Socials and Events

Over 50 Winter Fair

This was held on Friday 17 February 2017

Christmas Dinner at The Jolly Farmers Pub

Sunday 11 December


Yet again many thanks to Marian for organising it all. 

The raffle made £344.

AGM 12 November 2016


Longman Cup

Awards and Winners 2016

John Street - AC Handicap Knockout

David Barnicoat - Golf Handicap Knockout

David Frost - Golf Level Play Knockout

Andrew Fall - Award For Best New Player

The Pub Buffet

Tuesday 6th September 2016


Many thanks to Marian Cuckson for organising a fine Evening Buffet at the Stag and Hounds.

Those attending and enjoying a good night out were: Marian Cuckson, Tony Elliott, John and Tina Street, Dave Hill and Fiona Montgomery-Baird, Mary Grove, Phillip Hawes, Graham Curtis, Brian and Jean Dawes, Henry and Linda Hobbs, Alan and Maureen Foott, Michael and Frances Broadway, Valerie and Bill Rennie, Richard D, Valerie Mayblatt and Peter Leigh, Helen and Peter Neal and Brian Sturt.

Following the buffet there was a pub quiz which despite the Quiz Master being even slower than our lawns was a testing challenge. Those marked in bold type above pushed two tables together and formed a team unimaginatively called Enfield Croquet, but brilliant enough to win the pub quiz. Mind you it did help that we had a team of ten and I’m still slightly irked that we didn’t get David Walliams or opt for Pan.


Anyway these superstars unanimously decided to donate their prize money to our Club funds. So not only did they all have a good time but the kitty is £56 better off – which can’t be bad. Wild horses couldn’t force me to divulge how the other Enfield Croquet Quiz team fared …. but a donation to Club funds will and I’ll even name names.

I for one am already looking forward to next season's Pub Buffet, wherever it is.

Saturday 5 July 2014

Alice in Wonderland Day at Forty Hall

Where Enfield Croquet Club members held a demonstration of croquet which entertained numerous children and quite a few adults for a very hectic couple of hours.

I'm advised that our Club's efforts were very much appreciated.