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Leighton Linslade 10-8 Enfield GC Level Play
22 August

A windy day, as it often is at Leighton Linslade accompanied by just the occasional background serenade of the steam loco to accompany proceedings. Not to mention all the delightful tea and cakes, interesting lawns and good company. What follows shows Leighton's team and scores first: John Thorp (3), David Ball (2), John Cundell (4) and Richard Keigthley were up against David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (4) and John Street (5)

Round 1: John T 7-4 David F, David B 4-7 Brian, John C 4-7 Tony and Richard 5-7 John S

Round 2: John T 7-2 John S, Richard 7-4 Tony, John T 7-5 Brian and David B 4-7 David F

Round 3: John T 7-5 Tony. David B 5-7 John S, Richard 1-7 Brian and John C 6-7 David F

Round 4: Richard 1-7 David F, John C 7-4 Brian, John T 7-4 John S and David B 7-6 Tony.

8-8 after the singles then but Leighton won both the doubles games. John T and John C beat David F and John S 7-6 while David B and Richard beat Brian and Tony 7-4.

Newport Elms 5-13 Enfield West

21 August 

Some lovely people at Newport: David, Tim, Helen and John together with the North London Mafia (Enfield Branch)

The sun came out for a while and the rain held off until our journey home so what more could we want other than the usual fine hospitality which is always to be found at Newport. Peter’s hand and wrist played up all day which made life more than a bit difficult for him, but other than that a delightful day was had by all.
Home team players and scores shown first: Tim Ham (5), David Manley (6), John Deakin (10) and Helen Manley Jr. (10) and for Enfield West Brian Dawes (3), John Street (5), Peter Brock 7 and Andy Davis (8).

Round 1: Tim 7-3 Brian, Helen 2-7 Andy, David 6-7 John S and John D-6-7 Peter

Round 2: John D 2-7 Andy, Helen 5-4 Peter, Tim 3-7 John S and David 3-7 Brian

Round 3: John D 1-7 Brian, David 3-7 Andy, Tim 7-4 Peter and Helen 4-7 John S which gave Enfield an 8-4 lead.

Round 4: Saw a clean sweep for Enfield - David 5-7 Peter, Tim 5-7 Andy, John D 6-7 John S and Helen 2-6 Brian. And so with the doubles ending one apiece a final score of 5-13 to Enfield.

Enfield 11-7 Chelmsford and Bentley Level play

18 August

David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (4) and John Street (5)

Paul Bridgeman (3), John Skuse (4), Judith Hand (5) and Bob Jones (6) .

Round 1, with Enfield scores show first, went David 3-7 Paul, Brian 7-3 John Sk, Tony 7-6 Judith and John St 4-7 Bob, so all level after the first round

Round 2: Tony 7-1 Bob, John St 7-5 Judith, David 5-7 John Sk and Brian 6-7 Paul, so still all level after 8 games.

Round 3 was a big round for Enfield: David 7-5 Judith, Brian 7-4 Bob, John 7-5 John Sk and Tony 7-4 Paul, so this proved to be the decisive round having given Enfield a very strong 8-4 lead.

Round 4: John St 7-6 Paul, Tony 6-7 John Sk, David 7-6 Bob and Brian 5-7 Judith – so all level in this round but enough for an unassailable 10-6 lead for Enfield.

Doubles: David and John 5-7 Paul and John while the other match ended Brian and Tony 7-6 Judith and Bob. Final result 11-7 Enfield following a pleasant days play amongst good company.

Enfield 13 v 3 Leighton Linslade Doubles Friendly

15 August

An enjoyable days play was had by all on a very pleasant day - the pairings for Enfield were David Frost (3) and Valerie Zaater (11), Brian Dawes (3) and Graham Curtis (11), Peter Brock (7) and Henry Hobbs (9) together with Andy Davis (8) and Michael Broadway (10). For Leighton Linslade the teams were John Thorp (3) and Caroline Stroud (10), Roger Stroud (3) and Peggy Kenny (8), Diane Phelps (10) and Val Jeffers (8) together with Roy Kemp (11) and Sally Clay (9)

Watford 11-7 Enfield Level Play

14 August

Watford fielded a strong team which comprised Nick Archer (0), Jason Carley (1), Ian Parkinson (2) and John Walker (2) who were up against David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (4) and John Street (5). Somehow Enfield managed to win the first round 3-1 but were down 3-5 after the second and couldn't make further inroads during the remainder of the match.

Results went as follows with the home team shown first: Nick 5-7 David, Jason 3-7 Brian, Ian 6-7 Tony and John W 7-3 John S. Round 2: Jason 7-2 John S, Nick 7-1 Tony, John W 7-3 Brian and Ian 7-3 David. Round 3: John W 6-7 Tony, Ian 7-1 John S, Jason 5-7 David and Nick 7-2 Brian. Round 4 Ian 7-3 Brian, John W 1-7 David, Nick 7-2 John S and Jason 7-5 Tony. In the doubles the results were: Nick and Jason 5-7 David and John. John and Ian 7-2 Brian and Tony.

Enfield West 7-11 Letchworth Blues

11 August

This was an important match given that it was pretty well assured that the winner would the league and at the end of the day Letchworth Blues were the stronger team. Tony Elliott (4), John Street (5), Peter Brock (7) and Andy Davis (8) were up against John Slingsley (3), Colin Gregory (8), Hugo Jeune (6) and Sue Bathmaker (10).

Round 1: Tony 4-7 John Sk, John S 5-7 Colin, Peter 6-7 Peter and Andy 7-3 Sue.

Round 2: Andy 3-7 Hugo, Peter 3-5 Sue, John St 5-7 John Sk and Tony 7-6 Colin.

Round 3: John St 7-5 Sue, Tony 5-7 Hugo, Andy 3-7 Colin and Peter 6-7 John Sk.

Round 4: Peter 7-6 Colin, Andy 6-7 John Sk, Tony 7-3 Sue and John St 7-4 Hugo.

Doubles: Tony and Peter 4-7 John Sk and Sue together with John St and Andy 7-6 Colin and Hugo.

Enfield 14-2 WatfordDoubles Friendly

1 August

The concept of a doubles games only match in this instance was designed to introduce a number of players, who would not normally get the chance, to Inter Club competitive play. And so it was that the two Clubs lined up as follows:

David Frost (3) and Alan Foott (11), Tony Elliott (4) and Simon Tendeter (11), Peter Brock (7) and Graham Curtis, David Fenner (8) and Michael Broadway (10).

Steve Dennis (2) and Anne Dennis (8), Geoff Johnson (3) and Phyllidia Johnson (11), John Smallbone (3) and Veronica Fitzgerald (12), Robert Archer (9) and Maureen Croft (9).

On the day there were three wins each for the doubles pairing of Peter and Graham plus David N F and Michael. But the pairings of David G F and Alan plus Tony and Simon both managed a clean sweep of wins. That said despite the emphatic overall score line half of all the sixteen games played were close enough at 7-6 or 7-5 to have gone either way. In fact Tony and Simon’s games went 7-5, 7-6, 7-6, 7-6 so the smallest of margins can make a big difference overall and they did on this particular days play.

Newport Oaks 14 - 4 Enfield East

29 July


David Frost (3), David Minihane (4), David Fenner (8), Brian Sturt (8)
Adrian Seabrook (3), Dennis Saville (6), Cilive Cassidy (6), Ernie Turkington (10)

Essentially Newport took 10 of the first 12 single matches to romp home as clear winners in the singles. Only David Minihane showed any real resistance by winning two of his four games. Clive won three , Dennis won all four and Ernie, the best 10 handicapper we've seen all season also won all four of his games by quite a margin. The doubles stood at one game apiece but the match was over well before them. So congratulations Newport Oaks on a fine performance on the day.

Letchworth Blues 10-8 Enfield East

21 July

David Frost (3), David Minihane (4), David Fenner (8), Brian Sturt (8)

John Skingsley (3), Hugo Jeune (6), Colin Gregory (8) and Andrea Carr (9)


Round one saw Letchworth take a 3-1 lead when John (home team shown first) beat David Frost 7-4, Hugo beat David M 6-5, Colin beat David Fenner 7-4 and Andrea was beaten by Brian 4-7.

Round two saw Hugo beat Brian 7-3, John beat David Fenner 7-5 Andrea beaten by David Minihane 3-7 and Colin beat David Frost 7-3 to increase Letchworth's lead to 6-2. Round three saw Andrea lost to David Fenner 2-7, Colin beat Brian 7-3, Hugo beat David Frost 7-3 and John lost to David Minihane 6-7. The fourth round saw Enfield win there games to take the match to 9-7 when Colin beat David Minihane 7-1, but Andrea lost to David Frost 3-7, John lost to Brian 4-7 and Hugo lost to David Fenner 5-7.

Letchworth needed to win just one of the doubles to take the match and did so when Hugo and Colin beat Davids Minihane and Fenner 7-5. David Frost and Brian beat John and Andrea on the golden hoop but Letchworth had already taken the match.

Enfield 3-15 Northampton Level

18 July

David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), John Street (5), Tony Elliott (5) were well beaten by Lionel Tibble (-1), Mike Mills (10, Peter Stansfield (2) and Norman Hicks (4). Although it felt as if the game was played in the Sahara and it really was enjoyable to delight in Lionel's skills this was a very emphatic thrashing which included one or two rather long matches. So much so that lunch was abandoned in favour of grabbing a bite when you could. That said cold drinks were very much the order of the day. Tony had the best day for Enfield with two wins but our guys were beaten by the much better team.

Hurlingham 6-1 Enfield GC Level Play Murphy Shield

11 July

Delightful as it was to play on Hurlingham's very beautiful lawns the sheer speed of them took some of us a couple of games in which to adjust. By which time David and Brian had been hammered 7-2, 7-3 in the doubles by Richard Hoskyns (2) and Alan Chance (3). Our one win came through Tony who beat John Lindsey (5) 4-7, 7-4, 7-4 on a day which started wet but improved as time went on. Brian had a close run loss to Alan Chance 7-6, 5-7, 6-7 but close doesn't cut the mustard. Hurlingham's delightful hospitality made the day a pleasurable one other than the early morning commuting. Team: David Frost(3), Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (4) and David Minihane (5).

Letchworth 10-8 Enfield Level

28 June

The Letchworth team of Duncan Hector (1), Ian Mantle (3), Jeremey Scott (3) and Peter Whiting (6) drew the singles 8-8 with the Enfield side of David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), John Street (5) and Tony Elliott (5) but won both their doubles games to claim the match for the home team. Only Tony of Enfield could claimed to have had a good day having won 3 of his 4 singles.

Enfield East 12-6 Newport Elms

20 June

David Frost (3), David Minihane (4), David Fenner 8, Brian Sturt (9)

Francis Lambert (4), David Manley (5), John Sibson (6), Helen Manley (9)

An opening round which went 4-0 to Enfield set the tone for this match and and was followed by a second round which saw Enfield take the score to 7-1. The third round of singles followed suit taking Enfield into an unbeatable 10-2 lead. Congratulations to Brian Sturt for winning all four of his singles matches

Letchworth 7-11 Enfield West Red
13 June

Enfield West (Tony Elliott (5), John Street (6), Andy Davis (8) and Peter Brock (8) chose the hottest day of the year so far to travel to Letchworth’s excellent lawns and take on fellow title contenders Letchworth Red (John Noble (4), Robert Staddon (7), Tracy Martin (8) and Vernon McClure (10) ).

Enfield made a slowish start, and the first round of matches resulted in a 3-1 lead for Letchworth, perhaps because they were more accustomed to the speed of their lawns. (Tony 4-7 John N, John S 6-7 Robert, Andy 4-7 Tracy and Peter 7-2 Vernon.) John Noble’s skill in producing longish angled jump shots was only equalled by his culinary skill in producing the delicious chocolate brownies we were offered for tea later in the day!

However, the situation was reversed in the second round of matches, which went 3-1 to Enfield, leaving the score tied at 4-4. Even after an hour’s play, the closeness of the matches meant that three of them were “timed out” while hoop 11 or 12 was being played; Peter 6-5T Robert, Andy 6-5T John N, John S 7-4 Vernon and Tony 5-6T Tracy.

Enfield pulled ahead after the third round, with the match between Peter and Tracy (5-4T to Peter) producing the full quota of “interesting” incidents for which Peter’s matches are famed. The other games went Andy 7-6 Vernon, Tony 5-7 Robert, and John S 7-3 John N.

After lunch, and an opportunity to enjoy a spot of shade, Enfield once again won the final set of singles matches 3-1, to take an unassailable 10-6 overall lead. The results were John S 7-4 Tracy, Tony 7-5 Vernon, Peter 4-7 John N and Andy 7-5 Robert. The concluding doubles matches were shared, with John S and Andy beating Robert and Tracy 7-4, and Tony and Peter losing to John N and Vernon by the same margin.

So a final score of 11-7 left Enfield West still topping the table with two matches to play. John, Andy and Peter all played well to win three of their four singles matches, while stand-in captain Tony found the competition rather more difficult after the recent reduction in his handicap. All in all, a most enjoyable day in hot sunshine on good lawns, and with delightful company from all the Letchworth contingent.

Enfield 11-7 Newport Oaks

23 May

Rain threatened throughout the day but thankfully never delivered, although the wind increased a fair bit, gusting quite strongly late in the day and the lawns speeded up throughout.

Enfield Team: Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (6), Peter Brock (8), Andy Davis (8)
Newport: Clive Cassidy (6), Dennis Saville (6), Tony Marks (6), Roy Darling (8)

First round results were Brian 5-7 Clive, Tony E 7-4 Dennis, Andy 7-6 Tony M and Peter 1-7 Roy. So all level after the opening matches

Enfield won there of the second round games to take a 5-3 lead with the results as follows peter 7-4 Tony M, Andy 7-4 Roy, Tony E 7-5 Clive and Brian 3-7 Saville.

Enfield’s lead was extended to 8-4 after the third round when the games went Tony E 7-5 Roy, Brian 7-3 Tony M, Peter 6-5T Dennis and Andy 3-4T Clive.

Following lunch and with Newport requiring a big win in the fourth round Enfield held them to two games apiece to ensure victory. Andy 6-7 Dennis, Peter 5-3T Clive, Brian 7-4 Roy and Tony E 4-7 Tony M being the score lines. Which meant that in the singles there were 2 wins apiece for Brian and also for Andy in his first competitive Inter-Club match. While Peter despite a rather disastrous start and Tony both gained three victories each.

The doubles were all square with Brian and Peter beating Clive and Roy 7-3. While Andy and Tony E were beaten by Dennis and Tony M 6-7 which left the final tally as 11-7 to Enfield.

Enfield 5 v 2 Watford - Murphy Inter-Club Shield

21 May

David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3), David Minihane (5) and Tony Elliott (6) of Enfield took on Steve Dennis (2), Geoff Johnson (3), John Bee (4) and Anne Dennis (7) of Watford.

The weather was better than the forecast predicted on what turned out to be a mainly shirt-sleeved day at Bush Hill Park. The Murphy Inter-Club Shield is rather a different format to what I consider the norm in that all the matches are all played to the best of three. This means six games throughout the day if everything goes to the wire and the majority of games played on the day were very close ones with 13 of 18 results going to 7-5 or 7-6.

In the mornings matches Brian and David Frost lost to Steve and Geoff 7-5, 6-7 and 5-7. While David Minihane beat Anne 3-7, 7-2, 7-5 and Tony lost to John 5-7, 6-7. So Watford were ahead by two games to one at lunchtime.

The afternoon was however a different story when Enfield won all four matches, albeit with some difficulty in what proved to be a some very competitive tussles. David Frost beat Steve 7-5, 4-7, 7-3. Brian beat Geoff 7-5, 6-7, 7-4. David Minihane beat John 7-5, 7-5 and Tony beat Anne 7-6, 7-5.

Enfield East 8 v 10 Enfield West EACF Central Division GC Handicap League
7 May

Teams: Enfield East - David Frost 3 (2), David Minihane 5, David Fenner 8, Brian Sturt 10.

Enfield West -Brian Dawes 3 (2), John Street 6, Tony Elliott 6, Peter Brock 8.

A match played in blustery showers, a noticeably strong wind plus the odd downpour or two between our two Handicap Golf Croquet teams, who this season have to play in the same division. All Clubs entering two teams in the leagues, which also include two teams each from Letchworth, Newport, Northampton and Maldon, have to play their matches in the first round. So hence our early season meeting.

After round one the teams were level at 2-2, Enfield East went ahead in the second round to lead 5-3 but were pegged back in the third when Enfield West pulled it back to 6-6. It stayed level after the fourth round with the scores at 8-8 going into the two doubles games.

West’s captain Brian Dawes failed to cope with either the conditions or an effective handicap of two and lost all his singles matches. David Frost, East’s captain, also found it hard going against the high bisquers and won two games. While David Fenner and John Street also won half their singles matches. David Minihane also seemingly struggled with the conditions winning one. Brian Sturt however played well and won three of his singles, as did Tony Elliott whose results included a massive 7-0 win. Peter Brock also did especially well to come back after a confused opening match to win all his remaining games.

With everything depending on the doubles John and Tony for Enfield West were the first to finish their game against Davids Minihane and Fenner and nicked it in a close encounter by 7-5. Meanwhile David Frost and Brian Sturt had pulled their game back to 6-6 after being 4-1 down against Brian and Peter, but it was Peter’s opening shot played almost perfectly to the golden hoop which proved to be the most important strike of the game. It wasn’t cleared and Peter duly clinched the match with East’s second doubles win of the day.

Not the most enjoyable of days weather wise, but good to get rid of some competitive cobwebs.




Enfield East 9-9 v Ipswich in the EACF Handicap Final

Ipswich won 2-1 in the three hoop play off


Ipswich: Martin French (Captain) (0), Jill Waters (4), Celia Pearce (7) Pam Plumbly (10)

Round 1 D Frost v Martin 4-7, David M v Jill 5-7, D Fenner v Celia 7-1 and Brian v Pam 7-4 (2-2 overall)

Round 2 D Fenner v Pam 2-7, Brian v Celia 7-3, D Frost v Jill 7-6, David M v Martin 5-7 (4-4 after Round 2)

Round 3 D Frost v Celia 7-5, David M v Pam 5-7, D Fenner v Martin 3-7, Brian v Jill 6-7 (5-7 all 4 matches are close. Advantage to Ipswich.)

Round 4 D Fenner v Jill 6-7, Brian v Martin 7-4, D Frost v Pam 7-3, David M v Celia 7-4 (8-8 Enfield fight back - Martin French is beaten for the first and only time in the tournament this season by Brian Sturt 7-4.

On to the Doubles:

Martin and Pam lead 4-1 against David Frost and Brian, whilst Davids Minihane and Fenner lead 5-0 against Jill and Celia. David Frost and Brian come back strongly to lead Martin and Pam 6-4, whilst Jill and Celia are now 5-3 down. Is the game up for Ipswich? Martin and Pam hold their nerve winning 7-6, whilst Davids Minihane and Fenner finish off Jill and Celia 7-3.

It’s now 9-9 so they go into a 3 hoop play-off.

Play-off: David Frost and David Minihane v Martin French and Jill Waters.

David Frost wins the toss, so plays from corner one up to hoop 3.

Hoop 3: After 5 minutes of play David Frost runs the hoop with a good shot to give Enfield a 1-0 lead.

Hoop 4: Immediately Martin is blocked behind hoop 3 but plays a well weighted shot, finishing 8 feet to the right side and level with hoop 4. Then David Minihane’s ball is aimed 2 feet to the left of the hoop and finishes some 10’ short. Jill hits her ball hard and true from behind hoop 3 and it goes straight through hoop 4 without touching the sides, off the lawn and into the park to tie the score at 1-1. Game on!

Hoop 5: After several minutes of play with Enfield having a couple of missed shots at the hoop, David Frost tries to knock his blue ball back through the hoop, but it gets stuck half way in the jaws. With Martin's red ball off the lawn and David Minihane's black ball ready in front of the hoop Jill decides to attack the hoop, knocking the blue ball back through the hoop and hers with it. Ipswich win!

The League Manager's "Star Player" award went to Jill Waters of Ipswich, with runner-up Brian Sturt of Enfield.

Congratulations Ipswich on their victory but commiserations to Enfield East on their performance in a match which clearly could not have been any closer.

Watford 4-8 Enfield - Doubles friendly

12 September

Our delightful hosts at Watford were Jason and Margaret, Geoff and Phyllida, Anne and Maureen, Rob and Ron plus their substitute and reserve Veronica. Watford’s variable doubles pairings took on four doubles partners from Enfield who on this occasion were: David G Frost and Simon Tendeter, Brian Dawes and Glyn Evans, Tony Elliott and Peter Brock plus John Street and David N Fenner. The purpose of this outing being to provide some useful Inter-Club match experience for some of both Club’s new or less experienced players.

The weather was fine, the company convivial, the cakes enjoyable and we also played four rounds of doubles which at one point were accompanied by some formation flying by a Spitfire and Hurricane.

Results as follows with Enfield’s scores shown first and the four rounds going 4-0, 3-1, 1-3 and 4-0:

David GF and Simon 7-6 Jason and Margaret

Brian and Glyn 7-6 v Geoff and Phyllida

Tony and Peter 7-6 v Anne and Maureen

John and David NF 7-5 Ron and Rob four very close games but all going Enfield’s way.

John and David NF 7-2 Geoff and Veronica

Tony and Peter 7-5 Jason and Margaret

Brian and Glyn 5-7 Ron and Rob

David GF and Simon 7-4 Anne and Maureen.

Tony and Peter 7-5 Ron and Rob

John and David NF 6-7 Anne and Maureen

David GF and Simon 6-7 Geoff and Phyllida

Brian and Glyn 2-7 Jason and Veronica

Brian and Glyn 7-3 Anne and Veronica

David GF and Simon 7-5 Rob and Ron

John and David NF 7-2 Jason and Margaret

Tony and Peter 7-5 Geoff and Phyllida

Enfield West 7-11 Enfield East - Semi Final

6 September

This wasn’t the first time two Enfield teams had played each other in an outside competition, but it was certainly the first time two Enfield teams had met in a Semi Final. This one being the East Anglian Croquet Federation Handicap Golf Semi-final which was played in light rain, drizzle, rain and more rain on lawns 2 and 3 at Bush Hill Park. The lawns badly needed the rain but the players involved certainly didn’t need such a dismal day for the match where a rather damp time was had by all.

Enfield West fielded their usual team of Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (6), John Street (7) and Peter Brock (9). As did Enfield East whose regular team comprised: David G Frost (2), David Minihane (5), David N Fenner (8), Brian Sturt (10). There was obviously no home team this time out but West’s scores are shown first throughout.

The first round ended all square Brian D 5-7 David GF, Tony 2-7 David M, John 7-5 David NF and Peter 7-6 Brian S

Round two saw a 3-1 win for West but this was the last time they were to lead the tie all day: Peter 4-7 David N F, John 7-5 Brian S, Tony 7-3 David G F and Brian D 7-3 David M.

The third round was a clean sweep for East with four wins: Tony 2T-5T Brian S, Brian D 2-7 David N F, Peter 6-7 David M and John 5-7 David N F.

And the fourth round consolidated the win for East who on the day had played the better game. John 4-7 David M, Peter 4T-6T, Brian D 6-7 Brian S and Tony 2-7 David N F.

The doubles saw Brian D and Peter loose to David G F and Brian S 3-7, whilst Tony and John beat Davids M and N F by 7-4.

All in all a very good day for Enfield East who we wish well in their quest to retain the trophy on behalf of Enfield.

As a complete aside a runaway gazebo provided some light entertainment at one point in the day’s play so I’m sorry that on this particular occasion I didn’t have my camera with me in order to share this rare delight.

Newport Elms 7-11 Enfield West
27 August

Enfield won the match and in doing so won the EACF Central Handicap Division. As a result of which they will now play the winners of the Eastern Division in the Play-Off finals. That team being none other than Enfield East. That’s for the future however and back at this match the teams were Brian Dawes (3), Tony Elliott (6), John Street (7) and Peter Brock (9). They were facing Clive Cassidy 6, Dennis Saville (6), Roy Darling (8) and Brenda Cassidy (10).

Brian 7-4 Clive, Tony 6-7 Roy, Peter 4-6 Dennis and John 7-4 Brenda. 2-2 after round one.

Tony 7-3 Brenda, John 7-5 Clive, Brian 6-7 Dennis and Peter 7-6 Roy. Enfield ahead 5-3.

Brian 4-7 Roy, Peter 7-3 Brenda, Tony 7-4 Clive and John 7-4 Dennis as Enfield stretch their lead to 8-4 and assure the draw required to win the League.

Peter playing his best Inter Club match to date beat Clive 7-2, Tony 7-6 Dennis, John 2-7 Roy and Brian 5-7 Brenda to ensure the win on the day.

In the doubles Brian and Peter 5-7 Clive and Dennis, John and Tony 7-6 Brenda and Roy.

Enfield 7-11 Watford Level

19 August

Quite a warm day for this home match where Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (2), Brian Dawes (3) and John Street (7) took on a strong and tall Watford team comprising Nick Archer (1), Jason Carley (1), Arthur Reed (3) and John Smallbone (3)

Ken 2-7 Nick, David 7-5 Jason, Brian 7-6 Arthur and our John 6-7 their John.

John 4-7 Arthur, Brian 7-2 John, David 4-7 Nick, Ken 7-5 Jason and level at 4-4 after two rounds but Northampton took the next 1-3.

David 4-7 John, Ken 4-7 Arthur, John 4-7 Jason and Brian 7-5 Nick.

Brian 5-7 Jason, John 1-7 Nick, Ken 7-4 John and David 7-3 Arthur.

The doubles were both won 3-7 by Watford and as a result we were able to congratulate Watford on winning the EACF East and West League where they will now take on Colchester in the Final.

Northampton 11 v 7 Enfield Level

16 August

A strange day at Northampton where drizzle, showers and sunshine induced a perpetual change of clothing for the players throughout the match on lawns which have a slightly variable gradient but a fairly reasonable playing surface. Enfield’s players and scores are shown first throughout as usual. Mike Hills (2), David Owen (3), Richard Cain (7) and Steve Foster (9) took on Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (2), Brian Dawes (3) and John Street (7) who was our star player on the day.

Ken 4-7 Mike, David 5-7 Owen, Brian 6-7 Richard and John 7-5 Steve for a 3-1 Northampton lead.

John 7-4 Owen, Brian 3-7 Mike, David 3-7 Steve and Ken 5-7 Richard as Northampton extended their lead to 6-2.

Brian 6-7 Steve, John 7-4 Richard, Ken 7-6 Owen, David 3-7 Mike – 8-4 before lunch

David 7-5 Richard, Ken 7-4 Steve, John 1-7 Mike and Brian 7-3 Owen – clearly Enfield played better when the sun came out.

Mike and Steve 7-1 Ken and John, Owen and Richard 5-7 David and Brian. A well deserved win for Northampton.

Enfield East 18 Chelmsford 0

2 August

Enfield East extended their unbeaten run in the East Anglian Golf Croquet Handicap League, Eastern Division. In doing so they stretched their league leadership to an unbeatable 7 points from their four matches. Today’s match against Cheltenham and Bentley appears on paper to have been somewhat one sided so I can only assume that Chelmsford were put off by their journey which was a difficult one involving some tremendous thunder, lightning and some pretty torrential rain. Enfield suffered the same weather so it says something for our lawns that by the time the match started the lawns had drained really well given that rain was hurtling down the gutters of local streets not long before our players started to set up.

The games with Enfield players and scores shown first were David G Frost (3), David Minihane (5), David N Fenner (9) and Brian Sturt (10) who took on John Skuse (4) Len Purcell (8), Nigel Ayres (8) and Marie Wynn (10) went as follows:
David G F 7-6 John, David M 7-3 Marie, David N F 7-2 Len and Brian 7-6 Nigel. So a fabulous start for Enfield with a 4-0 lead.

Brian 7-6 Len, David N F 7-3 Nigel, David M 7-3 John and David G F 7-3 Marie and our lead was extended.

David M 7-3 Nigel, David G F 7-3 Len, Brian 7-6 Marie and David N F 6T-4T John - and so with a 100% record after three rounds Enfield could relax as the match was already won.

Another round of singles and another clean sweep for Enfield with scores of: David N F 7-1 Marie, Brian 4T-3T John, David G F 7-4 Nigel and David M 7-6 Len. An emphatic lead for Enfield but a number of close fought games throughout rather confirms that this was a much closer match than the total score might suggest.

In the doubles David G F and Brian beat John and Nigel 7-5. While in the other match David N F and David M beat Marie and Len 7-4.

Congratulations to Enfield East on winning the League and also to David Frost and David Fenner on reducing both their handicaps today.

Newport Oaks 8 Enfield West 10

1 August

There were only two timed out game in this close encounter at Newport and it was just as well that Enfield had taken an early three-nil lead because the Oaks team clawed their way back to tie the singles 8-8 leaving everything to be played for in the doubles. There was no double banking on Newport’s three lawns so this close encounter went to six rounds with a pair sitting out each time. On a day where temperatures soared to 33 degrees (that’s 91.4 in old money) a break in the shade of Newport’s fine pavilion was certainly a welcome relief.

Our team of Brian Dawes (3), John Street (7), Tony Elliott (7) and Peter Brock (8) were up against Tim Ham (6), Tony Marks (7), Pat Marks (10) and Helen Manley (10).

The matches, with Enfield players and scores shown first, went as follows:

John 7-4 Pat, Tony 7-5 Helen and Brian 7-3 Tim gave Enfield an early 3-0 lead.

Peter 3-6 Helen, John 5-7 Tony and Tony 7-4 Pat saw Newport pull one back.

Brian 7-6 Tony in one of the three thirteen point games on the day, Peter 6-7 Tim and John 5-7 Helen saw Newport pull back another.

Tony 5-6 Tim was a seriously close match and one of only two that were timed out on the day, Brian 7-5 Pat and Peter 4-7 Tony completed the scores for this round.

John 6-7 Tim, Tony 7-4 Tony and Brian 7-3 Helen

Peter 3-7 Pat in a somewhat confused match levelled the day’s singles results at 8-8. The day had gone well for Tony with three singles wins plus a very close encounter of the twelfth hoop kind and also went well for Brian who bagged four singles wins despite conceding 21 bisques in total.

And so on to the doubles with everything to play for and possible outcomes of a win, draw or defeat for either team. Fortunately for Enfield Tony and John played very well to defeat Pat and Tony 7-2 and to secure at least a draw on finishing their match before the other. The match on lawn one was all ebb and flow but Peter and Brian dug deep to secure a 7-5 win against Helen and Tim which ended a tough but thrilling encounter.

So a fine day’s play with a number of very close and well contested matches were completed enjoyably, despite the somewhat oppressive temperatures offset by just an occasional light breeze which was best enjoyed in the pavilion.

Enfield West 10 Letchworth 8

26 July

Played on a fairly sultry day at Bush Hill Park this match provided more timed out matches than I’ve ever previously experienced. Surprisingly so given that games are played to 45 minutes in this league competition.

Enfield West’s team comprised Brian Dawes (3), John Street (7), Tony Elliott (7) and Peter brock (8) and they were up against John Skingsley (2), Robert Staddon (7), Colin Gregory (9) and David Russell (9) of Letchworth.

Enfield lost the opening round of single 1-3 with scores of (Enfield players and scores shown first): Brian 5-6 Colin, John 6-7 John, Tony 7-6 Robert and Peter 1-2 David.

The second round saw a reversal with Enfield winning 3-1 and levelling the match at 4-4: Peter 3-6 Robert, Tony 5-1 David, John 7-4 Colin and Brian 7-6 John

Round three saw Enfield move into the overall lead with another 3 wins: John 7-2 David, Brian 6-4 Robert, Peter 6-5 John and Tony 3-6 Colin.

The final singles round was all square at 2-2 with results going as follows: Tony 4-7 John, Peter 3-5 Colin, Brian 6-2 David and John 6-5 Robert. So a 9-7 lead for Enfield after the singles meant Letchworth required both the doubles to tie the match.

As it happens the doubles finished 1-1: Brian and Peter 2-4 Colin and David while Tony and John ran out 7-4 winners against John and Robert to clinch the match. Final score 10-8 to Enfield West.

Enfield 11 Leighton Linslade 7 Level

15 July

This Level Play League match started early thanks to the prompt arrival of Leighton Linslade, which was just as well given the uncomfortable heat on the day. In this match Enfield kept the same side that had beaten Chelmsford three days earlier. Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3) and John Street (7) for Enfield took on opponents John Thorpe (3) John Cundell (4) David Ball (4) and Roger Stroud (4)

The early honours went to the visitors who opened a 1-3 lead in the opening round of games: Ken 4-7 John T, David 3-7 John C, Brian 7-4 David Ball, John 6-7 Roger. 1-3 to Leighton (Enfield’s scores shown first).

Round two saw an improved performance from Enfield who managed to square this round 2-2: John 6-7 David, Brian 7-5 Roger, David 5-7 John T, Ken 7-0 John C. All square at 2-2

Round three saw the following results: David 7-3 Roger, Ken 7-1 David, John 4-7 John C, Brian 7-1 John T. 3-1 to Enfield this time to tie the match at 6-6.

John 7-5 John T, Ken 3-7 Roger, David 7-3 David and a titanic struggle between Brian and John C was eventually timed out at 6-1. 3-1 to Enfield for the round and an unbeatable 9-7 on aggregate. However if Leighton won the doubles the match could still be tied.

Ken and John 7-6 John and Roger – a game that saw lots of missed opportunities caused by the speed of lawns and fatigue of the players in the withering heat. It was also a case of last men standing as David and Brian just about beat David and John C 7-6. Well done to Brian who achieved his first clean sweep in a Level Play match for Enfield.

Chemsford and Bentley 7–11 Enfield Level

12 July

The Enfield team of Ken Pickett (0), David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3) and John Street (7) were hosted by John Skuse (4), Judith Hand (4), Paul Bridgeman (4) and Len Purcell (8) in the peace and extreme quiet of Writtle College Sports grounds. The match Golf Croquet Level Play League match was played out on a seriously hot day but the ball ran fairly true on slightly longer lawns than can currently be found on Bush Hill Park.

Enfield’s scores shown first throughout and in the first round the results went: Ken 7-4 John, Brian 6-7 Judith, David 7-6 Paul and John 5-7 Len. So all square after the first round of matches at 2-2

In the second Enfield won 3-1: David 7-4 Len, John 1-7 Paul, Ken 7-5 Judith and Brian 7-6 John. So Enfield now lead by 5-3.

The third round saw Enfield stretch their lead with another 3-1 win: John 4-7 Judith, David 7-4 John, Brian 7-5 Len and Ken 7-5 Paul. The lead was now 8-4 to Enfield.

After lunch the fourth and final round of the singles was drawn 2-2 but this was enough to see Enfield win the match with the scores at 10-6: Brian 4-7 Paul, Ken 7-3 Les, John 1-7 John, David 7-2 Judith

The Doubles were played out with one win for each team: Ken and John winning 7-3 against Les and John, while Brian and David lost 4-7 to Judith and Paul. This made the winning total and final result 11-7 to Enfield thanks in the main to Ken and David winning all of their singles matches, so congratulations to them especially.

Maldon Pavilion 9-9 Enfield East

26 June

Enfield East fielded the same team that won their opening 2 matches, namely: David G Frost (3), David Minihane (5) plus this season's new boys David N Fenner (9) and Brian Sturt (10). Whilst Malden fielded a team comprising Rich Waterman (4), Michael Manning (5), Narian Manning (7) and Neil Grandy (10)

The singles round matches with Enfield'd score first were as below:
David G F 7-4 Rich, David M 5-7 Michael, David N F 7-5 Marian and Brian S 7-4 Neil.
David N F 6-5 Neil, Brian S 5-7 Marian, David G F 7-5 Michael and David M 7-3 Rich. Enfield East lead 5-3.
Brian S 4-7 Michael, David N F 7-6 Rich, David M G 3-7 Neil and David G F 7-4 Marian. Enfield E still lead 7-5.
David M 7-5 Marian, David G F 6-5T, Brian S 2-7 Rich and David N F 2-7. With Enfield East still ahead 9-7.

However in the two doubles games David G F and Brian S lost 5-7 whilst David M and David N F also lost 4-5 meaning that Maldon Pavilion's late comeback tied the match at 9-9. Enfield remain unbeaten withone match to play and can win the league if they are victorious.

Enfield West v Colchester Colchester couldn't find sufficient players to travel and scratched from the League .

Enfield East 18 - 1 Maldon Lakeside

18 June

Enfield East fielded the same team that won their opening match, namely: David G Frost (4), David Minihane (6) plus rookies David N Fenner (9) and Brian Sturt (10). Whilst Malden fielded a team where all their players were on a 10 handicap.

With only one of Enfield East's being lost and just one match that went to the final hoop this was a somewhat comfortable victory. The results were as follows: David G F v Richard Wallis 7-3, David M v Joan Fairclough 7-1, David N F v Diana Pettit 7-5, Brian S v Peter Marven 5-7.
Brian S v Diana 7-2, David N F v Pete 7-3, David M v Richard 7-2, David G F v Joan 7-2.
David M v Peter 6-3T, David G F v Diana 7-3, Brian S v Joan 7-2, David N F v Richard 7-1.
David N F v Joan 7-4, Brian S v Richard 7-2, David G F v Peter 6-5T, David M v Diana 7-5.

The doubles also resulted for wins in Enfield East's favour where David G F and Brian S beat Richard and Peter 7-3, while David M and David N F beat Joan and Diana 7-6. So two matches, two wins for Enfield East.

Southchurch Park 8-10 Enfield East

18 June

Enfield East's team of David G Frost (4), David Minihane (6) plus rookies David N Fenner (9) and Brian Sturt (10). And it's fair to say that they all found the going tough on a surface which doesn't quite match that of Bush Hill Park.

In the first round of singles David Frost beat Louise Cornelius (6) 7-6, David Minihane lost to Alan Corneilius (9) 4-7, David Fenner overcame Pete Wilkinson (10) 7-6 whilst Brian S lost his match with Tony Butcher (10) by 6-7. So 1-3 down after round one.

The second round went Enfield scores shown first David N G v Tony 4-7, Brian S v Pete 7-6, David G F v Alan 0-7 and David M v Louise 7-6. 2-2 on the round but down by 3-5.

Round 3 went: Brain S v Alan 7-4, David N F v Loise 4-7, David M v Tony 4-7 and David G F v Pete 7-3. So two each again and Enfield still trailed 5-7.

The forth round saw Enfield win three games and claw the match back to 8-8. The matches went as follows: David M v Pete 7-5, David G F v Tony 7-5, Brian S v Louise 3-7 and David N F v Alan 7-6. Which meant an unbeatable 10-6 lead for Enfield.

So finally the doubles where David G F and Brian S lost to Louise and Tony 7-2. While David M and David N F were also defeated 2-7 by Alan and Pete. A close match overall on what for Enfield were not the easiest of lawns.



In the 2012 season the East Anglian Croquet Federation ran two Golf Croquet leagues: Below are the Handicap League results - scroll further down for our Level play results

Enfield v Watford - Play-off Final (neutral) won 11-7

5 September

As you'll be aware Enfield won the Eastern Division of the EACF Handicap League. In the semi-final they beat the winners of the Central Division, Sudbury, by 12-6. The winner of the other semi-final was Watford of the Western Division, who beat Northern Division winners Norwich 14-4. And so it was that this Wednesday Enfield played Watford with the same line-up that they'd used for all of their handicap games this season: John Street (5), David Frost (5), Alan Foott (10) and Brian Dawes (4). The final was played on a delightfully sunny day which started with a cooling breeze but warmed up considerably as the rounds and day progressed.

Opposed to Enfield were Steve Dennis (runner-up in the All England Handicap Golf Croquet in 2011), Anne Dennis (7), Robert Archer (8) and Maureen Croft (10). The opening round saw a narrow 5-6 defeat for Brian by Steve in a nip and tuck encounter. Alan had a tough time losing 2-7 against Robert, while David and John recorded impressive wins against Anne and Maureen by 7-3 and 7-4. So it was all square at 2-2 after the opening round.

Round two and John was narrowly defeated by Steve 5-7 in a hard fought battle. Our other three players all won however with Brian racking up a 7-4 win whilst David and Alan won fairly comfortably in timed out games 6-3 and 6-2. It has to be said that both Enfield and Watford found the lawns as difficult to beat as their opponents. Bury St Edmunds, our delightful hosts for the final, have three lawns end on end with each lawn having a differing degree and variation of slopes. The slopes are such that it is usually possible to play around the centre peg when aiming at hoop 6 from hoop 5. Which all goes to make any matches played at Bury St Edmunds all the more interesting and adds additional problems for all the contestants to solve. It certainly required an even greater measure of concentration when playing across the lawns. Round two was 3-1 to Enfield then, who now held the overall lead at 5-3.

Round three was possibly the decisive round where David ran out an emphatic 7-2 victory over Steve who was undoubtedly Watford's key player. Alan beat Anne 5-4 in another timed out match while Brian had an emphatic 7-2 win over Maureen. Robert had his best match of the day as John struggled against the bisques in a 2-7 defeat. So round three saw Enfield win the round 3-1 again and stretch their lead to 8-4. The momentum was clearly with Enfield making this the sort of lead that's rather difficult to counter. It also meant that Team Enfield required just two more victories to retain the trophy,which they'd previously won in 2009 and 2011.

As is the norm the lunch break was taken at the end of round three after which the final round of singles was played. John and David both felt that lunch somewhat disrupted their concentration and this showed in David's play as he went down 5-6 to Anne albeit in a very close encounter. Alan meantime had a tough time of it playing Steve who won 4-7. Thankfully however both John and Brian ran out 7-4 winners in hard fought game against Maureen and Robert to give Enfield the two wins they required for victory.

It had been a pleasant encounter played in very good spirit through out, as have all the matches Enfield had participated in for the Handicap League. So maybe at this point we should show our appreciation for all the other Clubs and also to Chris Howell who has put so much hard work into organising both of the EACF Croquet Leagues. Meanwhile back at the match the doubles were played out devoid of any tension with the match result having already been settled. On lawn 1 Alan and Brian ran out comfortable winners against Steve and Maureen by 7-2. While on lawn 2 David and John lost another very close game on the extra hoop to Anne and Robert. Victory for Enfield with a final score of 11-7.

So that's now three East Anglian Golf Croquet victories in four years for Enfield who have certainly now got the coaching and competitive aspects of our Club moving in an ever-improving direction. With handicaps dropping for the team that won this years contest they won't be able to compete together in 2013, but hopefully will all still be able to contribute their experience to both the teams we intend entering for next years competition.

Enfield v Sudbury East Anglian Semi Final (neutral) won 12-6

2 September

It was long day for our semi-finalists who spent over three hours travelling to Bury St Edmunds and back on Sunday, this was quite apart from the time spent playing their matches. I'm not sure why, but we somehow seemed to spend most of our travelling time on the M25. As winners of the East Anglian Eastern Division Enfield were up against Sudbury who had won their Central Division. Alan Foott, David Frost, John Street and Brian Dawes once again teamed up to represent our Club for their fourth handicap match of the season. While Sudbury included the redoubtable Paul Strover in their team, a one-handicap player who quite possibly read the lawns better than anyone else on the day.

The opening round saw Enfield take a 3-1 lead with John, David and Alan all winning their matches whilst Brian lost out on the extra hoop against Paul Strover. Brian and Paul contested a very tight match which both players thoroughly enjoyed. In the second round only Brian and David won their matches in a drawn round which maintained Enfield's lead at 5-3. The third round saw three more victories for John, Brian and David which pushed the team's lead up to 8-4, this meant that Enfield required just 2 more wins from the 6 games remaining to clinch a berth in the final. In the fourth round Alan did really well to overcame Paul in a timed out game, Brian beat Caroline Tring and John had a decent win against Colin Crawford. Somehow David couldn't manage to beat Anton Church despite having won his three other singles in a really good series of matches, fortunately it didn't matter too much because by now Enfield held an unassailable 11-5 lead. With the doubles ending one apiece thanks to a solid win from David and John the final score saw Enfield run out 12-6 winners. The final will be played on Wednesday 5th September at Bury St Edmunds.

Chelmsford and Bentley (Home) won 13-5

August 24

It should be noted that at the start of this match both Clubs were unbeaten in this particular league and so both required victory to take the East Anglian (Eastern) Division title. No pressure there then.

Enfield welcomed Chelmsford for their second visit of the season to Bush Hill Park and the good news for both sets of players was that the forecasted drizzle held off until the doubles were being played. Having played a couple of days earlier most of our team were still feeling the effects of the hard work at Maldon, playing on long grass can certainly take it out of you. With the opening round level it was not until the second round that Enfield edged ahead with a 3-1 win. The third round saw another 2-2 scoreline and so lunch was called with Enfield ahead by 7-5. Seemingly however Chelmsford enjoyed their lunch rather too much and couldn't claim a single match when play resumed to see the home side win the last round of singles 4-0 and the doubles 2-0. John Street had a very fine day's play for Enfield winning all his games with an aggregate of 28-8. While David Frost (3), Brian Dawes (3) and Alan (1) all played their part in what finished as importand home win. Both doubles were won where John and David ran home somewhat more emphatically than Brian and Alan.

And so that ladies and gentlemen is how Enfield won the League.

The four East Anglian Divisional winners will now go on to contest the Regional Finals. The semi-finals: Enfield v Sudbury and Hunstanton v Watford will be played on Sunday 2nd September and the Final on 5th September at Bury St Edmunds.

Maldon (A) won 12-6

22 August

This match was certainly much drier than our previous visit to Maldon but the wind got up sufficiently to damage Maldon's gazebo after lunch - the breeze always seems fresh near the estuary. The opening round ended all-square with 2 wins apiece on much slower lawns, the outfield of a cricket pitch, than the away team were accustomed. Variable lawns however are all part and parcel of a day trip and adjustments to style need to be made accordingly. Not having full boundary lines surrounding each lawn also proved to be a tad disorientating at times for some of us. Round two saw Enfield win three of the four matches and round three saw an emphatic four nil win as the away team finally came to terms with the hard work of battering balls the full length of the lawns. Alan Foott and John Street bagged two wins each, while David Frost and Brian Dawes each racked up three victories in the singles. Both the doubles were also narrowly won by Enfield.

Southchurch Park (H) won 12-6

13 August

Enfield's long awaited opening match of the Handicap League got off to a flying start, or would have had the famously named Wally Barnes, one of the Southchurch players, not been stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, especially for Wally, such things do happen and it still didn't distract from an enjoyable day's play for all. It was one of those rather rare 2012 summer days where we actually missed the rain even though there was a hint of mild drizzle towards the end of the doubles. Brian Dawes (5), John Street (5), David Frost (7) and Alan Foott (10) took on Louise Cornelius (7). Wall Barnes (10), Peter Knight (10) and Pete Wilkinson. The day's single rounds progressed 3-1 to Enfield, 3-1, 2-2 and 3-1. All of which were played on progressively faster lawns with Brian, John and David all coping with the bisques ranged against them and each winning 3 of their 4 singles matches. Close double games followed with Alan vand Brian scraping home 7-6, while another close encounter saw John and David winning their game 7-5.

Chelmsford and Bentley (H) won 13-5

20 July

Our second match in a week and by Friday the weather was much improved and turned out to be merely grey and damp for the majority of the day. Drizzle was intermittent throughout and rainwear was both worn and abandoned throughout as grey clouds replaced drizzling grey clouds. That said it should perhaps be stressed that coping with all sorts of weather is just part and parcel of a days play.

In this convivial Level Play Golf Croquet match Ken (0), John (5), Brian Dawes (6) and David Frost (8) took on Judith Hand (3), Paul Bridgeman (4), John Skuse (7) and Anne Skuse (10). The level play results in this league have mainly followed home advantage and this match was no exception. The first round matches ended 2-2 but Enfield had opened up a winning margin by the end of the third round having won all eight of the 2nd and 3rd round games. David was in fine form with four singles wins, while Ken and Brian with three and John with two all played their part. It was an enjoyable days play with as many close encounters as emphatic wins and the sun did eventually find the energy to emerge from the clouds rather late in the day.

All that remained at the end of an enjoyable day was the mad rush to clear up before the inevitable heavy downpour. We just made it, although not all the team managed to get home quite as soon as they might have hoped.

Leighton Linslade (A) drew 9-9

29 June

John C, David B, David F, John T, Brian D, Richard K, John S and Ken P

The home team of David Ball (3), John Thorp (4), Richard Keighley (4) and John Cundell (5) plus their impressive team of scorers, tea makers, timekeepers and cake makers made the Enfield squad of Ken Pickett (0), John Street (5), Brian Dawes (6) and David Frost (8) very welcome on a very blustery day in Leighton Buzzard. As the scoreline suggests this was a very close fought encounter in a match that started in light rain and ended in sunshine. The one consistent factor of the weather was a fairly persistent and often rather strong wind throughout the day.

The Leighton Linslade lawns are somewhat slower than those we've been use to at Enfield this season so the pace of the greens were somewhat problematical for all the Enfield team except Ken who sailed through his singles matches winning all four games. Brian who endured three 13-hoop games in his singles managed to scrape three wins and David who found the wind rather more troublesome that the lawns won two. John however couldn't quite click into gear and found the speed of the lawns exceedingly difficult to cope with. Despite Enfield holding a 7-9 lead after the singles Leighton and Linslade stormed both the doubles games to level the match 9 all.

An enjoyable days play was had by all and overall a draw was probably a fair reflection of the outcome in an encounter that saw some really cracking matches take place.

Watford v Enfield (A) lost 7-11
24 May

Enfield's line-up of Ken Pickett (0), John Street (5), Brian Dawes (7) and David Frost (8) took on Nick Archer (1), Ian Parkinson (3), Janet lewis (3) and John Walker (3) at Watford on a sweltering hot day where the relentless sunshine was almost as difficult to cope with as our lower handicapped opponents. Ken and David both beat John Walker in their singles matches but were unfortunately beaten in all their other games. John Street beat Ian and John Walker to score two wins from his four in the singles, with Brian also scoring two wins from four by beating Nick and overcoming Ian, Watford's top ranked player. Janet was clearly the player of the match for Watford with four wins in her singles matches. In the doubles, with the match result already determined, it was one apiece thanks to John and Brian overcoming Ian and Janet for an Enfield win. So our first Level Play match was not a resounding success but a big and useful learning curve for those in the team making their first sortie into such an event.



East beat Leighton Linslade 10-8 in the final.

League Play-off Final
11 September

A disastrous start by Enfield East at Bury St. Edmunds almost suggested that their most important match of the season was almost over before it was half way through. Windy conditions and three lawns that ran away on one side seemed to unduly effect our players in the first couple of rounds. Having lost the first round 1-3 and it went from bad to worse in the second round with a 0-4 loss. This meant they were a massive 1-7 behind with eight singles and two doubles still to play. Leighton Linslade required just three of the remaining ten matches for victory. However Ken, David F, Brian H and Tony, all of of whom won two of their singles matches, clawed their way back to 8-8 at the end of the four singles rounds. With the momentum now in their favour they took both the doubles matches to complete a really impressive comeback and a 10-8 victory. Congratulations to the winning team members and the entire squad who saw them through the earlier stages.

Enfield East and Leighton Linslade at the 2011 Final.
Ken looks happy but Brian quite rightly hides from the cameras.

Enfield East v Bury St Edmunds East - 13-3 Semi Final

6th September


With Ken abroad, Alan recovering from an operation (get well soon Alan) and BH away on business Enfield East called upon the services of the previously untested Peter Brock to make his Club debut and David Minihane to play only his second match for the team. So quite an ordeal appeared to be in prospect as they took on Bury St. Edmunds East in their East Anglian Golf Croquet semi-final match played at Newport, Essex this Tuesday. The other team members comprised regular squad members David Frost and Tony Elliott.
The four opening matches played in damp conditions were all closely contested games but wins for the entire team saw Enfield storm to a emphatic four-nil lead, a lead that very much determined the outcome of the match. The second round saw conditions deteriorate badly as driving rain and strong winds, which would normally send players running for cover, hampered play considerably. These wettest of games however resulted in further wins for Davids Frost and Minihane, the near drowning of Peter and a comfortable 6-2 lead after two rounds. After the break and in merely damp conditions the third round added further wins for David Frost, Tony and Peter who won a very close time limited match and stretched Enfield's lead to 9-3. This meant that just one further win was required for victory on the day. This was achieved in grand style with all four players winning their final single round matches. With the score at 13-3 and a place in the final already achieved it was mutually decided by both teams to pass on the two doubles games given the damp, wet miserable conditions that both teams had endured throughout. Peter I'm advised may dry out in time for the weekend. So many congratulations to Enfield East on reaching the Final and congratulations to all the players who have represented them throughout the season.

Enfield East win the Eastern division.

Chelmsford and Bentley Blues v Enfield East - 8-10

19 August

Despite being 1-3 behind after round 1 and 3-5 behind after round 2 Enfield East came back well to beat Chelmsford Blues 10 - 8. Wining both the third and fourth rounds 3-1 game Enfield the edge going into the doubles which ended one apiece. Ken and David frost both managed three wins each, Alan held his own with two wins, while David Minihane making his debut for the Club won a crucial match to give a final result of 10-8 to Enfield East.

So many congratulations to the entire squad as this means they have now won the Eastern Division of the East Anglian Golf League and can now look forward to the semi-final. Chelmsford Blues are now 2nd on "games won" but if Enfield West win against Maldon next Tuesday they will regain 2nd place.

Southchurch v Enfield East - 5-13

26 July

Enfield East's third game of the week was an away trip to Southchurch which presented a playing surface the team considered to be more difficult to play than the quality of courts we are now accustomed to under Tom's lawn management. David Frost, Brian H, Tony and Alan represented Enfield East for this particular pleasant and enjoyable away day. Despite Southchurch winning both doubles matches the singles went very much in favour of Enfield East where there were four victories apiece for David and Brian, plus three for Tony and two for Alan.

Chelmsford and Bentley Greens v Enfield East 5-13

22 July

The lawns at Chelmsford are invariably a lot faster than those we're accustomed to at Enfield and the adjustment to both pace and the slope often means it takes a while for players to settle on their first visit. Despite this added pressure Tony Elliott won three of his four singles while David Frost won all four of his on their first visit to Chelmsford. With Alan winning his fair share and Ken chipping in with three wins Enfield East were able to run up a comfortable victory.

Enfield East v Maldon - 14-4 

20 July

At home to Maldon the team comprised Ken, Tony, Alan and Brian H in a match that saw Ken win all of his singles matches while Alan and Brian also managed three apiece. Despite the overall result being fairly emphatic many of the individual games were exceedingly close with six matches going to a final hoop in some nail biting finishes. It was critical to the overall result then that Enfield East kept their nerve and managed to win 5 out of 6 of the games that went to thirteenth hoop.

Purleigh v Enfield East - 4-14

7 June

The match play away to Purleigh was as much against the conditions as the opposition, especially so for our team's newcomers whom hadn't previously experienced such lawns. The courts being the outfield of a cricket pitch with no marked boundary lines. Clearly we've been spoilt by the quality lawns which Tom has now accustomed us to in our home games. Our Enfield East team found that the somewhat uneven surface made accurate long shots extremely difficult to play. The team consisting of Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Tony Elliott and David Frost who all did well in the circumstances. Both doubles were won as were four matches each by David Frost and Tony Elliott. With Ken winning three singles and Alan one.

Enfield East v Enfield West -13-5
20 May

Difficult to say whether Enfield East played really well or if Enfield West played poorly, although in all fairness it was probably a bit of both. But Enfield West comprising John, Margaret, David Lygoe and Brian Dawes certainly played as if they'd gone without their early morning cuppa given that they failed to win a single session of the match. That said there were many decent contests to be seen but the more consistent play came from the home team with Brian Havill making his debut for Enfield East in particularly fine form winning all four of his singles matches. While their other debut boy David Frost also played very well winning three of his four singles matches.

Maldon v Enfield West - 7-11

23 August

The biggest talking point of this game was the awful weather, for this was a match played throughout in anything and everything from light drizzle to heavy rain. Damp was a classic understatement and rain gear was essential. Maldon have been newly formed this season and so this was a new venue for Enfield West, the playing surface being the outfield of a cricket pitch and the cricket pavilion being a delightful converted old style barn. Today's team of John, David Lygoe, Brian D and our latest team recruit Helen Lucas. It has to be said that the team fell asleep after lunch but by that time the result was already in the bag with Helen contributing with a couple of wins in an impressive debut for our Club. John with 3 wins, David 2 and Brian 3 all played their part in the somewhat trying conditions and the result ensured second place in the league for Enfield West.

Enfield West v Southchurch 16-2

4 July

There were no American flags on show and no whooping or hollering whatsoever, but plenty to celebrate for Enfield West in what turned out to be an emphatic win played out on a somewhat oppressively hot day. A strong early lead was set by Enfield as Southchurch failed to get to grips with a reasonably fast lawn that got faster as the day heated up. This early lead was extended by Wendy, John, David L and Brian D as they all piled on the pressure and Southchurch seemed to wilt in the sun. Despite some fine play by Wally Barnes Southchurch couldn't turn the tide and Enfield West also went on to win both the closely contested doubles games which were played out, like the rest of the day, in a very friendly atmosphere.

Chelmsford and Bentley v Enfield West 6-12
1 July

Enfield West's injury hit team were most grateful that Wendy was able to turn out for them in what turned out to be a very pleasant days play over at Writton. Despite losing the first round of the singles 3-1 Enfield West came back strongly winning the second, third and fourth round singles 4-0, 3-1 and 3-1. A fairly fast lawn which became faster as the day progressed appeared to suit Enfield West and wins in the singles from Wendy Spencer-Smith (2), John Street (2), David Lygoe (3) and Brian Dawes (4) made the result clear cut before the double round which was shared 1 apiece.

Enfield West v Purleigh

29 June


Conceded by Purleigh who could not put out a team for this fixture, was due to be played on Wednesday 29th June

Enfield East v Enfield West 13-5
20 May

Difficult to say whether Enfield East played really well or if Enfield West played poorly, although in all fairness it was probably a bit of both. But Enfield West comprising John, Margaret, David Lygoe and Brian Dawes certainly played as if they'd gone without their early morning cuppa given that they failed to win a single session of the match. That said there were many decent contests to be seen but the more consistent play came from the home team with Brian Havill making his debut for Enfield East in particularly fine form winning all four of his singles matches. While their other debut boy David Frost also played well winning three of his four singles matches.

Enfield West v Chelmsford and Bentley Greens 12-6
13 May

It wasn't an unlucky Friday the 13th for Enfield West who won their opening game of the season 12-6 with a team that comprised John Street (5), Margaret Lygoe (10), David Lygoe (10) and Brian Dawes (10). Our team took an early lead by winning the first round of singles 3-1 and by the lunch break they had amassed an 8-4 lead against a Chelmsford side who'd had to find a late replacement. With Margaret, David and Brian all winning three singles matches each and John winning two of his the match was effectively over prior to the doubles which were tied at one game apiece. Top marks to Margaret who was the only Enfield West player to beat John Skuse who had performed well for Chelmsford throughout the contest.



Finalists yet again - but no trophy this time for Enfield East

In the East Anglia Golf Croquet Final our Enfield East team comprising Ken, Alan, Wendy and John managed to pull back from being 1-7 down to make it 7-9 after the completion of all the singles matches. Unfortunately, unlike last year season's final against the very same team, Stony Stratford, they lost both their doubles games and so the final result was a 7-11 defeat. So we offer our congratulations to Stony Stratford for winning and also congratulate Enfield East for making the final two seasons running.

Stony Stratford - this season's winners

Semi Final win for East

Having won the East Anglia Golf Croquet League (Eastern Division) our Enfield East team played their inter-divisional Semi-final on Friday 3rd September. Congratulations to the winning team of Ken, Alan, Wendy and Tony who beat Hunstanton 12-6 to reach next Saturday's final. The final will be played at Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 11th and will be a repeat of last years match against Stony Stratford

Enfield's Inter Club results for the Golf Croquet League:

Enfield East

Enfield West 7 v 11 Enfield East
14 May

Southchurch Park 7 v 11 Enfield East
25 May

Purleigh West 8 v 10 Enfield East
8 June

Chelmsford and Bentley Blues 8 v 10 Enfield East
11 June

Enfield East 17 v 1 Purleigh East
15 June

Enfield East 15 v 3 Chelmsford and Bentley 1
9 July

Enfield East 12 v 6 Hunstanton - Regional Semi-Final
3 September

Enfield East 7 v 11 Stony Stratford - Regional Final
11 September

Enfield East won the league with a 100% record

Enfield West

Enfield West 7 v 11 Enfield East

14 May

Chelmsford and Bentley Green 4 v 14 Enfield West
June 25

Enfield West 14 v 4 Chelmsford and Bentley 2

2 July

Enfield West 10 v 8 Purleigh West
23 July

Purleigh East 11 v 7 Enfield West
27 July

Enfield West 12 v 6 Southchurch Park
9 August

Enfield West won 4 of their six matches and finished 2nd

An historic Inter-club match was played on Friday the 14th May, this being the first time that Enfield had entered two teams in the East Anglian Golf Croquet League. They met in Bush Hill Park and a competitive day's play saw Enfield East (Ken Prickett, John Street, Wendy Spencer-Smith and Alan Foott) beat Enfield West (Terry James, Margaret Lygoe, David Lygoe and Brian Dawes) 11-7

Margaret Lygoe of Enfield West playing against Alan Foott of Enfield East
John Street seen pointing to the heavens, whilst Terry James attends to his paperwork and Ken Pickett looks on.
Wendy Spencer-Smith of Enfield East seen here playing against David Lygoe.


Ken Pickett, our team captain, receives the East Anglian Golf trophy in 2009

Enfield entered a team in the East Anglian Golf Croquet league which is divided into four regional divisions. Enfield play in the Eastern division in which there are five clubs. Last season we won our division having been victorious in four of our five matches.

Away to Southchurch won 11-7

7 July

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Michael Ruggins

Home to Chelmsford and Bentley won 14-4

10 July

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Michael Ruggins

Away to Purleigh 'A' won 16-2

21 July

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Home to Purleigh 'B' lost 8-10

19 August

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

Home to Burnham-on-Crouch won 13-5

25 August

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

In the play-off semi finals.

Stoney Stratford (Western division) 12-6 Bury St.Edmunds (Central division)

Enfield (Eastern division) 11-7 Hunstanton 'A' (Northern division)

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

The Final: Enfield 10-9 Stoney Stratford

Team: Ken Pickett, Alan Foott, Wendy Spencer-Smith, John Street

As can be seen from the score in the Final Enfield won the trophy after a very close game. With the match poised at 9 games all Enfield went on to win by running a final 'golden hoop' to take the trophy.

Alan, Ken, Wendy and John - our winning team for the East Anglian Golf Croquet League Final