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Wednesday 12 December


All three lawns and the margins were mown by our contractors today, before the winter sets in; they look good, with plenty of new growth, although there are still a lot of wormcasts, and there will be some reseeding and repair work to do in the new year.


Tuesday 27 and Friday 30 November


Brian Dawes, Jean Dawes, David Frost, Marian Cuckson, Dave Hill, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall raked and hoovered leaves off all three lawns, and broke up piles of worm casts, in readiness for the final mowing of the year by our contractors.

Lawns Update 7 November

A lawn inspection showed plenty of new grass (the picture below clearly shows growth in the scarification lines), although some patches remain rather bare and will probably need further reseeding in the new year.

After the contractors finished top dressing in mid-October, the lawns were watered daily for around ten days by (in various combinations) Alan Bateman, John Street, Michael Broadway, Philip Hawes, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall. To the intense relief of all concerned, a few wet days allowed this relatively gentle but not terribly interesting work to be suspended towards the end of the month.

It may be necessary to remove fallen leaves from the lawn at some point soon but, for now, with rain forecast during the coming week, no further watering is planned and we will let nature take its course until the new growth is strong enough to be mown.


Please watch out for emails about lawn work later in the month, and volunteer to help if you have any time that you can commit to these efforts.


Andrew Fall

Contractors working on lawns


1 October

Michael Broadway, John Street, Mary Grove, Brian Dawes, Phillip Hawes, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall mowed all three lawns in preparation for scarification during the coming week, and cleared the paths around the lawns to give the contractors easier access.



30 September


A beautiful sunny morning when Nicola, Mick, Phillip and Alan B cut away a large amount of the overgrown shrub area in the bed adjacent to the north end of lawn two in just a couple of hours.


Thank you all.


Marian Hardy


Saturday 1 September


Michael Broadway, John Street, David Barnicoat, Alan 'White Lines' Bateman, Cheryle Bridgeman, Mary Grove, Marion Cuckson, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall mowed lawns 1 and 3 (Dave Hill had mowed lawn 2 the day before), whitelined all three lawns, weeded, patched and generally tidied up in preparation for the coming week, including the Chairman's Cup.


Thanks to all for their work.


Wednesday 22 August


This morning all three of our lawns were repaired, mowed and whitelined, hoops moved and set on lawn 1, and brambles and bushes trimmed and cut back by Michael Boadway, John Street, Ian Moore, Brian Sturt, David Frost, Marian Cuckson, Phillip Hawes, Fiona Fall, Andrew Fall and brand new mower whizzes Valerie Stanley and Cheryl Bridgeman (giving the lie to the myth that only big butch men can handle the mower)...thank you everyone for your efforts.


Wednesday 15 August


Over the last five days, in three separate sessions, all three of our lawns have been repaired, mowed, whitelined and watered; hoops moved and set on lawn 3; bushes have been moved, and ground prepared by the silver birch tree, in preparation for the possible installation of benches; brambles and privet have been trimmed and cut back...by (in various combinations) Dave Hill, Alan Bateman, Ian Moore, Brian Dawes, Peter Brock, Brian Sturt, Phillip Hawes, Marion Cuckson, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall.


Monday 14 May

All lawns white lined - mower broke down. Phillip, Judy, Alan Foott, Marian and Des.


Friday 11 May

All lawns mown in the early evening - by Scott aided by Marian, Des and Peter.


Wednesday 2 May

All lawns mowed by Scott aided by Des and Marian


Sunday 29th April

Liquid fed all lawns - Jane and Des


Wednesday 25 April

Mowed 2 and 3 in both directions Marian, Des, Dave Hill


Thursday 19th April

Mowed 2 and 3 Marian, Des, Dave Hill


Monday 9 April

Revolution sprayed on lawns 2 and 3 by Marian and Des.


Sunday 8 April

Despatch sprayed onto Lawn 1 by Marian and Des


Friday 6 April

Lawn 1 mown again by John and Michael


Thursday 5 April

All 3 lawns mown by John and Michael


Gardening has a 3 week break to allow the overseeded grass to grow. Hoops will be set by John and Michael with help from Des and Marian Hardy on Saturday 30 March.


Wednesday 7 March

Dave Hill, Alan Bateman, Mary, Marian Cuckson, Marian Hardy, Peter and Jenny Ruddle and Des completed the following:


Cleared mowings and prunings.

Applied granular fertiliser.


Tuesday 27 February

Marian Hardy, Alan Bateman and Dave Hill finished the pruning in the SE corner of the lawns. Weather was so bad that they were not able to remove the cuttings and lawn mawings. David Frost painted hoops and all four cleared up petty damage from vandals.


Friday 23 February

John Street and Michael Broadway mowed all three lawns in cold conditions. An excellent effort.


Thursday 22 February

Marian Hardy, Alan Bateman (who put in a solo shift last weekend), Dave Hill and Des

Second application of Aqueduct, penultimate pruning and collection of remaining thatch from lawn 2.


Monday 19 February


Dave Hill, Brian Dawes, Marian Hardy, Marian Cuckson, Mary, Des, Andrew.

Managed to scarify lawns 2 and 3 of an enormous amount of thatch in poor weather. Lawn 1 had to be left due to lack of helpers.


Thursday 15 February

A huge thanks to John and Michael who mowed all three lawns and the surrounding areas today.  The lawns have stripes, pictures in Gallery.

Also thank you to Alan Foott, Alan Bateman, Dave Hill and Frances Broadway for more pruning and clearing.


Wednesday/Thursday 7/8 February

Mowing and Aqueduct added to lawns


Monday 5

Pruning and brambles

Marian Hardy, Phillip, Alan Foott, Henry, Des, Brian Dawes, Les Tilley.

29 January

Pruning and bramble removal.

Marian Hardy, Mary, Phillip, Brian Dawes, Henry, David Frost, Des, Andrew, Michael and Frances


16 January

Marian Hardy, Mary, Frances and Michael, Des, Alan Foott, Brian Dawes, Brian Sturt, David Frost, David Warren, Alan Bateman, David Barnicoat completed the major pruning on the South border.


8 January

Marian Hardy, Mary, Frances and Michael, Andrew, Des, Dave Hill and Alan Foott spent a cold 2 and a half hours pruning.

Plans for January to April.


  • Two pruning sessions each month until birds nest and then digging, raking and tidying around shrubs. Volunteers needed for all sessions.
  • Hoop moving.
  • Fertiliser.
  • Weed control.

Early February moss spraying. 3 or 4 people.

March add fertiliser. 3 or 4 people

First lawn cut by John Street and Michael - weather dependent.

Early March mark out lawns. JS/MB plus 1.


Grass improvement.

All dates weather dependent.


Moss spraying.

Add Aquatrols Dispatch to SE corner of Lawn 1.

First application of Aquatrols Aqueduct to begin treatment of Dry Patch and two weeks later second appllcation of Aquatrols Aqueduct. N.B. The Dry Patch treatment takes a year or so to work.