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Ken Pickett, Brian Dawes, John Street, Tony Elliott,  David Frost, David Minihane.

Longman Cup Third place play off for the Longman Shield (2nd year running)

Enfield 4-3 Reigate Priory played at Nottingham

5 October

Brian Havill (5) and John Street (11) lost to John Bristow (8) and John Knight (14) 16-26

Tony Elliott (8) beat Roger Tedstone (4) 26-13
David Frost (8) lost to Chris O’Bryne (8) 2-26
Brian Havill (5) beat Roger Tedstone (4) 26-17
Tony Elliott (8) lost to Chris O’Bryne (8) 23T-24T
David Frost (8) beat John Bristow (8) +11T
John Street (11) beat John Knight (14) 26-18

Final was won by Bowden 5-2 Roehampton. So commiserations to our Enfield team for being narrowly beaten by the eventual winners in the Semi final.

Longman Cup Semi final played at Nottingham

4 October

Enfield 3 v 4 Bowdon

Brian Havill (5) and John Street (11) beat Sylvia Steer (5) and Adam Swinton (6) 26-22

David Frost (8) lost to David Holland (7) 16T-24T
Tony Elliott (8) beat Graham Good (10) 20T-17T
Brian Havill (5) beat Sylvia Steer (5) 23T-18T
David Frost (8) lost to Adam Swinton (6) 24-26
Tony Elliott (8) lost to David Holland (7) 5-26
John Street (11) lost to Graham Good +5T

The other semi final finished Roehampton 5 – 2 Reigate Priory

League tables can be found here

Away v Wrest Park won 4 - 2 League

4 September

Ken Pickett (2), Tony Elliott (9), John Street (11), David Minihane (20)
Bryan Harral (0.5), David Woolley (8), Peter Aspinall (16), Richard Keighley (20)


Bryan and Peter 17T-16T Ken and David Minihane.

David W and Richard 22T-7T Tony and John.



Bryan 25-26 Ken

David W 3-26 Tony

Peter 15-John 26

Richard 19T-21T ?? missing name

Which means that with this being our final league game Enfield finished with 7 points which was just one point behind the two teams ahead of them in the league. These teams were Melgrave and St. Albans who completed their seasons with 8 points apiece and a level game difference of plus 8.

Away v Watford won 4 - 2 Longman Cup Quarter Final
25 August

The Longman Cup match took place at Watford on what turned out to be one of the wettest days of the year, The match started in light rain using all three of Watford's lawns.


Geoff Johnson (4), Alan Clark (5), Robin Barry (9) Andre Machell (16)

Brian Havill (5)?, Tony Elliott (9), David Frost (9) debutant David Minihane (20).

Soon after play commenced the rain turned from light rain to heavy rain. The match between Robin Barry and Tony Elliott was forced to stop their match on what was becoming a waterlogged court and move to the court where Alan Clark was playing David Frost. It wasn't too much later that the doubles match between Geoff Johnson and Andre Machell playing against Brian Havill and David Minihane was forced to stop with water laying on the court.

David Frost, unable to cope with the conditions, went down -16 to Alan Clark. This allowed the doubles to continue on the only playable lawn.

Tony Elliott lost to Robin Barry, but Enfield's doubles pair were victorious.

With the courts unplayable play for the day was abandoned with the score 2 - 1 to Watford. The reverse singles matches were arranged for the Wednesday afternoon. So in totally different weather conditions the matches between Alan Clark against Tony Elliott and Robin Barry against David Frost took place. The outcome being Tony Elliott +12 and David Fost +7 Tony used his bisques well to build up a large lead and stuck it out to bring home the victory. In the other match David Frost had both clips on rover with Robin Barry on 2 and 2 back when Robin got in and made an 11 hoop break at the same time peeling the yellow ball of David Frost and pegging it out. He then set his balls up in front of hoop 1 with David's red ball in the corner behind hoop 3. However a 30+ yard hit in gave David the opportunity to run the last hoop and peg out.

Match score now Watford 2 - 3 Enfield

On the Thursday morning battle took place between Andre Machell and David Minihane. The outcome being a resounding +17 win by David Minihane - this being in his first competitive match!

So the score moved to an unassailable Watford 2 - 4 Enfield, and so for the second year running Enfield reach the semi-finals of the Longman Cup.

Enfield 5 - 2 Edgbaston Longman Cup

23 July

Another hot sunny day on the lawns and a good start in the morning doubles where Brian Havill (5) and John Street (12) beat Paul Trafford (6) and Ted Jackson 23T-5T. Meanwhile the singles went equally well for Enfield with wins for Tony Elliott (10) against Tony Whateley (4) by 26-1 and also for David Frost (10) v David Arthur (5) by 26-5.

So just one win required in the afternoon singles but we managed to take two out of four. The matches went as follows with Enfield players shown first Brian 17T-19T Tony, Tony 26-5 David, David 12T-18T Paul and John 26-10 Ted.

Enfield now progress to the quarter finals where they will meet the winners of Letchworth or Watford.

Home v St. Albans drew 3 - 3 League
20 July

Good to see Ken back in action following his back problems and back with both a singles and doubles win to boot.



Ken and Tony beat Terry and Heather 21T-20T


Brian and David lost to Chris and Jon 14-26.



Ken Pickett (2) 26-22 Terry Mahoney (1)

Brian Havill (5) 26-0 Jon Palin (2)

David Frost (10) 22-26 Chris Frost (5)

Tony Elliott (10) 19T-21T Heather Bennett (10)


The weather was kind with some cloud cover in the morning and the thunder, lightning and rain coming along after everything had been cleared away.

Watford 4-2 Enfield - away League

10 July

Watford won this game by 4 - 2. It's the 15th time we have played against Watford over the years and only the third time we have lost. Their lawns were not at their best and our team found them quite difficult to play on. Tony Elliott (10) played best against Adam Huby (10) winning easily 26 - 5. Ken Pickett (2), after a long spell out with injury hardly got started against John Smallbone (3) and Brian Havill (5) lost a close timed out game to Geoff Johnson (4.5) and David Frost (10) never got going against Robin Barry (10) on the other lawn. Doubles were played to 3.25 hours and singles to 3.5 hours and yet 4 out of 6 games went to time which rather hints at difficulty of play.

Home v  Letchworth won 5 - 1 League
6 Jume

Home v Northampton won 5 - 1 League
12 May

On a day where rain threatened but only arrived very late on this was a fairy comfortable win for Enfield, probably aided by their home turf. But then aren't they all.



Brian 6 and John 12 lost to Mike Hills (1.5) and Nick Evans (2.5) by -2.

Tony and David beat Mike Bowser (3.5) and the remarkable Owen Bryce (16) by +5.


Brian beat Mike Hils +5

Tony beat Nick Evans by +2T

David beat Mike Browser +18

John beating Owen +20.

Away v Melgrave lost 1 - 3 Enfield League

29 April

The opening game of our Association Inter-Club season was a Bedford and Hertfordshire Division East Anglian Federation League Match. Somewhat ironically played between teams from Middlesex and Cambridgeshire. Four games only for this match because Melgrave (a merger of two Clubs, namely Meldrith and Bygrave) have just the one lawn.


Duncan Hector (-1/2) and Keith Meldreth beat Brian Havill (8) and John Street (12) by +4 in a timed out match.

Duncan Hector (-1/2) and Robert Sheen (7) beat John (12) and Tony Elliott (9) by +4.


??? error above Duncan H in both????


Robert beat Tony by +16 in a times out match.

Brian was our only winner on the day when he beat Keith by +4.




Beat Nottingham 4-3 to take 3rd Place (Longman Cup at Surbiton)
6 October

Brian Havill and John Street beat Nigel Hames-Keward and Sue Wileman +4(t)
Tony Elliott beat Bob Thompson +13
David Frost lost to Ian Dovey -3(t)

David Frost beat Nigel Hames-Keward +16
Brian Havill beat Bob Thompson +1
Tony Elliott lost to Ian Dovey -8
John Street lost to Sue Wileman -1(t)

Woking at Surbiton lost 3-4 (Longman Cup Semi Final)
5 October 2013

Sara Anderson and Michael Holland lost to Brian Havill and John Street -8
Michael Hague beat David Frost +10
Ian Anderson beat Tony Elliott +21

Sara Anderson lost to Brian Havill -9(t)
Michael Holland beat David Frost +9
Michael Hague beat Tony Elliott +6
Ian Anderson lost to John Street -10

Congratulations to Woking who went on to beat Southport in the Final by 6-1

Nottingham at Wrest Park lost 1-6 - Secretary's Shield Final

27 September

As usual Wrest Park proved to be excellent hosts for what on this occasion was the neutral based Final of the Secretary’s shield. The tie being played out on a windy and somewhat cool Saturday on Wrest Park’s new lawns. Enfield were up against Nottingham who fielded a team strong enough to give us a really good hiding with some fairly emphatic play during the course of their 6-1 victory.

Ken Pickett (2.5), Brian Havill (8), David Frost (9) and Brian Dawes (18) our token high bisquer took on Omied Hallam (1.5), Dan Greenaway (9), Ian Draper (20) and Philippine Hallam (20).

Our only win of the day came in the morning session which saw an amazing comeback by Ken and Brian H in the doubles against Omied and Dan. The game had looked dead and buried when Ken went on the rampage with an extended break which culminated in him pegging out Omied. This left Brian H to complete his round whilst fending off the single ball of Dan. Job very well done, but unfortunately the only win of the morning which also saw David lose to Philippine +12T and Brian D lose to Ian +19.

The afternoons matches saw Ken lose to Omied +4, Brian H lose to Dan +16, David lose to Ian +4T and Brian D lose to Philippine +5T.

Many congratulations to Nottingham on their well deserved victory and thanks once again to Wrest Park for their fine hospitality.

To reach the Final of such a prestigious competition should perhaps be considered a major boost for the competitive side of our Club where our progress can only be described as positive in recent seasons. But it just didn’t feel like it at the time.

Watford at home won 5-2 Longmans Cup

8 September

The eagerly awaited local derby in this national competition took place on the Enfield lawns on Sunday 8 September.

The Enfield team comprised Brian Havill (8), David Frost (10), Tony Elliot (10) John Street (11).

The Watford team comprised John Bee (6), Alan Clark (6), Adam Huby (10) Nick Archer (14).

With Nick Archer, European Golf Croquet Quarter Finalist but new to Association Croquet, being undefeated in singles this year – the general view at the beginning of the day was that we had to win 4 of the 5 rubbers Nick wasn’t involved in! The good news was that we won all 5!

The opening three matches saw Brian and John S up against John B and Adam in the doubles on one lawn and David vs Nick and Tony vs Alan on the other lawn.

The doubles got off to a slow start to say the least. Brian took hoop 1 after 27 minutes (at his third attempt!) and received a round of applause from all. Then, like red buses, things got going for Brian who got to penult using neither of the two bisques with everyone else still on hoop 1. After a bit more cagey play, Watford took a few hoops but then a long break by John S to hoop 2 back saw Enfield take a commanding lead which was never lost. The highlight of the match was near the end when we were both on peg and John S had deliberately split the balls up and his final shot was to leave corner 1 and head a long way away. Why not aim for the peg Brian joked and go off in corner three. So he did – and hit peg! A few minutes later Brian hit the peg from a somewhat closer distance and Enfield won +7 with a couple of minutes to spare

While playing the doubles, the two singles appeared to be going one each with Tony and Nick nearly always on the lawn. David hung on but went down -14 to Nick. Tony quite simply dominated and his confidence grew as victory approached – achieving an excellent 10 yard rover peel on the way to a +26 win.

So 2-1 up after the first round, Enfield needed to win two of the four afternoon singles.

This time, it was John S who was unfortunate enough to be up against Nick and he went down -19.

Brian was playing John B who he had beaten on the one previous occasion they had met – but only just and only because of an unusually bad error by John near the end of that game. This time, an even more unusual occurrence took place – a perfect break by Brian. With red went from 3 to penult; left red with yellow in corner two so that yellow had with an easy rush to hoop 2 which it wanted; black in the middle and wired from blue at hoop 3. John never recovered and Brian won +7

David had a bit of a scare against Alan who took an early lead but David has been our best match player this year and it showed as he first clawed his way back and then proceeded to dominate, winning +11

Tony, confident from his morning efforts, continued to play well. No Robert Fulford type peels this time but a +19 win over Adam nonetheless. Tony’s only real error was to be on the lawn during a down pour!

So, Enfield won 5-2 and onto the semis – to be played at Surbiton on 5 October against Woking.

Nailsea at Cheltenham won 5 - 2

28 August

Not sure that Enfield have ever previously travelled this far for a game. Cheltenham, a neutral venue where our Association team took on Nailsea, North Somerset in the semi-final of the Secretary’s Shield.

Our on the spot reporter tells me that the weather was great, warm with no rain. We were given two lawns right in front or the pavilion, which was nice. The lawns were not too bad, fairly true although Nailsea complained that the hoops were too tight for handicap play. However given that Ken made a 9-hoop break on one lawn and an 8-hoop and a 12-hoop break on the other he felt they couldn’t really have been considered too difficult. Incidentally the lawns that were played on plus 2 more are being dug up in 2 weeks’ time and being re-laid as they are considered not good enough. Ken said we would have them in Enfield given the chance!!

Ken Pickett (2.5), David Frost (10), John Street (11) Tony Elliott (11)

David Hunt (5), Jim Gregory (6), Kathy Wallace (8) Brian Roynon (12)

Ken and David 22T - 12T David and Jim.


John 16T – 23T Brian
Tony 26 – 2 Kathy
Ken 26 – 12 David
David 26 – 3 Jim
John 26 -21 Kathy
Tony – 5 – 26 Brian

Away v St. Albans lost 0 - 4

21 August

St. Albans have just the one lawn so teams comprise three players with two doubles and two singles being played. In this match none of Enfiled’s players were able to cope with the fast lawns where holding the ball on the lightning fast surface was not at all easy. The lawn was described by one of our players as an ice rink. The teams were Ken Pickett (2.5), David Frost (10) and Tony Elliott (11) who were up against Terry Mahoney (2), Thomas Cullis (12) and Heather Bennett (16).

Terry and Thomas beat Ken and David 26-9

Terry and Heather beat Ken and Tony 26-11

And the singles results were Heather 26-9 Tony, Thomas 20T-3T David.

St Albans

Not the best of days for Enfield but a great day for St. Albans who coped with the surface speed well. As a result of this match it meant that they had won the Beds and Herts League by a single point from Enfield and so Ken was able to present Terry with the Hector Shield. So our warm congratulations go to St. Albans.

Enfield v Watford in league (H) won 4-2

24 July

John Street playing primaries and David Frost playing secondaries.


Brian and Ken, Brian, David

Quiller Barrett, John and David chat. View through the gazebo of Brian running a hoop

Enfield’s team of Ken Pickett (2.5), Brian Havill (9), David Frost 11 and John Street 11 too on Watford at Bush Hill Park who put out a team which included The Croquet Association President Quiller Barrett (10). Quiller played alongside Geoff Johnson (7), Alan Clark (7) and Nick Archer (18) who is better known for his GC exploits.

This was a tough close match played on lawns that had received a good soaking thanks to the recent thunderous weather.

The results went as follows with Enfield players and scores shown first:

Ken and John beat Geoff and Alan 23T-13T

Brian and David beat Quiller and Nick 19T-11T

Whilst in the singles Ken lost to Geoff 15-26

Brian returning to the team after a recent op beat Alan 23T-11T

David sneaked past Quiller 21T-20T in the closest game of the day

John lost to Nick 10- 26

Roehampton (H) won 6-1

16 July

Apart from the travelling Roehampton had to undertake Enfield may have gleaned a slight edge for this match in that two of our team members had experienced both the heat and lightning speed of the lawns the previous day. Such was the pace that only one of the day’s seven games wasn’t timed out mainly one suspects because of the difficulty stopping the ball on ever quickening lawns as the day progressed.

Match results with Enfield’s scores shown first were as follows:

John Street (11) and Wendy Spencer-Smith (16) Beat Tony Salem (5) and Jean Oades (14) 16 - 11 on time.

Tony Elliott (12) Beat John Pearson (4) 12 - 9 on time.

David Frost (11) Beat Tian Ern Pee (14) 17 - 8 0n time.

John Street Beat John Pearson 18 - 9 on time.

David Frost Beat Tony Salem 26 - 8.

Tony Elliott Lost to Tian Ern Pee 8 - 11 on time.

Wendy Spencer-Smith Beat Jean Oades 21 - 8 on tjme.

Congratulations then to our Association team who won well despite missing a couple of top players for this Longman Cup tie.

Home v Ealing won 5 - 2

22 June

Enfield played this match without their two lowest handicap players, namely Ken and Brian H. But a weaked team pulled out all the stops in a tough match. John (12) and Wendy (16) lost low scoring timed out game 11T-14T to John Reynolds (10) and David Wedmore (18). In the singles David also had a timed out match in which he beat Colin McKenzie (7) 19T-14T. Tony (12) took on Crole McLoughlin and won his match comforatbly by 26-5. John then beat Colin 26-13, Tony beat John 26-7 and David beat Carole 26-11. Whislt in the final match Wendy went down to David by 16-23.

Letchworth (A) won 5-1

12 June

In the doubles Ken (2.5) and Wendy (16) beat Ian Mantle (2) and John Hall (4) by 22T-16T, whilst John (12) and David Frost (16) beat Keith Rhodes (4) and Peter Ross (12) 21T-20T in an exceedingly tight game. In the singles Ken beat Ian 26-4, John was beaten by Keith 26-20, David overcame John 26-21 whilst Wendy's timed out match resulted in a 18T-13T win.

Home v Rother Valley won 7-0

10 June

The Secretary’s Shield game played at Enfield on Monday June 10th saw a resounding victory for our team of Ken Pickett (2.5), Brian Havill (9), John Street (14) and David Frost (16).

In the morning doubles Jonathan Isaacs (2) and Julian Lawrie (7) were beaten 17-15 in a timed out game. Whilst the morning singles saw two more timed out matches in which David beat Ray Clements (9) 21-18T and John beat Katherine Minchin (12) 24-7T. After lunch the Enfield team remained dominant with wins for Ken against Jonathan 26-7, Brian against Julian by 26-2, John versus Ray 20-12T and David 18-5T against Katherine 18-5.

It is pleasing to see that in the last few seasons we, as a Club, have once again been able to compete with real conviction at Association Croquet. Clearly the willingness of our senior players to effectively coach new GC players the AC code is paying big dividends as more of our newer members begin to embrace AC as well as GC. With more players available we are clearly developing an overall stronger squad. There was a period of time at our Club where Association players struggled to find a game of any sorts, never mind a competitive one, but that appears to be changing rapidly as AC handicaps continue to tumble and the number of Association players within the club grows.

Northampton (A) League won 5-1

7 June

This league match saw another fine win for our Association team, this time out it was 5-1 at Northampton. In the morning doubles Ken Pickett (2.5) and John Street (14) beat Mike Hills (3.5) and Jill Carrick (18) 26-19. Whilst Brian Havill (9) and Tony Elliott (12) beat Les Carrick (11) and Owen Bryce (12) by 20-8 in a timed out match.

Judging from the post-match comments it would appear that both sides struggled with what appear to have been some really tight hoops on sloping lawns but Enfield managed to cope with them slightly better. In the afternoon singles Ken was beaten by Mike by 26-13. Brian beat Les 21-19 in a tight timed out match. Tony beat Owen in another timed out game by 22-15 and John beat Jill by 26-16.

Melgrave (H) League won 5-1

10 May

Good game played in excellent spirit – nothing like excellent weather but it could have been so much worse given forecast

Brian Havill (9) and David Frost (18) beat Duncan Hector (-½) and Janet Pope (18) +16 (on time)

John Street (14) and Tony Elliott (18) beat Robert Skeen (8) and Peter Whiting (16) +4 (on time)

Duncan Hector (-½) beat Brian Havill (9) +2 on time

John Street (14) beat Chris Van Essen (4½) +7

David Frost (18) beat Robert Skeen (8) +12 (on time)

Tony Elliott (18) beat Peter Whiting (16) +1 on time

Wrest Park (H) won 5-1

26 April

Enfield’s Association team got off to a good start to the season with a hard fought but emphatic win over Wrest Park. It could have been different however had the two very close timed out games gone Wrest Park’s way.

In the morning doubles matches Brian Havill (9 handicap) and John Street (14) played well to beat David Wooley (7) and David Morris (10) by 26-8 (plus 18). While on the other lawn Ken Pickett (2.5) and Wendy Spencer-Smith (18) took on Peter Aspinall (20) and Bryan Harral (1) who played superbly throughout the day. This was a very narrow victory for Enfield in a timed out match by 15T-14T (pus1T).

In the afternoon games Bryan Harral playing in an imperious mood beat Ken 26-13 (plus 13). Brian Havill had a runaway victory against Brian Wooley 26-2 (plus 24). John beat David Morris 26-19 (+7) whilst Wendy had the closest of the singles matches beating Peter Aspinall by squeezing out a close-run win by 15T-14T (plus 1T).



Ken, Brian H, John, David, Brian D, Wendy, Alan

Enfield win the Chairman's Cup
David, Wendy, Brian H, Brian D

Chairman's Cup

Enfield v Colchester North (neutral) won 5-2
22 September

The Chairman's Cup is the very prestigious Regional Association Winners Final played out this season between Enfield, as winners of the Beds and Herts League and Colchester North who were the winners of the Essex and Suffolk League. But this was not our Enfield's more usual team who took to the courts. Our two regular Association team players representing Enfield on the day were Brian Havill, who captained the side, and Wendy Spencer-Smith who appeared more often than the rest of our squad this season. Accompanying them were David Frost who was appearing in his first association Club game having picked up some seriously good form as our internal season progressed. David replaced the absent and redoubtable Ken Pickett who was unfortunate not to be available due to a holiday booking and a date change for this particular final. So no pressure there then eh David? The other unanticipated last minute change was the emergency inclusion of Brian Dawes who was somewhat reluctantly dragged in to replace John Street on the very eve of the match. The unfortunate John having had to stand down due to a serious family illness. Although I can report that things have thankfully improved in that direction since John confirmed he'd be unable to make it.

Representing Colchester North were Colin Hemming (0.5), Peter Kenward (3.5), Stan Stubbings (10) and Ann Brookes (11). Who gave away plenty of bisques to Enfield's Brian Havill (11), David Frost (18), Wendy Spencer-Smith (18) and Brian Dawes (20). The lawns were excellent, the sun was out but the wind was still quite chilly as the match commenced.

David hit the ground running against Peter and appeared to be in fairly full flow from early in the match. Unusually for someone who considers himself to be a 'golf' player David made excellent use of his bisques and rattled out a lead which he extended as the morning warmed. David's early finish and convincing win was a big boost to the rest of the team. 26-2 to Enfield. 1-0 Enfield

The morning session also saw Brian H coaching Brian D around the lawns against Colin and Stan in the doubles. After a nervous and slightly shaky start Enfield settled the better hitting in more regularly than their opponents and they made ample use of their bisques to force a lead and put Colchester on the back foot. By the end of the game Brian D's nervous wreck quotient had almost abated and Brian H seemed to have added some grey hairs. 26-11 to Enfield. 2 games to 0 Enfield

Ann was in really good form against Wendy and her accuracy on the longer plays kept Wendy at bay. A fine late rally by Wendy saw her prolong the game but not quite enough to win the day. Colchester 26-19, but a 2-1 lead after the mornings play to Enfield.

Lunch was taken, shortly followed by the long walk. Something which will be well known to all who've had the pleasure of playing at Wrest Park. At which point we should thank our hosts especially Club Chairman Tim Brewer who worked diligently throughout the day to ensure both sets of finalists had all they could want by way of really excellent hospitality. This was unfortunately one of the final trophies to be contested at this fabulous setting with the Wrest Park Club having to move to the far reaches of this delightful English Heritage site next season. It is England Heritage and their visitor's loss I feel.

So four singles matches still to play following the break:

David once again played superbly and used his bisques well in his match with Stan. Still very much a 'golf' player at heart David for once found the hoops difficult to run at times, or so he claims. The scoreline would suggest otherwise. This was an association debut for our Club so having to play your first matches in a final and winning them both so convincingly was seriously impressive, just as his play was. Enfield 26-13. 3-1 Enfield.

Brian Dawes took on fellow 'golf' aficionado Ann and neither player found their feet instantly. However as the sunshine warmed so did the play, but this was a cagey match played on the defensive with neither player being allowed, or able, to build large breaks. Despite some superb set-up play Ann was unfortunate to get stuck in the jaws a few times. So it was Brian who eventually came out on top thanks to his bisques, a few lucky long shots to get in and the occasional winning gamble on some longish hoops. With increased confidence came an improvement in his accuracy which is always critical. 26-11 to Enfield and an unassailable 4-1 lead to Enfield.

The captain was certainly nervous as playing at one meant he was going to play someone who had beaten former world champion, Robert Fulford, in a level match earlier in the season. Brian Havill's high-pressure top of the pile encounter with Colin appeared to be something of a titanic struggle and the occasional groan of agony from Brian when he didn't place his ball perfectly was probably heard all the way to the great house itself. When playing Inter-Club matches on four different lawns quite often the contestants have no idea what's happening elsewhere and suffer additional pressures because they all feel the onus is entirely on them to win it for the team. As it happens David and Brian D had already racked up the necessary wins but of course Brian H was playing above himself to ensure his own hard-fought victory, and so he did so superbly. Enfield 26-11 and the lead stretched to 5-1.

Brian Havill receives the trophy from Wrest Park Club Chairman Tim Brewer.
This photo may look a tad dark - well it was, because it was getting quite late by this time.

Meanwhile Wendy was less fortunate in her match with Peter as this match was oh so close. For Wendy it was just one of those days, you win some you lose some and this one was timed out with Peter getting the best of it by a single hoop. Colchester +1, but finals such as this are not won or lost by individuals they are won by teams, a team in which Wendy had been a consistent and valuable cog in the wheel and indeed the the player who made the most appearances for our association team this season. It was thanks to Wendy, John Street, Alan Foott and of course Club captain Ken Pickett that Brian D and David even got to play in this final. So it wasn't just down to the four involved on the day that Enfield emerged triumphant, it was down to a solid team effort. So well done Team GB, sorry I meant Team Enfield.

The win means that next year Enfield will play in the prestigious Secretary's Shield, a national knockout competition for the winners of the various regional competitions.

Many thanks again to Colchester for an extremely pleasant and cordial days play and a big thank you Wrest Park for all their fabulous hosting down the years. It was indeed a privilege to play there.

Ok. so this was a long, some might even say overly long report, but what the heck, this was a fabulous way to end our Inter-Club season for Enfield, so thanks for checking it out. And as big games go this was maybe Enfield's biggest.

The match was won 5-2 and played out in the beautiful setting of Wrest Park.These photos were not taken during our game but they do give you a good indication of the beautiful location. Not quite BHP is it?

Enfield won the 2012 Beds and Herts Association League.

Enfield won the Beds and Herts Association League.

Away v Watford won 4-2

29 August

To put this match into context Ken, Wendy, Brian Havill and John Street knew that they needed to win or draw this away match in order to win the League. But if Watford won this the last league game of the season then they would win the league. Added to which the weather was pretty awful on the day, so much so that John reckoned his feet were still damp when he finally arrived home. No pressure what-so-ever then.

The morning's doubles saw the two teams win one game apiece, the scores as follows: John and Robin 18T-17T Ken and Wendy, Mark and Adam 21-26 Brian and John. So the score at lunchtime was 1-1 and still everything to play for.

The first round of the singles however saw Ken and John give Enfield a 3-1 lead overall having both won their singles - the details of the results were as follows: John Bee (5) 12-26 Ken Pickett (2.5) and with John also winning his , Roin Barry (9), 19-26 John Street (14). This of course meant that Enfield who only needed a draw had ensured a draw at the very least and thus won the league.

The final score was critical however because if the match had finished 3 - 3 then Watford would have been 2nd in the league, but ultimately because Enfield went on to win 4 - 2 St Albans came 2nd and Watford 3rd. Brian Havill (11) beat Mark Homan (6) by 26-20, a match in which Brian was losing until his very impressive 9 hoop break. The other match in this round saw Adam Huby (11) Beat Wendy Spencer-Smith 25T-12T in a timed out game.

So there you go. Enfield are now the proud holders of the Hector Shield, a trophy which our Club previously won in 2000 and 2003.

Having won the Beds and Herts Association League Enfield will now play the winners of the Essex and Suffolk League at Wrest Park on 22nd September, and the winner of that match will represent the East Anglian region in the CA Secretary's Shield knock-out in 2013.

Final Table
Enfield 8 points (+10)
St Albans 7 points (+1)
Watford 6 points (+2)
Melgrave 6 points (0)
Letchworth 6 points (-2)
Northampton 5 points (-8)
Wrest Park 4 points (-4)

Home v Letchworth won 6-0
16 July

Monday saw the first of two wins in a week when Letchworth travelled to Bush Hill Park for a rain sodden Association match in which Enfield ran out the clear winners in an emphatic 6-0 victory. Everything and everyone was soaked during a very wet day's play, with drizzle, rain and heavy rain being the order of the day in what was anticipated to be a glorious sunny day in July when the fixture date was arranged. I'm not sure whether home advantage or the ability to cope with adverse weather conditions was the biggest factor of the day but Wendy (18) beat Martin King (12) in a timed out match 19T-15T. Ken (2.5) overcame George Woolhouse (2) 26-14. John (16) conquered Robert Staddon (12) 26-9 and Brian Havill (14) beat Keith Rhodes by 26-12. Two more victories followed in the doubles as a damp Ken and Wendy overcame a drenched George and Robert 26-14. While in the other game Brian and John paddled their way to a resounding 26-0 victory.

The further good news is that no balls floated away, no lifeboats were required and no one drowned during the course of the day's play.

Home v Northampton won 5-1
25 June

For one brief day at least it appeared to be summer and a pleasurable mornings session saw the doubles matches ending 1-1. Ken Pickett (2.5) and Wendy Spencer-Smith (18) lost a very close match against Nick Evans (3) and Owen Bryce (11) by 19-20 in a timed out game. While John Street (16) and Brian Havill (18) overcame Mike Hills and Mel Christie by 26-12. The afternoon singles was a different matter entirely. When I arrived on the scene I was hoping to see some good close play but no such luck. The play was fine and the games well contested but I was promptly despatched to the rhododendron bushes to find and recover a lost black ball, thus missing the end of about three matches whist scrabbling around in the dense dark undergrowth.
The singles it seemed were a somewhat one-side affair with Ken beating Nick 26-17, John out playing Mick 26-13, Brian seeing off Owen 26-6 and Wendy getting the best of Mel by 26-15. Home advantage told it would seem and the final result finished 5-1 to Enfield.
I understand the cakes were very nice but couldn't stay to enjoy them unfortunately.

Away v Enfield drew 2-2
22 May

Another away game, this time featuring Wendy Spencer-Smith (18 handicap), Brian Havill (18) and John Street (16) against Alec Osbourne (12), Keith Holgate (14) and Robert Skeen (8) of Melgrave. With Wendy losing to Alec 22-13 in a timed out game and Brian comfortably overcoming Keith 26-9 the match was squared in the singles. And so it was with the doubles where John and Wendy had a very narrow win 23-22 over Robert and Keith in another timed out game. Unfortunately for Enfield John and Wendy lost to Robert and Alec by 26-8 making the days score level at 2-2.

Friday May 11 Wrest Park v Enfield (Away) drew 3-3The delightful setting of Wrest Park was the venue for Enfield team's second match of the season where Ken Pickett (3), Alan Foott (18), Brian Havill (18) and a late replacement for the unfit John Street found Brian Dawes (20) dragged off to Bedfordshire to play his first association match for our Club. Up against Enfield were Bryan Harral (1), John Bevington (1), David Marsh (3) and Peter Aspinall (20).

The morning doubles saw Alan and Brian Havill lose out to John and Peter when Peter clinched the match 18-17 on time with a fabulous break to steal the match that had looked to be within Enfield's grasp. Meanwhile on the other lawn Ken made life easy for Brian Dawes by coaching him all the way to 26-12 win against Bryan Harral and David. So it was all square after the morning doubles.

The games were played on yet another cool Spring day where the sun only occasionally broke through, but on the plus side the rain only rarely threatened for once. In the singles Ken was beaten by an in-form Brian Harral as a tight match finished 26-23 to Wrest Park. Alan was also up against it with David who gave Wrest Park a 26-15 win in match of two stages. Despite being very much on song in the doubles John was given a hard time by Brian Havill who was a worthy 26-13 winner for Enfield. While Brian Dawes stuttered his way to a 26-9 win for Enfield over Peter in a match which didn't exactly light up the lawns but was comfortable enough in the end.

One of the delightful views seen from the Wrest Park lawns

Home v St. Albans lost 2-4

27 April


The lawns were very fast for our opening Association match of the season and would have been even faster had it not been for all the rain on them. According to my sources everyone and everything got wet and muddy, including the results sheet! The sun did get out on the odd occasion but drizzle, rain and yet more rain were the day's norm so hats, hoods and waterproofs were very much the order of the day.

In this our first home game in of 2012 John Street (16 handicap), Alan Foott (18) and Wendy Spencer Smith were up against Terry Mahony (2), Chris Frost (6) and Heather Bennett (20) and the results went as follows:

John beat Terry 26-12, Chris got the best of Wendy by 26-15, Heather won against Alan on time with a 10-8 scoreline, John won by an emphatic 26-1 when playing Chris, Heather narrowly beat Wendy by 26-24 in a close run match and Terry came out on top against Alan by 26-14.


Away v Letchworth drew 3 - 3

17 August

Despite Enfield drawing at Letchworth 3 - 3 it looks as if Watford will win the Association league on superior game difference provided they beat Northampton on August 25.



Ken (3) and Tony (20) v David Tutt (0) George Woolhouse (2.5) Won 23 - 22 on time.

Golden Hoop game. John (16) and Brian H (20) v Ian Mantle (1.5) Keith Rhodes (6) Won 26 - 22.


Ken (3) v David Tutt (0) Won 26 - 0 a game that was over in just 65 minutes.

John (16) v Ian Mantle (1.5) Lost 22 - 26.

Brian (20) v George Woolhouse (2.5) Lost 17 - 22 on time.

Tony (20) v Keith Rhodes (6) Lost 21- 22 on time. Golden Hoop game.
Final score: Letchworth 3 Enfield 3

Away v Northampton won 5 - 1
13 July

Enfield continued their unbeaten run by despatching Northampton 5 - 1. This was a game which was scheduled as an away game but which had to be switched due to the state of Northampton's lawns.



Ken (3 handicap) and Tony (20 handicap) beat Peter Sandfield (2) and Owen Bryce (11) 21 - 15 on time.

John (16) and Brian Havill (20) beat Mike Hills (3.5) and Richard Cain (14) 21 - 15 on time.



Ken beat Peter 26-4.

John lost to Mike 22-26.

Brian beat Owen 26-8

Tony, who was making his Association debut in this match, beat Richard 12-11 on time.

Home v Wrest Park drew 3-3
13 June

Enfield opened up a two nil lead with two close games in the doubles matches.



Ken Pickett (3.5) and Brian Havill (20) v Bryan Harral (1) and Cliff Hayes (20) finished 18 - 16 on time.

John Street (16) and Wendy Spencer-Smith (16) v David Marsh (6) and David Morris (18) the match finished 20 - 19 on time with Wendy winning a golden hoop to decide the second match.



3-1 in favour of Wrest Park with only Brian Havill picking up an Enfield win in this his debut match.

Ken Pickett v Bryan Harral 9 - 26

John Street v David Marsh 17 - 26

Wendy Spencer-Smith v David Morris 17 - 26

Brian Havill v Cliff Hayes 21 - 7 on time.

Away v St Aldreth won 3-1
23 May

A match that was limited to four games due to the fact that St Aldreth only have the one lawn available.


Chris Frost (6 handicap) and Heather Bennett (20) lost to Ken Pickett (3.5) and John Street (16) 13 - 26.
Alec Osborne (12) and Heather Bennett (20) were beaten by John Street (16) and Wendy Spencer-Smith (14) on time by 15T - 19T.


Alec Osborne (12) beat Wendy Spencer-Smith 24 - 17T.

Chris Frost (6) lost to Ken Pickett (3.5) 16 - 26.

Home v Watford won 4-2
10 May

Ken Pickett, John Street, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Alan Foott.


Ken (3.5) and Alan (18) beat Simon Hathrell (- 0.5) and Geoff Johnson (12) 19 - 13 on time.

Wendy (14) and John (16) beat Mark Homan (4.5) and Quiller Barrett (9) 16 - 6, also on time. 



Ken (3.5) beat Simon Hathrell (- 0.5) 26 - 24.

Wendy (14) lost to Mark Homan (4.5) 17 - 26.

John (16) beat Quiller Barrett (9) 26 - 11.

Alan (18) lost to Geoff Johnson (12) 12 - 10 on time.




Away v Letchworth lost 1-5

April 28


Ken Pickett, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Alan Foott, Michael Israel

Away v Watford lost 1-5

27 May


Ken Pickett, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Alan Foott, Michael Israel

Away v St. Aldreth drew 2-2

15 July


Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, John Street

Away v Wrest Park won 4-2

20 July


Ken Pickett, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Alan Foott and John Street

Home v Wrest Park won 5-1

28 July


Michael Israel, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Alan Foott and John Street





Enfield Croquet Club is a member of the Beds and Herts Association Croquet league in which for the 2009 there were seven clubs, with matches played throughout the summer. As ever this league was very competitive and was finally won by Wrest Park on 8 points after a closely fought match against Enfield. Watford came second on 7 points with a game difference of + 4 which just pipped Enfield who finished third on the same number of points as Watford but with a game difference of +3.

Home v Colworth won 3-2

29 April


Ken Pickett, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Away v Northampton drew 3-3

22 May

Ken Pickett, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Away v Letchworth lost 2-4

13 June

Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Home v Watford won 5-1

22 July

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Away v St. Albans won 3-1

28 July


Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, John Street

Home v Wrest Park lost 2-4

27 August


Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street