–7 Brian Dawes

David Ball 7–4 John Street … Roger Stroud 4–7 Tony Elliott

John Cundell 7–6 Tony Elliott … John Thorp 7–2 John Street

Roger Stroud 3–7 Brian Dawes … David Ball 7–3 David Frost

John Thorp 7–2 Brian Dawes … John Cundell 7–3 David Frost

David Ball 7–4 Tony Elliott … Roger Stroud 5–7 John Street

John Cundell 7–6 John Street … John Thorp 7–2 Tony Elliott

Roger Stroud 2–7 David Frost … David Ball 5–7 Brian Dawes

LETCHWORTH 13-5 ENFIELD 20 August 2016

Teams: Duncan Hector (-1), David Tutt (0), Jeremy Scott (2) and Peter Whiting (3)
David Frost (0), John Street (3), Tony Elliott (3) and Brian Dawes (3)
Letchworth players shown first in all results

Variable weather, strong winds for part of the day and some rain showers. Good fast lawns with which Enfield couldn’t cope and as a result were already 5-1 down after two rounds, with only Brian having gleaned a win. In fact Enfield were unable to win any of the five rounds and only David and Brian managed two singles wins apiece on the day. So a strong Letchworth side made good use of home advantage and were far and away the better team on the day with Duncan showing just why he has a -1 handicap. But that didn’t prevent it being a pleasant, albeit windswept, day out for the away team.

Duncan & Jeremy 7-2 David F & Brian … David T & Peter 7-4 John & Tomy

Duncan Hector 7–6 David Frost … Jeremy Scott 7–5 Tony Elliott
David Tutt 7–3 John Street … Peter Whiting 5–7 Brian Dawes

Jeremy Scott 3–7 Brian Dawes … Duncan Hector 7–3 John Street
Peter Whiting 7–3 Tony Elliott … David Tutt 5–7 David Frost

Duncan Hector 7–1 Tony Elliott … Jeremy Scott 3–7 David Frost
David Tutt 7–6 Brian Dawes … Peter Whiting 7–4 John Street

Jeremy Scott 3–7 John Street … Duncan Hector 7–5 Brian Dawes
Peter Whiting 7–2 David Frost … David Tutt 7–3 Tony Elliott


Newport Elms: Clive Cassidy (6), Dennis Saville (6), Bob Leeds (6) and Roy Darling (5)
Enfield West: Brian Dawes (3), John Street (3), Peter Brock (8) and Marian Cuckson (10)

Newport players shown first in all results:

Enfield West got off to a great start winning both their doubles matches which delighted Marian, this being her debut. Enfield West went further ahead when they won the rather slow first round of singles matches by 1-3. After that Elms won the next two rounds 3-1 meaning that there was everything to play in the final round by then it was level pegging at 7-7 with just four games to play. And it couldn’t have been closer with the final match left on the lawns between Clive and Marian going to golden hoop. If Enfield won it they’d win the match, if Newport won it would end in a draw. Thankfully Marian held her nerve to win both the game and the match. Well played Peter who has at long last found a Super Mallet that works.


Clive & Dennis 5-7 Brian & Marian … Bob & Roy 4-7 John & Peter

Clive Cassidy 5–7 Brian Dawes … Bob Leeds 6–7 Peter Brock
Dennis Saville 2–7 John Street … Roy Darling 7–4 Marian Cuckson

Bob Leeds 7–5 Marian Cuckson … Clive Cassidy 7–5 John Street
Roy Darling 7–4 Peter Brock … Dennis Saville 3–7 Brian Dawes

Clive Cassidy 2–7 Peter Brock … Bob Leeds 7–5 Brian Dawes
Dennis Saville 7–6 Marian Cuckson … Roy Darling 7–3 John Street

Bob Leeds 5–7 John Street … Clive Cassidy 6–7 Marian Cuckson
Roy Darling 7–6 Brian Dawes … Dennis Saville 5–7 Peter Brock

FINAL LEAGUE TABLE: 1st Letchworth Reds, 2nd Enfield East, 3rd Enfield West

ENFIELD EAST 11-7 NEWPORT ELMS – 22nd July 2016

Enfield East: David Frost (0), Des Taylor (5), Brian Sturt (8) and Alan Foott (9)
Newport Elms: Roy Darling (5), Clive Cassidy (6), Bob Leeds (6) and Colin Carr (12)

A warm day but not a sweltering one saw a well fought match played out between the two teams. Stars on the day were Des and Alan for Enfield and Colin for Newport who each won three of their singles games in a match where emphatic wins were a relatively common feature. The doubles and three of the singles rounds were all square, but unfortunately for Newport round one of the singles saw Enfield win it 4-0 thus taking a healthy lead which they managed to maintain for the remainder of the match. Well done Enfield East on finishing second in the league and congratulations to Colin Carr of Newport who performed exceedingly well for a new player in his first season of croquet.

Home players shown first in all results

David & Alan 3-7 Roy & Bob … Des & Brian 7-6 Clive & Colin

David Frost 7–1 Roy Darling … Brian Sturt 7–6 Bob Leeds
Des Taylor 7–4 Clive Cassidy … Alan Foott 7–4 Colin Carr

Brian Sturt 1–7 Colin Carr … David Frost 7–5 Clive Cassidy
Alan Foott 5–7 Bob Leeds … Des Taylor 7–4 Roy Darling

David Frost 4–7 Bob Leeds … Brian Sturt 7–2 Roy Darling
Des Taylor 3–7 Colin Carr … Alan Foott 7–5 Clive Cassidy

Brian Sturt 6–7 Clive Cassidy … David Frost 2–7 Colin Carr
Alan Foott 7–5 Roy Darling … Des Taylor 7–4 Bob Leeds

ENFIELD 8-10 NORTHAMPTON 18 July – EACF Level Play

Enfield: David Frost (0), Ken Pickett (0), Tony Elliott (3) and Brian Dawes (3)
Northampton: Lionel Tibble (-4), Mike Hills (0), Les Heard (1) and Peter Stansfield (2)

On a lovely sunny day and the hottest day of the year thus far Northampton fielded a very strong team on their visit to Enfield. It is always a great pleasure to be slaughtered by a delightfully laid back England international who is always exceedingly magnanimous in his praise despite taking his opponents apart. And that’s how it was in the main on this occasion when David, Tony and Brian managed a total of just 7 hoops between them against Lionel. Ken however picked up quite a few index points when he took Lionel to golden hoop and won 7-6 in a most impressive performance. Overall Enfield put on a decent show in a close run match against the favourites for the league, but ultimately went down 8-10 with David, Ken and Brian winning 2 games each while David & Brian also had a doubles win. On an ideal day for croquet even our slow lawns speeded up a bit, but only a little bit.

Home players shown first in all results
David & Brian 7-3 Mike & Les … Ken & Tony 5-7 Lionel & Peter

David Frost 3–7 Lionel Tibble … Tony Elliott 4–7 Les Heard
Ken Pickett 6–7 Mike Hills … Brian Dawes 4–7 Peter Stansfield

Tony Elliott 7–5 Peter Stansfield … David Frost 6–7 Mike Hills
Brian Dawes 7–3 Les Heard … Ken Pickett 7–6 Lionel Tibble

David Frost 7–6 Les Heard … Tony Elliott 2–7 Lionel Tibble
Ken Pickett 0–7 Peter Stansfield … Brian Dawes 7–6 Mike Hills

Tony Elliott 4–7 Mike Hills … David Frost 7–4 Peter Stansfield
Brian Dawes 2–7 Lionel Tibble … Ken Pickett 7–4 Les Heard

WATFORD 8-10 ENFIELD 14th July EACF Level Play

Watford: Ian Parkinson (1), Geoff Johnson (2), Arthur Reed (3) and Anne Dennis (6)

Enfield: David Frost (0), Ken Pickett (0), Tony Elliott (3) and Brian Dawes (3)

This was a really close match with Watford actually taking more hoops (107-106) but lost narrowly on games won. I suspect the key was the games where it went to a golden hoop games because Enfield edged these by 6-2. Key players for Enfield were Tony and David who both won 3 games apiece but undoubtedly player of the day was Anne Dennis for Watford whose stroke index must have increased considerably on a day where she overcame all Enfield’s players except Ken who enjoyed a successful afternoon.

Home players shown first in all results


Ian & Anne 6-7 David & Brian

Geoff & Arthur 7-4 Ken & Tony

Ian Parkinson 6–7 David Frost … Arthur Reed 5–7 Tony Elliott
Geoff Johnson 7–2 Ken Pickett … Anne Dennis 7–6 Brian Dawes

Arthur Reed 7–5 Brian Dawes … Ian Parkinson 7–4 Ken Pickett
Anne Dennis 7–4 Tony Elliott … Geoff Johnson 4–7 David Frost

Ian Parkinson 6–7 Tony Elliott … Arthur Reed 6–7 David Frost
Geoff Johnson 6–7 Brian Dawes … Anne Dennis 4–7 Ken Pickett

Arthur Reed 6–7 Ken Pickett … Ian Parkinson 7–5 Brian Dawes
Anne Dennis 7–6 David Frost … Geoff Johnson 2–7 Tony Elliott


As seen above Alan Foott, and his opponent, ignored the elements while all others sheltered

Letchworth Blues

Peter Aspinall (4), Andy Kennedy (7), Sue Bathmaker (9), Ray Scroggins (10)

Enfield East

David Frost (0), Tony Elliott (3), Des Taylor (5), Alan Foott (9)

Home players shown first in all results

In a match that ended with many players receiving a thorough soaking the morning started well for Enfield East. Although the doubles ended 1-1 the first round of singles saw Enfield sweep into the lead after winning all four games and left Letchworth playing catch up for the remainder of the day. With the scores standing on 3-7 to the away team at lunchtime the afternoon matches finished even-stevens resulting in a fine away win for East. East's win was thanks in the main to Des and Alan who both won three singles games each.

Peter A & Sue 6T-4T David & Alan
Andy & Ray 5-7 Tony & Des

Peter Aspinall 4–7 David Frost … Sue Bathmaker 6–7 Des Taylor
Andy Kennedy 3–7 Tony Elliott … Ray Scroggins 6–7 Alan Foott

Sue Bathmaker 4–7 Alan Foott … Peter Aspinall 5T–6T Tony Elliott
Ray Scroggins 7–6 Des Taylor … Andy Kennedy 6–5 David Frost

Peter Aspinall 4–7 Des Taylor … Sue Bathmaker 7–6 David Frost
Andy Kennedy 7–3 Alan Foott … Ray Scroggins 7–6 Tony Elliott

Sue Bathmaker 7–4 Tony Elliott … Peter Aspinall 6–7 Alan Foott
Ray Scroggins 6–7 David Frost … Andy Kennedy 4–7 Des Taylor


Enfield West

Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4), Michael Broadway (7), Frances Broadway (10)

Letchworth Blues

Colin Gregory (6), Andy Kennedy (7), Sue Bathmaker (9), Ray Scroggins (10)

Home players shown first in all results

Brian & Michael 7–2 Colin & Sue
John & Frances 6–7 Andy & Ray

Brian 7–2 Colin … Michael 7-5 Sue
John 7–6 Andy … Frances 7–4 Ray

Michael 7–5 Ray … Brian 6–7 Andy
Frances 7–6 Sue … John 7–4 Colin

Brian 4–7 Sue … Michael 7–4 Colin
John 3–7 Ray … Frances 7–2 Andy

Michael 7–4 Andy … Brian 7–5 Ray
Frances 7–5 Colin … John 7–3 Sue

On a day which forecast plenty of rain the two teams got away with some quite fine weather which speeded the pace of the greens as the day progressed. The day also saw the quite remarkable achievement of Michael & Frances Broadway winning all 8 of their singles matches. And despite some fine play from the visitors it seemed they couldn’t come to terms with the relatively slower pace of the Enfield courts. That said Enfield West still scored a very large quantity of hoops which appears to be the highest number scored in the EAFC Central Division so far this season


Enfield West: John Street (4), Peter Brock (7), Michael Broadway (8), Frances Broadway (10)
Newport Oaks: John Siibson (6), Francis Lambert (6), Tim Ham (6), Peter Cowper (10)

Home players shown first in all results

In an enjoyable match that only had two golden hoops played throughout the home team went ahead in the doubles by 2-0 and stayed two or more games ahead throughout the day. This was a notable day for Frances Broadway who despite losing her opening singles shook off her early nerves and powered to three wins in her debut match for Enfield. John also had a great day in which he won all of his matches despite limping around whilst still recovering from his broken toe.

John St & Frances 7–6 John Si & Peter C
Peter B & Michael 7–4 Francis & Tim

John St 7–3 John Si … Michael 7–3 Tim
Peter B 5–7 Francis … Frances 4–7 Peter C

Michael 7–5 Peter C … John St 7–2 Francis
Frances 7–5 Tim … Peter B 5–7 John Si

John St 7–4 Tim … Michael 4–7 John Si
Peter B 5–7 Peter C … Frances 7–5 Francis

Michael 7–1 Francis … John St 7–4 Peter C
Frances 7–5 John Si … Peter B 5–7 Tim


Letchworth Reds: Robert Staddon (6), David Clancey (7), Graham Styles (8), Tracy (10)
Enfield West: Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4), Peter Brock (7), Michael Broadway (8)

Enfield West had a lovely day out at Letchworth but failed miserably on their lush fast greens. This was one of those rare summer days where the rain didn’t arrive until we were rounding off the day with tea and delightful home-made cakes. As for the match: only Michael managed to win two of his singles. John and Brian started well and played some great stuff in the doubles but then went on to lose 7 of their 8 singles matches between them. A quite inexplicably poor performance overall but at least John had the quite reasonable excuse of his broken toe hardly assisting his performance and Peter of course is still awaiting the arrival of his super mallet after which he will be annihilating everyone in the club.

Home team players shown first;
Robert & Tracy 2–7 Brian & John … David & Graham 7–1 Peter & Michael

Robert 7–6 Brian … Graham 6–7 Peter
David 7–4 John … Tracy 7–6 Michael

Graham 6–7 Michael … Robert 7–2 John
Tracy 7–1 Peter … David 7–2 Brian

Robert 7–4 Peter … Graham 4–7 Brian
David 4–7 Michael … Tracy 7–4 John

Graham 7–5 John … Robert 7–5 Michael
Tracy 7–5 Brian … David 7–5 Peter


Enfield East: David Frost (1), Tony Elliott (3), Brian Sturt (8), Alan Foott (9)
Letchworth Reds: Peter Ross (2), David Clancy (7), Graham Styles (8), Tracy Martin (10)

Home players shown first in all results

David F & Alan 7–4 Peter & Tracy
Tony & Brian 5–7 David C & Graham

David F 6–7 Peter … Brian 4–7 Graham
Tony 6–7 David C … Alan 7–3 Tracy

Brian 3–7 Tracy … David F 7–5 David C
Alan 4–5 Graham … Tony 4–7 Peter

David F 7–6 Graham … Brian 5–7 Peter
Tony 7–3 Tracy … Alan 6–7 David C

Brian 7–4 David C … David F 7–3 Tracy
Alan 6–7 Peter … Tony 7–6 Graham

David Frost was the only Enfield player to win the majority of his singles games and the overall deciding factor in this match appears to be that the Reds won 4 of the 6 games which went to Golden Hoop. Big thanks to Alan for standing in as a reserve late in the day.


Newport Oaks: John Sibson (7), Maureen Goodchild (6), Francis Lambert (6), David Manley (7)
Tony Elliott (3), Henry Hobbs (5), Des Taylor (7), Brian Sturt (8)

Home team players shown first throughout

Doubles 0-2
Maureen & Francis 4–7 Tony & Brian
John & David 6–7 Henry & Des

Singles 8-8
John 5–7 Tony … Francis 6–7 Des
Maureen 7–4 Henry … David 6–7 Brian

Francis 3–7 Brian … John 7–6 Henry
David 7 –6 Des ... Maureen 7–6 Tony

John 1–7 Des … Francis 7–5 Tony
Maureen 5–7 Brian … David 7–5 Henry

Francis 7–5 Henry … John 7–4 Brian
David 4–7 Tony Maureen 2–7 Des

With five of the singles games going to golden hoop this was clearly a close run thing and the 8-8 singles results confirm this. So the final match result of 8-10 was actually won on the earlier doubles play where Enfield squeaked home in one of their games on the golden hoop. Brian and Des did well to win three of their games but the cold statistics do not do Henry justice as he played to make the numbers up when he clearly wasn’t anywhere near fit enough to do so.

ENFIELD EAST beat ENFIELD WEST 10-8 in the EACF GC Handicap League local derby

The pre-match excuses were easily won by Enfield West when Brian Dawes (late sub playing on pain-killers), John Street (jet-lagged) and Peter Brock (using a borrowed mallet) got theirs in first. The match finally got under way after the away team showed the home team how to erect the gazebo and switch on the kettle. After that a well fought game developed, which was played in good spirit on a quickening lawn under sunny skies and was enjoyed by all. Except when I lost.

Enfield East: Tony Elliott (3), Henry Hobbs (6), Brian Sturt (7), Des Taylor (8).
Enfield West: Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4), Peter Brock (7), Michael Broadway (9).

Match results were as follows:

Tony & Brian S 5-7 Brian D & John
Henry & Des 7-3 Peter & Michael

Tony 4-7 Brian D ... Henry 7-5 John ... Brian S 3-5 Peter ... Des 3-7 Michael
Brian S 7-2 Michael ... Des 7-3 Peter ... Tony 7-0 John ... Henry 7-6 Brian D
Tony 7-3 Peter ... Henry 7-3 Michael ... Brian S 5-7 Brian D ... Des 7-4 John
Brian S 4-7 John ... Des 7-3 Brian D ... Tony 5-7 Michael ... Henry 6-7 Peter

I think its a great shame that these local derby matches are played at the start of each season because I think they'd be just as competitive whenever they were played.

Des & Henry demonstrate the speed and consummate ease with which they erect the gazebo


ENFIELD EAST were narrowly beaten 8-10 by Hunstanton in the EACF Golf Croquet Handicap Final – 4th October at Wrest Park

Hunstanton: Pauline Donner (4), Roy Donner (5), Charles Ostler (5) & Ruth Cole (7)Enfield: David Frost (0), Tony Elliott (3), Brian Sturt (7) & Andy Davis (8)

Pauline & Charles 3-7 David & Brian --- Roy & Ruth 7-6 Tony & Andy

Pauline 7-4 David … Roy 3-7 Tony … Charles 7-6 Brian … Ruth 5-7 Andy
Charles 6-7 Andy … Ruth 4-7 Brian … Pauline 7-4 Tony … Roy 7-5 David
Pauline 7-4 Brian … Roy 4-7 Andy … Charles 7-5 David … Ruth 5-7 Tony
Charles 7-5 Tony … Ruth 7-6 David … Pauline 4-7 Andy … Roy 7-4 Brian

Close games throughout and a narrow victory for Hunstanton on a day where Andy his best match yet whilst winning all his singles. David unfortunately couldn’t cope with the number of bisques he had to give away on the day. Hunstanton had the edge in the majority of the really close games and in the end this was what probably decided a close run match.
Many congratulations to Hunstanton on their win.

Northampton 13-5 Enfield - EACF Level Play

We struck lucky with the weather in Northampton having left a damp Enfield to find sunshine on a windy day in the delightful setting of the hospital grounds off the Belling Road. But that was about all we struck lucky with because Northampton’s Level Play line-up of Lionel Tibble (-3), Les Heard (0), Mike Hills (0) and Pete Dowd (2) proved to be a very formidable line up indeed for David Frost (0), David Minihane (3), Brian Dawes (3) and Tony Elliot (4). I may be wrong but this is possibly the first time we’ve encountered a team with an average handicap which was in the minus bracket.

The lawns at Northampton also pose their own problems being as they are on quite a severe slope, but maybe not quite as severe as the quality of the Northampton team. Tony and David M both did very well to each win two of their games and picked up the pace and slope of the lawns early doors. Tony even managed to reduce his handicap from 4 to 3 on the day. Brian D scraped one win which was enough to see him at least gain points on the day. David G F found the slope tough going and didn’t manage to replicate his recent good form. Needless to say none of us were able to beat Lionel who’s matches all finished far quicker than we’d have liked.

In the double Lionel & Mike thrashed David G F and Brian 7—1, while Les & Pete saw off a late comeback from Tony and David M to win 7-4

Singles home team scores shown first:
Lionel 7-4 David G F … Les 5-7 David M … Mike 7-5 Brian D … Pete 7-6 Tony
Mike 2-7 Tony … Pete 5-7 Brian D … Lionel 7-4 David M … Les 7-5 David G F
Lionel 7-3 Brian D … Les 5-7 Tony … Mike 7-5 David G F … Pete 5-7 David M
Mike 7-4 David M … Pete 7-6 David G F … Lionel 7- 1 Tony … Les 7-4 Brian D

Undoubtedly the better team won but we had a lovely day out despite that, thanks in no small measure to Jayne Stevens who managed both the matches and hospitality so well for us all.

Enfield East beat Southchurch Park - EACF GC Handicap Semi-Final 13th September - score 9-9 - Enfield won the play-off game

The Semi-Final was generously hosted by Chelmsford on Sunday 13th September, and a big thank you goes to John and Anne Skuse who prepared the lawns and provided refreshments throughout the day.

The two line ups were:
Enfield East: David Frost (0), Brian Sturt (7), Henry Hobbs (7) & Des Taylor (8)
Southchurch Park: Tony Butcher (5), Dave Brown (6), Louise Cornelius (6) & Alan Cornelius (8)

Doubles: David & Brian 7-5 Tony & Louise --- Henry & Des 7-3 Dave & Alan

Enfield East made a good start by winning both the doubles but after that it was nip and tuck all the way with 8 of the games going to the Golden Hoop

David 4-7 Tony … Brian 5-7 Dave … Henry 7-4 Louise … Des 5-7 Alan
Henry 7-6 Alan … Des 7-6 Louise … David 2-7 Dave … Brian 4-7 Tony
David 7-6 Louise … Brian 4-7 Alan … Henry 7-6 Tony … Des 7-6 Dave
Henry 7-5 Dave … Des 6-7 Tony … David 4-7 Alan … Brian 6-7 Louise

This meant that the scores were level at 9-9 and a deciding doubles match had to be played to find a winner. That honour fell to Henry & Des who had been Enfield’s key players on the day – either that or they drew the short straws to play in the game which once again went to the Golden Hoop.

With both the Enfield balls sitting some three feet in front of the hoop and close together Tony Butcher tried a shot to clear both balls but ended up knocking the blue through the hoop to give a win to Enfield 7-6 against Tony and Alan.

Sounds like quite a contest and we can only hope that the Final is less stressful for all concerned.

Newport Oaks 7-11 ENFIELD WEST - EACF GC Handicap 21st August

Newport Oaks: Fran Lambert (5), Dennis Saville (6), Roy Darling (6) & Ernie Turkington (11)
Enfield West: Brian Dawes (3), David Minihane (3), John Street (4) & David Fenner (7)
An enjoyable day out at Newport featuring the above mentioned players

Doubles: Fran & Ernie 6-7 Brian & David N F --- Dennis & Roy 7-6 John & David M

Fran 7-2 Brian … Dennis 6-7 David M … Roy 5-7 John … Ernie 4-7 David N F
Roy 4-7 David N F … Ernie 7-2 John … Fran 2-7 David M … Dennis 5-7 Brian
Fran 2-7 John … Dennis 4-7 David N F … Roy 7-5 Brian … Ernie 5-7 David M
Roy 7-3 David M … Ernie 7-6 Brian … Fran 2 -7 David N F … Dennis 7-6 John

An enjoyable day’s play in good company is essentially what this match was all about given that there was nothing resting on the outcome of the game. And a lovely day it was too with the weather becoming warmer as the day progressed. Congratulations to David Fenner who produced his first clean sweep for the Club. Many thanks to our hosts who provided us with their usual excellent hospitality. If only we could have such a delightful little clubhouse on the lawns.
Lovely chocolate cake post match - John, Brian, David M, Ernie, David N F, Fran, Dennis & Roy

ENFIELD 14 – Leighton Linslade - EACF GC Level Play 5th August 2015

A delightful days play saw Enfield Level play team overturn their losing ways in an enjoyable match with Leighton Linslade who arrived early enough to help put the gazebo up. One theory is that we wore out Leighton before we started so this is a ploy Enfield may well try again. One very short spell of light drizzle was all anyone had to contend with weather wise and so an enjoyable days croquet was had in good company.

Enfield: Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (1), Brian Dawes (3) & Tony Elliott (4)
Leighton Linslade: John Thorp (1), David Ball (1), Roger Stroud (3) & making his very creditable level play debut Ross Bagni (4).

Ken and Tony 5-7 John and Ross … David & Brian 5-7 David & Roger
This gave Leighton Linslade an early 2-0 lead at the end of round 1. After that however it pretty well all went Enfield’s way despite four seriously tight matches in the first round of singles which could all have probably gone either way. David’s good form continued with 4 wins, while Brian recovered from a disastrous spell of losing games to also bag 4 wins.

Ken 7 - 6 John … David 7 - 5 David … Brian 7 - 5 Roger … Tony 7 – 6 Ross
Brian 7 - 4 Ross … Tony 7 - 4 Roger … Ken 5 - 7 David … David 7 - 3 John
Ken 7 - 6 Roger … David 7 - 3 Ross … Brian 7 - 6 John … Tony 7 - 6 David
Brian 7 - 3 David … Tony 3 - 7 John … Ken 7 - 5 Ross … David 7 - 0 Roger

The cakes were also good.

ENFIELD 7 – 11 Watford – EACF GC Level Play – 3rd August 2015

Watford visited Enfield knowing that having won their opening 4 matches a 5th victory would see them win the EACF East & West Area League. And win they did, with some fine performances from their strong team.

Enfield: Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (1), Brian Dawes (3) & John Street (4)
Watford: Nick Archer (-2), Jason Carley (-1), John Walker (2) & Geoff Johnson (2)

Ken & John 6 – 7 Nick & John … David & Brian 7 – 6 Jason & Geoff
Two very close doubles games both ending on the golden hoop saw the scores level at 1-1 but the singles went Watford’s way. Ken and Joh both bagged 2 wins apiece but Brian and David could only manage 1 apiece albeit against Jason and Nick respectively.

Ken 4 - 7 Nick … David 4 - 7 Jason … Brian 3 - 7 John … John 7 - 6 Geoff
Brian 5 - 7 Geoff … John 7 - 6 John … Ken 6 - 7 Jason … David 7 - 6 Nick
Ken 7 - 3 John … David 6 - 7 Geoff … Brian 4 - 7 Nick … John 3 - 7 Jason
Brian 7 - 4 Jason … John 5 - 7 Nick … Ken 7 - 5 Geoff … David 4 - 7 John

Many congratulations to Watford on winning the league – if they played all their matches as they did against us then they were certainly very worthy winners and we wish them the very best of fortunes in the Final.

ENFIELD 3 – 15 Letchworth – EACF GC Level play – 31 July 2015

Essentially Letchworth absolutely spanked Enfield in a match where no Enfield player really excelled against some very fine opponents. Added to which there were altogether too many one-sided games. Brian and John both managed to have quite a disastrous string of results on the day. David came out best for Enfield with 2 wins.

David & Brian 6 – 7 Duncan & John … John & Tony 6-7
Two very close games and who knows if the days play would have been different had the results gone the other way.

David 5 - 7 Duncan … Brian 4 – 7 David … John 4 - 7 John … Tony 7 - 4 Peter
John 2 - 7 Peter … Tony 2 - 7 John … David 7 - 3 David … Brian 3 - 7 Duncan
David 7 - 4 John … Brian 1 - 7 Peter … John 3 - 7 Duncan … Tony 3 - 7 David
John 4 - 7 David … Tony 2 - 7 Duncan … David 6 - 7 Peter … Brian 6 - 7 John

All credit to Duncan, David, John & Peter for a very conclusive victory and perhaps it should be remembered that Enfield enters this competition to improve the teams play by testing themselves against strong opposition. And they were certainly tested. Despite the one sided result this was a match played in great spirit and a day’s croquet enjoyed by all.

ENFIELD EAST 11-7 Newport Oaks - 29th July

Tough going and numerous close, well-contested matches for Enfield East as nine of the first ten games went to final or golden hoop. These included the two opening doubles which Newport Oaks won. The added pressure of requiring a result to win the Central Division of the EACF Handicap league looked like it might it might tell but Enfield worked hard for their result which was ultimately deserved in a fabulously competitive match. Tight games are always more enjoyable and satisfying for the players involved and that was the case for the vast majority of the games on the day.

Enfield East: David Frost (1), Brian Sturt (7), Andy Davis (8), Des Taylor (10)

Newport Oaks: Jim Potter (6), Roy Darling (6), Dennis Saville (6), Clive Cassidy (6)

Doubles: David & Brian 5-7 Jim & Clive … Andy & Des 5-7 Roy & Dennis
Singles: David 7-5 Jim … Brian 6-7 Roy … Andy 7-2 Dennis … Des 7-4 Clive
Andy 5-7 Clive … Des 7-6 Dennis … David 5-7 Roy … Brian 7-6 Jim
David 7-4 Dennis … Brian 7-4 Clive … Andy 7-5 Jim … Des 3-7 Roy
Andy 7-5 Roy … Des 7-5 Jim … David 7-2 Clive … Brian 4-7 Dennis

So many congratulations to Enfield East on their successful league campaign.

ENFIELD WEST 15-3 Newport Elms – 24th July

This wasn’t so much a game of croquet but rather a battle with the elements to complete a match which saw many types of rain: namely drizzle, light, heavy, very heavy, persistent, seriously annoying, ridiculously wet and stair rods. It was more a trial of waterproofs than a test of skill and ended in the final stages as a battle to plough the ball through various levels of surface water. The day’s weather forecast was correct: light rain, followed by heavy rain which would become much heavier and unrelenting.

The only reason the match finished with all games played was because the players were determined to do so. That and the fact that we reduced all games to 45 minutes per match, restarted each round as soon as possible and played straight through what might have been a lunch break but more probably a drying off session. The final half of the somewhat squelchy final round was played on ever expanding puddles and it is great credit to both teams that they didn’t give up on the objective of completing all the games. This despite being soaked to the skin and the result already decided. So a massive well done to the exceedingly damp:

Enfield Air Sea Rescue: Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4), David Minihane (4 but now a 3) & Michael Broadway (10 but now a 9)
Newport Lifeboats: Tim Ham (5), Bob Leeds (5), Joh Sibson (6) & Peter Cowper (12)

I would doff my cap to you all if it wasn’t still soaking wet. Congratulations are also the order of the day to David Minihane and Michael Broadway for not only winning all their singles but to also reducing their respective handicaps.
Photos taken by John on his mobile after Friday's match was long finished and everything was cleared away apart from the saturated gazebo which we still had to somehow take down and stow away in the hut. Oh what fun....and quite amazing how quickly all this water drained away. On the plus side we didn't have to water the lawns at the weekend.

Letchworth Blues 11-7 ENFIELD WEST - 21st July

Letchworth Blues: Hugo Jeune (6), Patricia Noble (7), Colin Gregory (6), Peter Aspinall (9)

Enfield West: Brian Dawes (3), David Minihane (4), David Fenner (7), Peter Brock (8)

A delightful days play and fine hospitality on the green lawns at Letchworth saw Enfield West draw 1-1 in the doubles but then fall behind in the first round of singles and stay behind for the remainder of the day’s play. David Minihane was the pick of Enfield’s team winning 3 of his singles while for Letchworth Colin managed to win all four of his. There can be no excuses for Enfield it was a simply a matter of the Blues being the better team on the day.

Chelmsford 3-15 ENFIELD

- 17th July

Chelmsford: John Skuse (30, Judith Hand (5), Bob Jones (5) & Tony Frewin (6)
Enfield: David Frost (1), Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4) & Tony Elliott (4)

Despite the long walk between the greens and the facilities it’s always a pleasure to visit the peace and quiet of Chelmsford and the hospitality is always good. And on this occasion it was an even bigger pleasure for David Frost, John Street and Tony Elliott who all managed to win all four of their singles matches. A pleasurable day was had by all and the weather certainly helped in this regard but I have to say I think Chelmsford played better in the past when they had Bentley in their team.

John & Tony 4-7 David & Brian … Judith & Bob 7-6 John & Tony
John 4-7 David .. Judith 4-7 Brian .. Bob 5-7 John .. Tony F 1-7 Tony E
Bob 2-7 Tony .. Tony F 6-7 John .. John 7-4 Brian .. Judith 5-7 David
John 4-7 John .. Judith 6-7 Tony .. Bob 5-7 David .. Tony F 7-5 Brian
Bob 6-7 Brian .. Tony F 5-7 David .. John 3-7 Tony .. Judith 4-7 John

Letchworth Reds 9-9 ENFIELD EAST - 13th July

Letchworth Reds: David Clancey (6), Robert Staddon (7), Graham Styles (8) and Tracy Martin (9) were up against Enfield East who comprised: David Frost (1), Tony Elliott (4), Henry Hobbs (7) and Des Taylor (10).

Had you seen that the score was 94 hoops to 95 you’d have thought a 9-9 score line was fair enough and you’d be right. Enfield lost both the opening doubles but held Letchworth Reds to 2-2 in the first round of singles. Three wins for Enfield in the second round of singles made it 5-5. Two games each in the third round left a nail biter for the fourth but that too finished two apiece.

David Frost coped well with his new ‘1’ handicap to take 2 singles games, Henry won 3 of his, whilst Des excelled on the day to win all 4 of his singles matches. Unfortunately Tony found it tough giving away a total of 14 bisques on the day. An enjoyable day for all in a match which ultimately saw a fair result.

Letchworth Reds: David Clancy (6), Robert Staddon (7), Graham Styles (8) & Tracy Martin (9)
Enfield East; David Frost (1), Tony Elliott (4), Henry Hobbs (7) and Des Taylor (10)

ENFIELD WEST 14-4 Letchworth Reds – 3rd July

Teams: Brian Dawes (3), John Street (4), Peter Brock (8), Michael Broadway (11) appeared for Enfield. David Clancey (6), Robert Staddon (7), Tracey Martin (8) and Graham Styles (8) for Letchworth.

The opening doubles were shared 1-1 with our resident invalids Brian & Peter getting the better of David & Graham 6T-4T.

The opening singles round saw Enfield leap ahead with a clean sweep and a lead which was maintained or extended throughout the day’s very warm proceedings. Despite the somewhat emphatic score line the games themselves were hard fought affairs with over half the games played on the day going to final or golden hoop.

John having returned to the lawns after an enforced spell of absence impressively won all four of his singles. The exceedingly sartorially elegant Michael kept his nerves under control to win 3 of his singles, two of which were won with impressive winning shots on the golden hoop. Peter overcame his wrist problem to also put in an notable 3 wins in the singles, while Brian did the same thanks largely to some effective pain killers.

As you might expect much liquid was consumed on a lovely hot summer’s day but the intense heat didn’t spoil an enjoyable day’s croquet which was played in a lovely spirit throughout.

Newport Elms 5-13 ENFIELD EAST - EACF GC Handicap - 26 June

Another solid victory for Enfield East in hot, humid and sometimes sunny conditions, on very fast (and pretty flat) courts at Newport.

The doubles games were both close, and shared 1-1. After the first round of singles Enfield East had surged ahead to an overall score of 4-2. The second round were shared 2-2, leaving Enfield 6-4 ahead at lunch. The third round of singles went 3-1 to Enfield, giving a score of 9-5, meaning that Enfield had already achieved an unbeatable score, and needed only one more game for overall victory. But instead of relaxing, our brave warriors pulled out all the stops and won the final set of games 4-0, giving an overall score of 13-5.

All team members contributed well to the tally of wins, but special mention must go to Henry Hobbs, who won all his matches, both singles and doubles; in the singles, his results were 7-1, 7-3, 7-0 and 7-2 – which is quite outstanding! Also spare a thought for stand-in captain Tony, all of whose singles games went to the thirteenth hoop – 7-6, 6-7, 7-6, 7-6 !

The day’s events were managed with exemplary efficiency by Newport’s Ernie Turkington, and excellent spirit prevailed throughout.

Newport Elms: Adrian Seabrook (3), Tim Ham (5), John Sibson (6), Maureen Goodchild (7)
Enfield East: Tony Elliott (4), Brian Sturt (7), Henry Hobbs (7), Andy Davis (7)

ENFIELD EAST 10-8 Letchworth Blues - EACF GC Handicap - 19 June

Enfield: David Frost (2), Tony Elliott (4), Andy Davis (7), Des Taylor (10)
Letchworth: Duncan Hector (-1), David Russell (8), Colin Gregory (8), Peter Aspinall (8)
David & Des 6-4T Duncan & Colin
Tony & Andy 3-7 David & Peter
David 5-7 Duncan, Tony 4-7 David, Andy 7-6 Colin and Des 7-5 Peter
Andy 6-7 Peter, Des 5-6T Colin, David 7-4 David and Tony 7-4 Duncan
David 7-3 Colin, Tony 3-7 Peter, Andy 7-6 Duncan and Des 7-6 David
Andy 3-5T Colin, Des 6-4T Peter, David 7-5 Peter and Tony 4-6T Colin

A good close fought match with some tight results which could have gone either way provided some fine sport for all

ENFIELD v Hunstanton - Murphy Shield - 2 June

On a day where we had wind, rain and more wind our team of David Frost, Tony Elliott, David Minihane and Brian Dawes did enough to beat our long distance travellers from the Wash. Apart from the gazebo blowing away after the guy lines snapped in the high winds a good time was had by all. And if playing in blowy weather is your thing you would have loved it. Needless to say the sun came out about half an hour after the match finished.

Enfield West 6 - 12 Enfield East - 29 April

Enfield West have seen better days and Enfield East essentially trounced the nominal home team.

Fixtures EACF Handicap League Central Area

Fixtures completed other than ENFIELD EAST to play the HUNSTANTON in the Handicap Final at Wrest Park on