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Enfield Croquet Club

Welcome to Enfield Croquet Club and thank you for visiting our website.  

Note to Members
Following the relaxation of the Government's lockdown restrictions, Enfield's lawns have re-opened again.
We have drawn on government advice, along with guidelines from the Croquet Association (CA), to put together a set of rules that members using the lawns from that date must observe. In summary:
* only singles games (AC, one-ball or GC), individual practice and one-to-one coaching are allowed, with only two people on a lawn at any one time
* lawns must be booked through Brian Dawes 
* all playing equipment, door handles, gate handles and padlocks must be cleaned before and after use
* social distancing of two metres must be observed at all times, except between members of the same household. 
The complete rules have been emailed to members.  
These are not easy times, and it's important that we are patient with each other while we negotiate our way back to normality. 

If you have any questions about this, please contact Andrew Fall or Marian Cuckson.


To Our Future Members!

The Croquet Association, as you may have seen in the 24th May issue of The Sunday Times, has seen a 110% increase in recent sales of croquet equipment. We are glad to hear of this interest and very much hope to be in a position to open our doors to new members in the not too distant future.


First day of new season - "socially aware" - 23rd May 2020