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Last morning of gardening 2017


Marian Hardy, Alan Bateman, Alan Foott, Dave Hill, Andrew, David Frost.

Pruned, pruned, pruned.

Cleared away, cleared away, cleared away.

West side of Lawn 2 cerca 1995

Marian, Cheryl, Valerie and Mary - 4 Happy Gardeners

Gardening Monday 27 November.


Mary, Cheryl, Valerie Rennie, David Warren, Dave Hill.


All pruned and cleared debris to the yard.

No need for any work tomorrow as all was cleared away.


Much Appreciated and Thanks.


Lawns - Des Marian Andrew

22 November


There is now no need to water the new grass unless we have a very dry spell.

Many thanks to all the waterers.

Valerie R, Denise, mary, Marian C, Brian D,Alan Foott, Alan B, Jenny and Peter, Andrew and Fiona, Michael and Frances, David B.

Apologies if I have left anyone out - Des.

The Quiz

Saturday 21 October

Onward from Saturday 14 October.


If the new seed is to have any chance of germinating at this time of year it needs to be dampened each day for the next 2 weeks unless it rains on a particular day.


So far Andrew, Fiona, Brian Dawes, Denise Chase, Valerie Rennie, Mary, Marian Cuckson, Frances have all been watering with Michael additionally doing mowing.

Lawn Works

Friday 13 October


David Barnicoat, Marian Cuckson and Andrew Fall completed patching and reseeding on all three lawns.


We now need waterers for the new seed - unless it starts to rain.


Thanks to Everyone who helped over the last 10 days

12 October


Andrew worked all day with a couple of hours help from Des.

He top dressed and reseeded the strip by the privets.


He is a touch tired!

Wednesday 11 October


Ian Moore, Frances Broadway, Alan Bateman, Peter Brock and Andrew and Fiona Fall completed the brushing of 3 tonnes of loam into lawns 2 and 3, raked and levelled the hedge strip of lawn 3 and watered it in ready for reseeding.


That's the hard work completed.

Tuesday 10 October


Half of lawn 3 completed today

David Barnicoat, Marian Cuckson, Mary Grove, Peter Brock, David Fenner, Dave Hill and Andrew Fall spread loam, while Fiona Fall began work on levelling the hedge boundary of lawn 3.

Michael Broadway did more mowing on the lawn margins and the centre strip, giving us breathing space to move lawn boundaries next season.


Tomorrow's session will complete lawn 3 and that is the end of the hard work!!


Thanks to everyone.


But there are still more jobs (easy) to do!!

Monday 9 October


Lawn 2 had the top dressing applied and is now finished.

Lawn 3 needs exactly the same doing and it will take approximately 3 sessions.

Andrew, David Barnicoat, Frances and Michael, John Street, Alan Bateman, Nicola Hyde, Alan Foott, Marian Cuckson


Very well done All

Friday 6 October


The remaining tines were collected and the loam sand mix brushed in on 3/8 of lawn 2. Roses were pruned and Denise broad leaved weeded on lawn 1.


Andrew, David Frost, Frances, Phillip, Jenny and Peter, Marian Cuckson, Alan Foott, Denise.


Next week.

Finish adding the loam mix to lawn 2 and 3. Seed bare patches on all 3 lawns. Broad leaved weeds.


We will nee a fair few volunteers Monday and Tuesday weather permitting - then that is the hard work over.

Thursday 5 October


An excellent turnout saw both lawns 2 and 3 hollow tined and all the tines collected and moved to flatten the slope between the privets and the edge of lawn 3. Some progress on filling the holes with the loam sand mixture.

Dave Hill made a magnificent effort and hollow tined both lawns by himsely. That is some achievement.


Those working.

Dave Hill, Michael and Frances, Nigel Abdullah, Mary Grove, Valerie Rennie, Alan Foott, Alan Bateman, David Frost, Peter Brock, Brian Sturt, Mick Spinks.

Tuesday 3 October


Stop boards completed and loam for the tining moved on site. Plus weeding and the broad leaved weeds.


Andrew Fall, Phillip Hawes, Mary Grove, Marian Cuckson, Dave Hill, Frances and Michael, Alan Bateman, Fiona Fall


Many Thanks to All.

Monday 2 October


Lawn 1 sprayed, lawn 2 and 3 de-broadleaved, stop boards 50% finished on hedge boundary of lawn 3 and also on corners of lawns 2 and 3.


Andrew, Phillip Hawes (worked furiously all day), Nicola Hyde, Mary Grove, Marian Cuckson, Peter Brock.


Many Thanks to All.

Longman Cup
Sunday 1 October


Enfield lost
Enfield reached the final of this AC tournament for the fifth time in six years.

Enfield East v Stoney Stratford in the EACF Final at Newport

Sunday 1 October


East lost by the narrowest of margins.

Final score 9 - 9 but scored less hoops.


Well done East and congratulations to the winners Stoney Stratford



Dave Hill won the Grass Roots Event at Nottingham.

24 September 2017


Grass Roots is a National Level Play competition for players with handicap 8 and above at time of entry.


Very Well Done Dave

All England GC Handicap Champion 2017

David Barnicoat


David won the All England GC Handicap Championship at Ramsgate winning 13 of his 15 games.


Well done David a fantastic achievement.

Enfield (H) v Leighton Linslade GC Level Play won 12 - 6

18 September 2017


Surbiton - handicap 6 and above.


Alan Foott has won 2 of these competitions this season.

Winning one 6 games in a row and the other 4 out of 5.


Fine effort.

Enfield South v Enfield East (EACF Semi Final)


East won - score 9 - 9.

East go through on hoops scored 106 - 101.


Well done East and Best of Luck in the Final.


Enfield (A) v Chelmsford Level won 15 - 3

Friday 8 September


Inaugural Chairman's Cup 2017


Won by Marian Cuckson

Marian Cuckson won the first Chairman's Cup and will be back to defend her title on the first Monday of September in 2018.


A very strong field of 12 players were split into 2 leagues of 6. Each player played 5 games.


Marian won her league with 4 wins out of 5.


The other league was much closer. With Mary Grove playing her last game the outcome of which would determine who won the other league. If she lost Ken Pickett would win the league by 'who beat who' and if she won there would be a 3 way tie with Brian Dawes through to the final on overall hoop score.


Mary lost 4 - 7 to Frances so Ken went through to the final having beaten Brian in the league.


The final was over fairly quickly with Marian winning 7 - 2.


Well done Marian.


Pictures - taken by Mary

East v Maldon Pavilion won 15 - 3

Friday 25 August

An outstanding result - East meet South in the EACF leagues semi final


Many thanks

Tuesday 22 August



To the eighteen or so Lawn and Gardening workers who on Tuesday moved hoops, gave the hedge a major short back and sides and weeded gardens and lawns.


And of course to speed things along some of the boys played with some of their petrol powered toys. The gang then humped the numerous cuttings and weeds to the yard for disposal.


So thank you:

Andrew and Fiona Fall, Des and Ella, John, Marian H and Marian C, Michael and Francis B, Peter and Jenny R, Mary, Dave H, Phillip, Valerie S, Peter B, Brian D and Brian S.


Apologies if I’ve missed anyone.


The Chairman

East v Chelmsford Green won 12-6
Wednesday16th August


Another excellent result for East.

If they win their final game v Maldon Pavilion they will join South in the semi final which would guarantee Enfield a place in the Final.


GC Level (H) v Watford won 10 - 8

Monday 14 August


South v Letchworth blue draw 9 - 9

Wednesday 9 August


South win the Central League and progress to the semi final


It rained All Day!

All England GC Handicap semi final at Surbiton


David Barnicoat won 4 of his 5 league games to finish top of his league. He won his semi final and lost 7 - 6 in the final.


David is now through to the Final at Ramsgate.


A great achievement. Well done.

GC Level Enfield v Letchworth lost 6 - 12

Wednesday 2 August


Internal 1 Ball Handicap

Tuesday 1 August

Was won by Michael Broadway.

Well done Michael.

Lawns and Gardening

Saturday 29 July


Henry and his crew (Alan Bateman, David Barnicoat, Phillip Hawes and Peter and Jenny Ruddle) mowed the meadow. The lawn borders were also cut: basically the west side strip of lawn 2 and the west and south side strips of lawn 1, as close to the bushes as possible.


Andrew and Fiona Fall, and Phillip moved the hoops on lawn 2.


Many thanks to all.

Longman Cup AC Enfield (A) v Blewbury won 5 - 2

29 July


East (A) v Chelmsford Blue won 13 - 5

28 July

A good start by winning both the doubles.

Then Peter Brock, Dave Hill and Michael Broadway each winning 3 of their games closely followed by Alan Bateman on 2 wins.

Yet gain another great performance from Enfield East.


Well done to all.

West (A) v Meldreth Enfield won 6 - 4

26 July

A great victory. Well done all


South (A) v Letchworth Red won 11 - 7

24 July

Solid performances all round.

Both doubles won.

Andrew won 3 of his singles and Henry, Frances and David each won 2.

AC League Enfield (A) v Northampton lost 0 - 6

20 July


South (H) v Newport Elms drawn 9 - 9

19 July

Well played to Frances and David Barnicoat

GC Level Play Enfield v Northampton lost 4 - 14

13 July 2017


East (A) v Southchurch won 12 - 6

11 July


West (H) v Letchworth Reds won 12 - 6

5 July


Many thanks to Betty and Valerie and many others for their watering

Greatly appreciated by the lawns and members.

Level B Tournament Hunstanton

1 July 2017

Henry finished 4th out of a field of 18.

Well Done.

Longman Cup (Round 2) - Enfield (A) v Ealing won 4 - 3

1 July
Current holders Enfield started their 2017 Longman Cup campaign with a visit to Ealing and came away with the narrowest of victories.


Murphy Shield Enfield (A) v Guildford lost 2 - 5

30 June

A very close match - if two of the three lost matches on the Golden Hoop had gone the other way Enfield would have won!

But that's croquet!

AC League - Enfield (H) v Wrest Park won 4 - 2

28 June


Chartwell visit

21 June

Any suggestions for a caption?

'The new Dr Who is revealed!!!' Fiona

'Good morning campers' Mary


What an amazingly handsome Chairman Enfield have

Which fool let him out of the shed? Brian himself

Mary Grove pictures

Brian Dawes pictures

Golf Champions Day at Wrest Park Level Play

David Frost wins

24 June

An excellent performance


Many thanks to the waterers for their time spent on lawns 2 and 3 - after this current wet spell we will have to continue.

Marian Hardy - Marian Cuckson - Cheryl Bridgeman - Dave Hill - Valerie Rennie - Jenny Ruddle - Peter Ruddle. 

Apologies if I have missed someone out

West v Newport Elms won 11 - 7

19 June

The 2 Brians - Dawes and Sturt both winning 3. With debutant Phillip Hawes winning his doubles and 2 singles.


A great victory - well done.

Andrew Fall won the Guildford and Godalming Golf Croquet Handicap Tournament

17 June 2017


12 players competed with handicaps ranging from 2 - 11. Andrew won the final 7 - 2 against Robert Cook handicap 5

Very Well Done

East (A) v Maldon Lakeside won 11 - 7

16 June

Dave Hill won all 4 of his games, Alan Bateman won 3.

109 extra turns conceded - none received

A great effort


South v (H) v Meldreth lost 8 - 10

14 June

Despite the best efforts of Henry (winning 3 singles) and Andrew (2 singles).

CA Letchworth GC Handicap - 9 June Henry and Andrew came a very credible second and third.

AC League Enfield (A) v St Albans won 3 - 1

8 June 2017


Level Play GC - Murphy Shield

5 June 2017


Enfield beat Roehampton 4 - 3 to reach the quarter finals and play Guildford.


Star player Henry Hobbs - 4 straight wins in his 2 games which were each the best of 3 games.


Edward Martin Cup at Letchworth

29 May


Andrew Fall wins the event with 5 straight wins.

10/10 high handicap. Won by Dave Hill and Jenny Ruddle with 4 wins

26 May 2017


Runners up

Phillip Hawes and Marian Cuckson with 3 wins

A very hot day - so hot the gazebo had to be erected.


South (A) v Newport Oaks won 10 - 8

23 May


John Street wins the internal low handicap 10/10 with 7 straight wins.

David Frost wins the AC Handicap at Colchester

AC Enfield (H) v Watford lost 2 - 5

15 May 


West (H) v Enfield South lost 14 - 4

Wednesday 26 April


East (H) v South Friendly won by East

26 April


A day of sunshine, rain, cloud, hot, cold and hail.

East won both doubles games which ultimately proved to be the key.

Tony Elliott and Dave Hill each winning 3 of their 4 singles games.

John Street and Andrew Fall each winning 2 of their 3 singles games.


A good warm up for the league games to come.

Hamptworth C Level, Level Play

8 and 9 April

Congratulations to Andrew Fall and Dave Hill who had two 3rd and a 5th and 6th positions respectively out of 16 contestants.