Croquet Association AC All England Handicap Final 7 and 8 September at Wrest Park


A trophy for me and a tray for the club.


I beat John Smallbone (Watford, 4.5) 26-4, Adrian Apps (Bowdon, 6) 26-10, and David Woolley (Wrest Park, 8) 26-5 on Saturday - that last one being a long defensive slog, 8-2 with 45 minutes to go before a break opportunity finally appeared.


This morning I faced defending champion Phil Nuttall (Bury, 10) and won 26-8, running rover with my backward ball with an angled jump shot. That win guaranteed that I'd win the trophy with only Adrian and David on three wins, meaning that on 'who beat whom' I would be champion regardless. 


The final match was against Richard Keighley (Wrest Park, 12), and ended 26-6, fairly one sided really but still taking nearly the full three hours as I kept overrunning rolls and allowing him to deconstruct the break without making hoops.


5 wins, handicap reduced to 16.




(Written in the car on the way home with the adrenalin still running. Excellent.)


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