Next Gardening and Lawn dates

Monday 15 January 10 - 13. General pruning.

Volunteers needed.

8 January

Marian Hardy, Mary, Frances and Michael, Andrew, Des, Dave Hill and Alan Foott spent a cold 2 and a half hours pruning.

Plans for January to April.


  • Two pruning sessions each month until birds nest and then digging, raking and tidying around shrubs. Volunteers needed for all sessions.
  • Hoop moving.
  • Fertiliser.
  • Weed control.

Early February moss spraying. 3 or 4 people.

March add fertiliser. 3 or 4 people

First lawn cut by council - February or March - weather dependent.

Early March mark out lawns. JS/MB plus 1.


Grass improvement.

All dates weather dependent.


Moss spraying.

Add Aquatrols Dispatch to SE corner of Lawn 1.

First application of Aquatrols Aqueduct to begin treatment of Dry Patch and two weeks later second appllcation of Aquatrols Aqueduct. N.B. The Dry Patch treatment takes a year or so to work.