Enfield Croquet
Links 10 10 Monday 24 October

Frances Broadway and Dave Hill win the tournament with 4 wins out of 5
Second position David Warren and Philip Hawes

10 10 monday 24 october



The Longman Cup is the AC National Inter-Club Handicap Competition

Congratulations to our Enfield team which comprised: Tony Elliott, David Frost, John Street and Michael Broadway on a superb winning weekend

Longman Cup


Tony Elliott wins the 2016 All England Asociation Croquet Final


Winter Croquet

Our season ends 31st October

For those interested in Winter Croquet please read the following very carefully

As from 1st of November, or when Enfield Council work on the conifers is completed (planned for 31st October) Winter croquet may played but only on the following conditions:
Winter croquet is open to all those members who have assisted with work for the Club (such as gardening, lawn work, printing, repairs, supplying equipment, rubbish clearance etc.) already this season and anyone who signs up to assist for next season.

All members over 80 or in full employment are considered exempt from this rule. There will be an additional £5 fee (cash only) to participate in Winter Croquet which will go directly to the lawn care funds.

Winter croquet may only be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays between the hours of 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. or the official Park closure time.

Lawns 3 & 1 only may be used and the first lawn to be set up and used should always be lawn 3. Lawn 1 may only be used if more than 8 members turn up for a session – this is because lawn 1 is always the wettest lawn.

Switching* the lawns is mandatory for all Winter Croquet prior to play in order to remove surface water, dew and worm casts.
*Switching lessons will be provided for any members wishing to partake. No play may commence prior to switching and anyone found playing without switching will be subject to disciplinary procedures, which will include a Winter Croquet ban. We recommend that more than one individual assists with the switching of a lawn as switching can be hard work.

Winter croquet will not be played if there is standing water on the lawn, or if the lawn is too wet, or until all evidence of any frost has completely cleared. Or if the lawns have been declared unfit. Please never ever walk on frosty lawns. If the lawns squelch then it is too wet. If it looks too wet then it is.

Lawn maintenance may additionally restrict play, as will any excessive wear to the lawns. Winter croquet may not be played, and/or will be restricted to specific lawns when so specified on the website, on the noticeboard, or on advice sent via email. Winter croquet will comprise four-ball games where anyone turning up will be invited to join a game when that game’s participants number less than four. Be that Golf, One ball, 10/10 or whatever.

Will all those who may wish to partake in Winter Croquet on the conditions specified above please advise Marian Cuckson so that she can keep you updated with changes or updates. Winter Croquet will end when the lawns are deemed no longer fit enough for use.

Brian Dawes on behalf of our Winter Croquet Committee