Gardening and Lawns.


Next Lawns and Gardening


Lawns and Gardening have a 2 week break until Monday 26 March to allow the overseeded grass to grow. It will then be a busy week with mowing (possibly twice) and hoop setting so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.


Wednesday 7 March

Dave Hill, Alan Bateman, Mary, Marian Cuckson, Marian Hardy, Peter and Jenny Ruddle and Des completed the following:


Cleared mowings and prunings.

Applied granular fertiliser.


Tuesday 27 February

Marian Hardy, Alan Bateman and Dave Hill finished the pruning in the SE corner of the lawns. Weather was so bad that they were not able to remove the cuttings and lawn mawings. David Frost painted hoops and all four cleared up petty damage from vandals.


Friday 23 February

John Street and Michael Broadway mowed all three lawns in cold conditions. An excellent effort.


Thursday 22 February

Marian Hardy, Alan Bateman (who put in a solo shift last weekend), Dave Hill and Des

Second application of Aqueduct, penultimate pruning and collection of remaining thatch from lawn 2.


Monday 19 February


Dave Hill, Brian Dawes, Marian Hardy, Marian Cuckson, Mary, Des, Andrew.

Managed to scarify lawns 2 and 3 of an enormous amount of thatch in poor weather. Lawn 1 had to be left due to lack of helpers.


Thursday 15 February

A huge thanks to John and Michael who mowed all three lawns and the surrounding areas today.  The lawns have stripes, pictures in Gallery.

Also thank you to Alan Foott, Alan Bateman, Dave Hill and Frances Broadway for more pruning and clearing.


Wednesday/Thursday 7/8 February

Mowing and Aqueduct added to lawns


Monday 5

Pruning and brambles

Marian Hardy, Phillip, Alan Foott, Henry, Des, Brian Dawes, Les Tilley.

29 January

Pruning and bramble removal.

Marian Hardy, Mary, Phillip, Brian Dawes, Henry, David Frost, Des, Andrew, Michael and Frances


16 January

Marian Hardy, Mary, Frances and Michael, Des, Alan Foott, Brian Dawes, Brian Sturt, David Frost, David Warren, Alan Bateman, David Barnicoat completed the major pruning on the South border.


8 January

Marian Hardy, Mary, Frances and Michael, Andrew, Des, Dave Hill and Alan Foott spent a cold 2 and a half hours pruning.

Plans for January to April.


  • Two pruning sessions each month until birds nest and then digging, raking and tidying around shrubs. Volunteers needed for all sessions.
  • Hoop moving.
  • Fertiliser.
  • Weed control.

Early February moss spraying. 3 or 4 people.

March add fertiliser. 3 or 4 people

First lawn cut by John Street and Michael - weather dependent.

Early March mark out lawns. JS/MB plus 1.


Grass improvement.

All dates weather dependent.


Moss spraying.

Add Aquatrols Dispatch to SE corner of Lawn 1.

First application of Aquatrols Aqueduct to begin treatment of Dry Patch and two weeks later second appllcation of Aquatrols Aqueduct. N.B. The Dry Patch treatment takes a year or so to work.