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Lawn Maintenance 2017


After 1 August Lawn Maintenance is shown on the home page

1 August.

Hoops moved on lawn 1

29 July

Hoops repositioned on lawn 2. Introduction of Johns new hoop hole protectors


3 May

Hoops repositioned on lawns 2 and 3


28 April

Lawns had fertiliser added

2 subsequent additions by Peter


Wednesday 29 March

Lawns cut by council.

Lawn 1 hoop holes completed - Brian Dawes and David Frost


Wednesday 15 March


Lawns 2 and 3 were positioned and had hoops fitted.


Many workers. Henry, Andrew, David Warren, John, Des, Peter and Jenny Ruddle, Peter Brock, Brian Dawes and David Frost.

The target date for the work is the second week in each month but there can be no guarantee because of the weather and having the weeds sprayed.

February - all lawns were sprayed to kill the moss - previously sprayed in December as on 2016 plan

Days (usually mornings - but it can take longer) when hoop positions are moved will be given on this page.


Over the year we hope to:

  • Add top soil at time of re-seeding to at least one lawn. More if additional fundraising allows.
  • Reduce weeds on all lawns – either by Council spraying or spot weeding by members. 
  • Reduce moss on all lawns by spraying twice in February and October.
  • Commence levelling the off lawn slopes on the outer side of lawns 1 and 3 - this is a long term project possibly subject to additional funding.
    • Lawn 1 (lawn nearest the gate) on the south side, adjacent to the bushes and play area.
    • Lawn 3 (the far lawn) on east side immediately adjacent to the hedge.
  • Reduce weeds around the lawns (to stop weeds seeding themselves in the lawns) by continuous mowing and strimming.
  • Possibly tine or hollow tine all lawns. Which will mean hiring or buying a machine.
  • Add extra hoop positions in lawn 1 to allow 1 half lawn for development of AC players.