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Enfield v Wrest Park 17 May

Enfield won 5 - 2


Longman Cup

by David Frost at Enfield


Results, Enfield names first:


Ken Pickett & Brian Dawes beat Geoff Strutt & Peter Aspinall 26-10


David Frost beat John Tew 26-19


John Street beat David Woolley 23-22 on time


Ken Pickett beat John Tew 26-16


David Frost lost to David Woolley 16-26


John Street lost to Geoff Strutt 19-26


Brian Dawes beat Peter Aspinall 26-20


Enfield v St Albans 7 May

Enfield win 5 - 1


Enfield were represented by Ken Pickett 3.5, David Frost 4, John Street 8, and Brian Dawes 18.


The match was played under very difficult conditions. The grass was too long, the courts were bumpy and then there was the weather which was scorching hot. 


In the morning doubles Ken & Brian beat Chris Frost 4.5 & Stephen Mills 18, 26-20, whilst David & John beat Heather Bennett 3.5 and Stuart Stafford 18, 22-20 on time.


So into the  afternoon singles with a two game lead. Ken beat Heather 26-23, David lost to Chris 13-26, John beat Stephen 26-18 and Brian beat Stuart 23-22 on time.


The refreshments provided at the end of the match were much welcomed by all, as by now everyone was rather hot and tired.


David Frost


Watford v Enfield 25 April



Enfield played their first competitive match of the season with an AC match away to Watford, the result being a 3 - 3 tie.


Enfield were represented by Ken Pickett 3.5, David Frost 4, John Street 8, and Michael Broadway 12. 

The match was played in mixed weather where the sun shone at times, the wind blew and there were of course the showers although it must be said that apart from one heavy downpour the rain did not cause too many problems.


In the morning doubles Ken & Michael beat Nick Archer 2..5 & Mark Homan 5, 26-17, whilst David & John lost to John Smallbone 4.5 & John Bee 7, 13-26


So all even for the afternoon doubles which was again shared the results being Ken lost to Nick 20-26, David beat John S. 26-12, John beat Mark 26-11 & Michael lost to John B. 16-26


The match was played in a very friendly environment and everyone enjoyed the refreshments so well provided by the hosts at the end of the match.


David Frost at Watford CC



Blewbury v Enfield 29 July Longman Cup

Won 5 - 2


David Frost (4.5), John Street (8), Michael Broadway (14), Brian Dawes (18)
Paul Wolff (3.5), Deirdrie Cochrane (4), David Speer (8), David Seed (14)

Blewbury is a lovely village near Didcot and the setting of their excellent croquet lawns is superb,
it was just a shame that the weather progressively worsened on the day but the rain came after
we were treated to an excellent pub lunch by our delightful hosts.


Michael had a resounding win by beating Deirdre 26-9 making very good use of
his 10 bisques. John came very close in a close fought timed out game against Paul Wolff just
being pipped at the death by 25T-23T. Meanwhile David and Brian in the doubles took a timed out
game to golden hoop thanks to a last minute comeback by David, Brian however missed the
opportunity to win the game with an over-hit approach shot and the Blewbury pairing ran out
20T-19T winners.


So after the break and having been treated to a fine lunch in the Red Lion Enfield coped better
with the ever worsening drizzle-come-rain and won all four of the afternoon singles. David (+1
bisque) beat David Speer by an impressive 26-11 – a result which reduced his handicap to 4, John
(+4) beat Deirdre 26-19 despite seemingly hiding from the rain in the pavilion for most of the
match. Michael (+6) stormed to a 26-1 win against David Spear and Brian (+4) gradually nudged
ahead of David Seed to win 26-10 in between stints of standing under the giant umbrella.


Enfield will now play East Dorset or Haywards Heath in the next round of this National


Northampton v Enfield 20 July Beds and Herts League

Lost 0 - 6


So it was two visits to Northampton within seven days for ¾ of our team and having lost the GC Level play a week earlier it has to be said that this result was no better when playing them again at AC. Added to which the weather was worse with rain on and off all day.


Ken Pickett (3), David Frost (4 ½), John Street (8), Michael Broadway (14)
Lionel Tibble (-1 ½), Mike Mills (2 ½), Peter Stansfield (3 ½), Richard Cain (8)


Lionel and Richard beat Ken and Michael (5 ½ bisques) 20T-18T
Mike and Peter beat David and John (3 ½ bisques) 26-12



Lionel beat Ken (4 ½) 26-18
Mike narrowly beat David (2) 26-25
Peter beat John (4 ½) 25T-16T
Richard beat Michael (6) 23T-19T

So congratulations to Northampton on their emphatic performance.


Longman Cup (Round 2) v Ealing won 4 - 3

July 2017


David Frost (4.5) and John Street (8) beat Colin McKenzie (6) and Michael Sherratt (18)  16-14 (T).
Tony Elliott (6) lost to David Graham (16)  7-26.
Michael Broadway (14) beat Simon Tuke (4.5)  26-13.
David Frost lost to Simon Tuke  21-26.
Tony Elliott beat Colin McKenzie  26-16.
John Street lost to David Graham  16-26.
Michael Broadway beat Michael Sherratt  26-7.
Top honours for the day went to two of the higher handicapped players, Michael Broadway and David Graham, who each won both of their singles matches convincingly; David celebrated with a handicap reduction.  The other two singles matches, played without the need for bisques, finished 1-1, so in retrospect, the match turned on Enfield’s narrow (+2 on time) win in the morning doubles.  A fine day’s croquet, played in pleasant weather on good lawns at Ealing.


Tony Elliott


EACF League v Wrest Park

28 June


David Frost (4.5), Tony Elliott (6), John Street (8) Michael Broadway (14)

Bryan Harral (0), David Woolley (7), Geoff Strutt (9) Peter Aspinall (10).


In the first morning doubles, Bryan, as befits a 'scratch' player, was fairly rapidly round to Rover, and neither David Frost nor John were able to prevent Peter making gradual progress to a victory 25-15 on time.  On the other court, Tony imposed some pressure with a decent 8 hoop break; David Woolley and Geoff both found it difficult to get properly started, and Michael’s last turn produced a trademark flourish to run his last two hoops with panache for a 23-9 victory on time.
In the afternoon singles, Bryan again played well to deny David Frost 26-9.  But Enfield gained reasonably convincing victories in the other three matches.


Tony survived a late come-back attempt by David Woolley to win 26-15.

John attempted a lengthy pass-roll peg-out, which succeeded in pegging out the croqueted ball, but left his striker’s ball well short of its target (namely Geoff’s balls); he then had to survive a considerable period of playing one ball v two balls, but eventually managed to peg out his remaining ball to win 26-15.

Michael achieved a very solid 26-9 victory against Peter.


League (A) v St. Albans won 3 - 1

8 June


The Enfield team of Ken Pickett (3), Tony Elliott (6) and Michael Broadway (14) met in St. Albans to take on their team of Heather Bennett (4), Roger Bowman (14) and Geoffrey Morrison (18), on their one court.


The day was chilly and windy, and the intermittent (sometimes heavy) rain also contributed to the generally scrappy level of play, as it was often very difficult to judge the pace of the court (wet, dry or something in between) on croquet shots, and especially hoop approaches. Fluent break-making was mostly notable by its absence!


In the morning doubles, Ken helped to guide Michael through to a 16-9 victory on time over Roger and Geoffrey, while Tony managed to make fewer mistakes than Heather and pegged out shortly before "time" to win 26-15.  In the afternoon doubles, Heather really controlled the match, whether playing herself or helping her partner Geoffrey to use his bisques effectively, and neither Ken nor Tony really got going for long enough to make more than a very few hoops; the inevitable result was a defeat 7-23 on time.


Meanwhile Michael was enjoying a much closer tussle with Roger, as befitted a game between two players of the same handicap, and eventually prevailed 23-16 on time.


Enfield (H) v Watford

15 May


The Enfield AC team (David Frost [5], Tony Elliott [6], John Street [8] Michael Broadway [14]) played its first League match of the season on 15th May, at home to Watford (Simon Hathrell [-1], Nick Archer [3], André Machell [10] Adam Huby [10]).

The doubles match between John and David [Enfield] and Simon and André [Watford] was played at the same standard as the weather - not very good !  David took a bisque early in the match to set up a 4 ball break. All was going well when for hoop 3 he managed to get the peg between striker's ball and object ball. Play continued with Simon dominating the play, but rather than going round he kept trying to set up his partner. The "nail in the coffin" came when John having taken a bisque to set up a 4 ball break missed a roquet from 3 feet. The Enfield pair continued to battle but the quality of Simon's play meant it was an uphill struggle which they were unable to overcome.

In the other doubles match (Tony / Michael v Nick / Adam) Nick (an A-class GC player) hit in early when Tony failed to get position at hoop 1, and continued his break to 4-back.  And everything after that was anti-climactic, as all the other three players struggled with the constantly changing pace (due to intermittent rain) of the lawn.

David's singles match against Simon was one where the 6 bisques received dominated the outcome. David managed to waste bisques, when having blobbed hoop 2 he took a bisque to continue and then set up and ran hoop 3 (forgetting hoop 2) for end of turn, and was forced to take yet another bisque.
In trying to peel at rover the ball bounced off the hoop, and with no bisques left David left the scene on rover and peg. After a good hit in David ran rover and set up to peg out, the lead ball missed and the striker's ball was pegged out.
This was where Simon came to the fore. With only 3 balls on the lawn he managed to get both his balls virtually half way round mainly by playing his own two balls and by placing them so that a shot at peg meant he was in a receiving position. David finally elected to shoot at peg, missing and leaving Simon with a 3 ball break. However after black ran 6 and 1-back with red to the side and rear of hoop 2-back Simon blobbed 2-back, leaving David to hit and then take off for a peg out.
André used his bisques well and apart from a few mistakes played an almost flawless game against John, who was very unlucky to miss many long hit-ins by a whisker.  3 missed short roquets didn’t help either !

Both those two games finished within two hours, so the participants played several friendly games of one-ball while the remaining two singles games continued on the other court; both extremely tight, and both needing to be decided at a “golden hoop”.  After Nick had completed another break to 4-back, Tony made two good breaks, the second of them taking his second ball from hoop 2 to peg, with a decent leave.  However Nick once again called on his prowess at hitting-in, and from then on clawed his way back into the game, with Tony rueing failures to take the few chances that Nick offered.  Nick played very well to equalise the scores on his “final turn” after time was called, and set himself up for the “golden hoop”; Tony missed the crucial hit-in and Nick prevailed.
Michael’s game against Adam was relatively even for most of its duration.  After the “final turns”, scores were equal, but Adam’s balls were together whilst Michael’s were widely split.  Michael, with his customary panache, shot hard across the court at Adam’s balls, hit and managed to run the “golden hoop”.

David and John lost to Simon and André 16-26.
Tony and Michael lost to Nick and Adam 10-19 (T).


David beat Simon 26-12.
Tony lost to Nick 23-24 (T).
John lost to André 6-26.
Michael beat Adam 18-17 (T).


2016 Longman Cup Winners

Longman Cup Final

Enfield v High Wycombe won 4 - 3

2 October 

Tony Elliott (6) and Michael Broadway (now 14) beat David Warhurst (3.5) and Richard Peperell (14) 19-18 (T).
David Frost (5) beat Keith Pound (9) 24-23 (T).
John Street (9) lost to Raouf Allim (5) 4-26.

David F beat David W 26-13.
Tony lost to Raouf 5-26.
John beat Keith 26-23.
Michael lost to Richard 11-20 (T).

Honourable mentions to the whole team; David won all 3 of his singles matches, and John and Michael each won 2 out of 3, and we won both doubles. We shall ignore the captain's performance in his singles matches against (he insists) opponents who were all "hitting in" with alarming accuracy and persistence from all parts of the court, but he did at least help Michael achieve victory in the doubles match in the Final, which featured the longest and most tense "golden hoop" struggle in living memory - at the same time as David F was involved in a similar battle against Keith on the other court. But pride of place goes to John's brilliant come-back to beat Keith +3 on the final afternoon. As should be obvious from these comments, the result could easily have gone either way, so thanks to High Wycombe for making it such a good final. Their star was Raouf Allim, who won all four of his games easily over the weekend and celebrated with a deserved handicap reduction!

Report by team captain Tony Elliott

Longman Cup Semi-Final at Surbiton

Enfield v Bowdon won 5 - 2
1 October


David Frost (5), Tony Elliott (6), John Street (9), Michael Broadway (16)
Sylvia Steer (4.5), Mike Steer (5), Barry McKenzie (7) Adrian Apps (11)

David Frost (5) and John Street (9) beat Sylvia Steer (4.5) and Mike Steer (5) 19-18 (T).
Tony Elliott (6) lost to Adrian Apps (11) 2-26.
Michael Broadway (16) beat Barry McKenzie (7) 26-2.

David beat Sylvia 26-1.
Tony lost to Mike 16-19 (T).
John beat Barry 26-18.
Michael beat Adrian 26-9.


Longman Cup Quarter Final

Enfield v Wrest Park won 5 - 2

27 September

David Frost (5), Tony Elliott (7), John Street (9), Michael Broadway (16)
David Wooley (7), Geoff Strutt (9), John Tew (9), Peter Aspinall (11)

Geoff Strutt (9) and Peter Aspinall (11) lost to Tony Elliott (7) and Michael Broadway (16) 8-26.

John Tew (9) beat David Frost (5) 26-23.
David Woolley (7) lost to John Street 17-20 (T).

David Woolley lost to David Frost 14-26.
Geoff Strutt lost to Tony Elliott 17-22 (T).
John Tew beat John Street 26-17.
Peter Aspinall lost to Michael Broadway 20-21 (T).

Beds and Herts League

Enfield (H) v Northampton won 4 - 2

31 August

Lionel Tibble

John Street

Brian Havill (1), Ken Pickett (3), David Frost (5) John Street (9)
Lionel Tibble (-1.5), Mike Hills (1), Richard Cain (9) Mel Christie (20)

Brian Havill and John Street 26-4 Lionel Tibble and Mel Christie +22
Ken Pickett and David Frost 25Tv19T Mike Hills and Richard Cain +6T

Brian Havill 26-24 Lionel Tibble +2
Ken Pickett 19-26 Mike Hills +7
David Frost 23T-19T Richard Cain +4
John Street 12T-18T Mel Christie +6T

Enfield’s last home game of the season was played out on a delightful day where the morning’s play saw Enfield take a 2-0 lead as a result of their doubles wins. This match seemed destined to be drawn 3-3 given that the battle between Brian and Lionel had seen Brian pegged out with a number of hoops to play. That wasn’t to be however, because Brian who is now clearly loving Enfield’s current slow lawns made a sterling, some might say miraculous comeback to give Enfield a fine win.

Beds and Herts League

Enfield v Melgrave lost 1 - 3

5 August

Brian Havill (1), Ken Pickett (3) and Michael Broadway (18)
Chris Van Essen (5), Alex Osborne (14) and Keith Holgate (14)

Melgrave's scores shown first throughout:

Chris Van Essen and Alex Osborne 23T-15T Ken Pickett and Michael Broadway -8T
Chris Van Essen and Keith Holgate 26-15 Brian Havill and Michael Broadway -11

Keith Holgate 26-12 Brian Havill -14
Alex Osborne 9-26 Ken Pickett +17

Beds and Herts League

Enfield v Wrest Park drew 3 -3
25 July

Ken Pickett (3), David Frost (5), Tony Eliott (6) Alan Foott (20)
Bryan Harral (-0.5), David Wooley (7), Richard Keighley (20), Cliff Hayes (20)

Four of the day’s six matches were decided by a single point and only two games were completed within the time limit so this was as close a game as the score line suggests. Well done to Ken and Alan who won their doubles and singles matches

Wrest park team scores shown first throughout

Bryan Harral and Cliff Hayes 21T-22T Ken Pickett and Alan Foott -1T
David Wooley and Richard Keighley 14T-13T David Frost and Tony Eliott +1T

Bryan Harral 25-26 Ken Pickett -1
David Wooley 20T-19T David Frost
Richard Keighley 25T-22T Tony Eliott
liff Hayes 8T-16T Alan Foott

Longman Cup (A) v Letchworth won 4 -3

July 16

Each of the games was well-contested, and despite the ideal weather conditions and excellent Letchworth courts, four of the seven games went to "time", with the overall result still in doubt until the conclusion of the final game.

David Frost (5), Tony Elliott (6), Michael Broadway (18) and Brian Dawes (18)
Heather Bennett (5), David Mathews (5), Robert Staddon(12) and Andy Allen (14)

Game scores with Letchworth players shown first:

Heather Bennett and Andy Allen 12T-19T David Frost and Brian Dawes -7 (T).

Robert Staddon 26-12 Tony Elliott +14.
David Mathews 16-26 Michael Broadway -10.

David Mathews 26-18 David Frost +8.
Heather Bennett 23T-20T Tony Elliott +3 (T).
Robert Staddon 15-23 Michael Broadway -8 (T).
Andy Allen 9T-18T Brian Dawes -9 (T).

Beds and Herts (H) v St. Albans won 6 - 0


Brian Havill (2), David Frost (5), Tony Elliott (6), Michael Broadway (18)
Chris Frost (4.5), Heather Bennett (5), Roger Bowman (16), Derek Lambert (18)

Enfield players shown first:
David Frost and Tony Elliott 20T-16T Chris Frost and Roger Bowman +4T
Brian Havill and Michael Broadway 26-14 Heather Bennett and Derek Lambert +12

Brian Havill 20T-19T Chris Frost +1
David Frost 26-24 Heather Bennett +2
Tony Elliott 19T-12T Roger Bowman +7T
Michael Broadway 26-10 Derek Lambert +10

And a very good day was had by all the Enfield players who put in an exceptional team performance, but clearly St. Albans had difficulty coping with the slower pace of the Enfield courts.

Longman Cup (A) v Colchester won 6 - 11

June 15

The Enfield team enjoyed their day playing in excellent weather on superb courts, and receiving Colchester's usual excellent hospitality.

Game scores (Colchester names first):

John Andrews (9) and Jane Collier (14) lost to Tony Elliott (6) and John Street (9): -11 (T)
Ann Brookes (8) lost to David Frost (6): -16
Al Brown (7) lost to Michael Broadway (20): -26

Al Brown lost to David Frost: -4
Ann Brookes lost to Tony Elliott: -13
John Andrews beat John Street: +24
Jane Collier lost to Michael Broadway: -5 (t).

Beds and Herts League (A) lost 6 0 to Watford

May 23


Ken Pickett 3, Tony Elliot 6, David Frost 6, John Street 9
Arthur Reed 2.5, Alan Clark 3, Geoff Johnson 4, Robin Barry 10


Arthur and Robin 26 22 Ken and John

Alan and Geoff 21T 10T Tony and David

Clearly Enfield didn’t eat sufficient Weetabix on Monday morning and it appears they didn’t have any for lunch either


Arthur 26 11 Ken, Alan 26 13 Tony, Geoff 21T David 20T, Robin 25T 19T John

But at least the sun shone through every now and then.

Beds and Herts League (H) v Letchworth won 5 - 1
4 April

Brian Havill (2.5), Tony Elliott (6), David Frost (7), John Street (10)
Terry Mahoney (1), Ian Mantle (2.5), Robert Stadddon (12), Martin King (14)

Enfield scores shown first throughout in a productive first match for Enfield

Brian Havill and Tony Elliott 7-26 Terry Mahoney and Martin King -19
John Street and David Frost 26-15 Ian Mantle and Robert Stadddon +11

Brian Havill 24T-19T Terry Mahoney +5T
Tony Elliott 17T-16T Ian Mantle +1T
David Frost 25T-17T Robert Stadddon +8T
John Street 26-13 Martin King +13


The team that played against Melgrave with the League Shield: Tony, David G F, Ken and David Minihane

Beds and Herts League v Melgrave Won 4 - 2

11 September

Another fine day for the final game of Beds and Herts Association Croquet League. A League that had already been won by Enfield.

Ken Pickett (2.5), Tony Elliott (6), David Frost (7), David Minihane (18)
Duncan Fletcher (-1), Terry Mahony (1) Rober skeen (6), Alec Osbourne (14)

Ken and David M lost to Duncan and Robert 24T-25T
Tony and David G F beat Terry and Alec 18T-17T

Ken 24-26 Duncan --- Tony 26-5 Terry --- David G F 26-18 Robert --- David M 19T-9T Alec


Beds and Herts League (H) v Wrest Park Won 5 - 1 

7 August

Enfield's Fixture Secretary chose a lovely day for our Association team to win the league for the 4th time, and they did so despite still having one match yet to play. Enfield’s record in the League thus far is won 4 drawn 1 lost 0. So congratulations to the squad which this season comprised: Ken Pickett, Brian Havill, Tony Elliott, John Street and David Frost.

Ken Pickett (2.5), Brian Havill (3), Tony Elliott (6), David Frost (7)
Bryan Harral (0), David Woolley (7), Geoff Strutt (9), Peter Aspinall (14)

Ken and David F 23T-16T Bryan and Peter
Brian and Tony 23T-6T David W and Geoff
Ken 26-7 Bryan … Brian 26-11 David W
Tony 16-26 Geoff … David 26-18 Peter

Enfield will play in the East Anglia Area League Play-Off for the Chairman's Cup against the winners of the Essex and Suffolk League and the Northern League on Saturday October 3rd at Newport.

Beds and Herts League (A) v St Albans Drew 2 - 2

18 July

Ken Pickett (2.5), David Frost (7), Tony Elliott (7)

Chris Frost (5), Heather Bennett (6), Derek Lambert (18)


Heather and Derek 15T - 14T Ken and Tony

Chris and Derek 17T - 18T Ken and David


Chris 20T-19T David .... Heather 20T-23T Tony

After a disappointing mornings play Enfield found themselves 2 - 0 down losing both the doubles and singles -1 on time. The afternoon session also started slowly with both games doubtful and looking like a 4 - 0 whitewash. Tony had other plans and after a couple of good turns against Heather, got his nose in front. Heather fought back to put the pressure on but Tony won a tight finish +3 on time.

In the other doubles game David and Ken were struggling, David was stuck on hoop 4 and Ken on 1 back. Meanwhile Chris Frost went round to peg and Derek Lambert to hoop 6. Ken managed to get round to penult with time running out fast. David was on the lawn when time was called and we still needed 4 hoops to win, a pretty tall task, but David suddenly became inspired and not only made 4 hoops but 5 to win the game +1 on time, and levelling the match 2 - 2 gaining a valuable league point.

Beds and Herts League (H) v Watford Won 4 - 2

17 June

Ken Pickett (2.5), Brian Havill (3.5), Tony Elliott (7), David Frost (8)
John Smallbone (3), Geoff Johnson (4), Robin Barry (9), Adam Huby (10)

Ken and Tony 15T-11T John and Robin
Brian and David 14T-15T Geoff and Adam

Ken 17T-20T John, Brian 17T-10T Geoff, Tony 22T-16T Robin, David 25T-18T Adam

As Ken remarked, nothing really exceptional about this well fought match other than the fact that all the games played on the day were timed out. The first time Ken has known this to happen, so I figure that has to be an absolute rarity.

Longman Cup (A) v Hurlingham Lost 2 - 5

13 June

Brian Havill (3.5), Tony Elliott (7), David Frost (8), David Minihane (18)
Denis Cross (7), Clare Benson (10), Jennifer Alwen (16), Tony Bingham (16)

The Enfield AC team (Brian Havill (3.5), Tony Elliott (7), David Frost (8) and David Minihane (18) visited the superb lawns at the Hurlingham Club (the buildings were pretty good too!) for a Longman Cup match on 13th June. In the morning Doubles, Brian and David M met the female pairing of Clare Benson (10) and Jennifer Alwen (16), and were defeated 13-26. Meanwhile Tony E managed a 26-18 victory over Tony Bingham (16), being rather fortunate that immediately after a good 9 hoop break from Tony E, Tony B’s play seemed to become rather nervous and he used 6 of his 9 bisques in quick succession in achieving only 2 hoop points. And David GF managed an impressive 26-6 win over Denis Cross (7).

Hurlingham then rolled out their secret weapon – an excellent lunch! Which seems to have lulled us into a false sense of security, as the Hurlingham team all played too strongly for us in the afternoon Singles. Denis exacted strong revenge for his morning defeat by beating Brian 26-3, and Jennifer once again displayed her “rapid improver” status by playing very well to beat David GF 26-15. Tony E and Clare fought out an excellent match, which could easily have gone either way almost up to the end, but Clare prevailed 26-19. However the tightest contest, and the last to finish with all the other players looking on, was between David M and Tony B; it went to time, with David just being beaten 20-18 after almost overturning a deficit with an excellent come-back break.

Most memorable sight of the day – four liveried “servants” of the Hurlingham Club bringing, in single file, trays of afternoon tea and cakes out to the tent by the croquet lawns, at the behest of the exceptionally hospitable Hurlingham team manager, Hugh Carlisle QC. And very excellent the cakes were too……

(A) to Letchworth Lost 1 - 5

6 May

Keith Rhodes and David Mathews lost to Brian Havill and John Street -15
John Hall and Robert Staddon lost to Tony Elliot and David Frost -6

Keith lost to Brian -1T
John lost to Tony -6T
David M beat David F +7T
Robert lost to John -1T

Scores not known

Beds and Herts League (A) v Northampton Won 4 - 2

23 April

Brian Havill (4.5), Tony Elliott (8), David Frost (8), John Street (11)
Mike Hills (1.5), James Skelton (2), Richard Cain (10), plus Jill (20), Richard (10) Carrick

Jill and Mike 16T-20T Brian and John

James and Richard 12T-13T Tony and David

Mike 11T-18T Brian

James 26-8 Tony

Richard 17T-14T David

Les 17-26 John