Annual Christmas Meal date now confirmed as Sunday 14th December 4.30 p.m. for 5.00 p.m at

2014 Season matches ongoing:

5 September, Thursday WREST PARK 2-4 ENFIELD AC League
report here

25 August, Monday WATFORD 2 v 4 ENFIELD AC Longman Cup report here

22 August, Friday21 LEIGHTON LINSLADE 10-8 ENFIELD GC Level Play report here

21 August, Thursday NEWPORT ELMS 5-13 ENFIELD WEST GC Handicap
report here

18 August, Monday ENFIELD 11-7 CHELMSFORD GC Level Play

report here

15 August, Friday ENFIELD 13-3 LEIGHTON LINSLADE Doubles Friendly
report here

14 August, Thursday WATFORD 11- 7 ENFIELD GC Level Play
report here

13 August Wednesday Evening Event hosting POTTERS BAR 41 CLUB

report here

1 August, Friday ENFIELD 14-2 WATFORD GC Doubles friendly

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29th July, Tuesday NEWPORT OAKS 14-4 ENFIELD EAST Gc League

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23rd July, Wednesday ENFIELD 5-2 EDGBASTON  AC Longman Cup

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21st July, Monday LETCHWORTH BLUES 10-8 ENFIELD EAST GC League

Enfield's Go
lf Croquet match reports can be found here

20th July, Sunday ENFIELD 3-3 St.ALBANS AC League

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18 July, Friday - ENFIELD 3-15 NORTHAMPTON GC Level Play League

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11 July, Friday - HURLINGHAM 6-1 ENFIELD GC Level Play Murphy Shield 

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10 July, Thursday - WATFORD 4-2 ENFIELD AC League

Enfield's  Association Croquet match reports can be found here


Where Enfield Croquet Club members held a demonstration of croquet which entertained numerous children and quite a few adults for a very hectic couple of hours.

I'm advised that our Club's efforts were very much appreciated.

28 June Saturday - ENFIELD 5-1 LETCHWORTH GC Level Play

20 June, Friday - ENFIELD EAST 12-6 NEWPORT ELMS GC Handicap

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13 June, Friday - LETCHWORTH RED 7-11 ENFIELD WEST GC Handicap

Enfield's Golf Croquet match reports can be found here

6 June Friday - ENFIELD 5-1 ENFIELD AC - League

23 May, Friday - ENFIELD WEST 11-7 NEWPORT OAKS - GC Handicap

Team: Brian Dawes, Tony Elliott, Andy Davis & Peter Brock

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21 May, Wednesday - ENFIELD 5-2 WATFORD home GC Murphy Inter-Club Shield

Team: David Frost, Brian Dawes, David Minihane & Tony Elliott

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12 May, Monday - ENFIELD 5-1 NORTHAMPTON home Association

Team: Brian Havill, Tony Elliott, John Street & David Frost

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29 April, Tuesday - MELGRAVE 3 - 1 ENFIELD away Association

Team: Brian Havill, Tony Elliott & John Streeet

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7 May, Wednesday - ENFIELD EAST 8 v 10 ENFIELD WEST GC Handicap

Teams: Enfield East: David Frost, David Minihane, David Fenner & Brian Sturt                                              

Enfield West: Brian Dawes, John Street, Tony Elliott & Peter Brock

Enfield's Golf croquet match reports can be found 

Annual Croquet Training Course April 2014

Our annual training course was attended by 26 interested parties in all and seemingly enjoyed by the vast majority who attended more than one session. As a result we have now invited a number of new members who I'm sure will be warmly welcomed for the 2014 season. We look forward to their company on the lawns.

Photos will appear here as soon as I can find the time.

Our next home matches will be played on Monday 12th, Wednesday 21st May and 23rd May

Christmas Meal December 2013

As has previously been the case a good time was had by all at the Jolly Farmers thanks to Tony's usual excellent organisation

Our 2014 Committee as elected at our AGM

Ken Pickett (Chairman), Brian Dawes (Secretary), Valerie Zaater (Treasurer), Sheila Rudling

Tony Elliott, David Frost, David Fenner, Peter Brock and Andy Davis

Working on the lawns


After some sieving, wheel-barrowing soil around, lugging topsoil around, hours more spent listening to about fifteen alternative methods of levelling a lawn (not like that, like that), chucking some dirt about (I think that's the correct technical terminology), levelling the lawn with rakes, measuring with spirit levels and levelling by guesswork we did some work. The next part was levelling with more rakes, an improvised scraper board and a really weird soil-related impliment borrowed from our neighbours. We then got down to some serious stomping and rolling. This was followed by more stomping, more levelling and more rolling. Why? I've no idea - it looked fine to me but as I'd appointed myself the task of specialist rake leaner I wasn't too bothered. Then came the seeding bit.

In the first photograph (above left) John demonstrates the correct way to spread the grass seed and in the second photograph (above right) David demonstrates the 'Bush Hill Park Seed Scatterers Dance'. He was judged to have scored a 5.7 on both the Come Dancing and Richter Scale.


The photo (above left) shows Brian demonstrating the perfect way to lean on a rake while John scatters having already ploughed the fields. Meanwhile (see right-hand photo) Peter and John have what's called a 'Seed Off' in the finals of today's seeding competition. Numerous experts watch on.... no they really are. Our experts department have the extremely hard task of explaining to the other observers exactly what is being done wrong.

Below David gives another demonstration, this time he's doing the splits but only got marked with an average of 2.7 by the judges seen in the background. Brian stands by with the rake to encourage David. Below right we see the aftermath of what was nearly 'The Great Bush Hill Park Seed Spill Disaster' ...the things we do for the Enfield Croquet Club eh?


Photographs kindly provided by Andy Davis (that's another highly specialised work-avoiding job).

Just some of our new members for 2013

Lorreine                   Glyn                     Shirley                       Graham

Tom                        Linda                       Stephen                     Peter
more to follow - and apologies if this loads slowly - am having problems with file sizes


This Peacock butterfly (Nymphalis io) was spotted on the lawns by our resident lepidopterist Tony and photographed by Brian D whilst we were waiting to play in the Association Doubles on Monday the 6th May. Tony advises that he's seen Peacocks on the lawns previously and in exactly the same place. Butterfly watch is go.


Following another successful training course Enfield Croquet Club are delighted to be welcoming 12 new members for the 2013 season.
This season we had 22 new trailists thanks to David Fenner's very effective publicity campaign. Most seemed to enjoy the sport and some want to come back next season when they'll have more time available to take up the game. Look out for new faces on the lawns folks because a number of those on the course have now become members for the 2013 season.



The Cup and the team: David Frost, Wendy Spencer-Smith, Brian Havill and Brian Dawes

A full report of this match can now be found on our Inter-Club AC page and hopefully maybe some photos will follow as well, if Brian Havill's camera phone worked sufficiently well.

Enfield's winning Association Croquet squad for 2012 is seen below:

Ken, Wendy, John, Brian H, Alan, Brian D and David

Enfield win East Anglian

Handicap play-offs Final

Wednesday September 5th 2012 Enfield v Watford (neutral) won 11-7

A Full report of this East Anglian Handicap Golf fixture is shown on our Inter-Club GC page


Enfield's Brian Havill is now an East Anglian Croquet Federation Champion

2012 Club Champions Day played at Wrest Park on Sunday 22nd April 2012

Twenty-three competitors from eleven clubs took part in the first EACF event for the 2012 outdoor season. This was a unique occasion in that it would be the last year six lawns would be available at Wrest Park, situated in the beautiful gardens of the historic house. Fortunately the sun gods smiled and although the day was sunny with a chill nip in the air, the showers that were promised were noticeable by their absence apart from a short down poor in the afternoon.

The day's event was split into three groups of 7 or 8 players comprising Advanced; ‘B’-level Advanced; and Handicap. Each group played as a straight knock-out.

In the Handicap Group, Enfield Croquet Club was represented by Brian Havill who competed with Steve Lewis (Hunstanton), Francis Lambert (Newport), Georgeen Hemming (Colchester), John Moore (Watford), Peter Whiting (Bygrave), Jonathan Toye (Downham Mkt) and Heather Bennett (St. Albans).

Playing reduced games of 22 points, most players found the lawns tricky to adjust to. After a slow start Brian edged through his first round versus Peter Whiting. In his next match, Brian was up against the best player in the group – Johathan Toye. This match saw the one soaking of the day. While Jonathon decided to dress down to shorts and a T shirt, Brian dressed as Nanook of the North. Fortunately, Nanook won so Brian was in the final. In the final he played Steve Lewis from Hunstanton. After another slow start, Brian was 2 – 8 down, two good breaks saw him take a commanding leading and he won out 22 – 10.

Tournament Winners: Tim Brewer, Duncan Hector and our very own Brian Havill

Very many congratulations to Brian on his outstanding achievement.

Wrest Park seen here in a drier period of Club Champions match day

Basil receives his well deserved 'Diploma for Services to Croquet'


Basil Lawrence our Honorary Life President and ex-Chairman receives the 'Diploma for Services to Croquet' awarded by the Croquet Association. It was presented by Sheila Rudling, our longest serving Club member, at this years AGM. It was also Shelia who did us all such a huge favour when she introduced Basil and Joan to the Club way back in 1993.

A clearly delighted Basil makes a fine speech to the members whilst clutching his Diploma

Photos above kindly provided by Miichael Israel




2011 East Anglian Golf Croquet League Play-off FINAL

A disastrous start by Enfield East at Bury St. Edmunds almost suggested that their most important match of the season was almost over before it was half way through. Windy conditions and three lawns that ran away on one side seemed to unduly effect our players in the first couple of rounds. Having lost the first round 1-3 and it went from bad to worse in the second round with a 0-4  loss. This meant they were a massive 1-7 behind with eight singles and two doubles still to play. Leighton Linslade required just three of the remaining ten matches for victory. However Ken, David F, Brian H and Tony, all of of whom won two of their singles matches, clawed their way back to 8-8 at the end of the four singles rounds. With the momentum now in their favour they took both the doubles matches to complete a really impressive comeback and a 10-8 victory. Congratulations to the winning team members and the entire squad who saw them through the earlier stages.

Enfield East and Leighton Linslade at the 2011 Final.

Ken looks happy but Brian quite rightly hides from the cameras.

Final score: Enfield East 10 Leighton Linslade 8

All the 2012 match reports will be shown on our Inter-Club AC and Inter-Club GC pages

And they're much bigger than the illustration seen above. Go to our Diary and Information page and scroll down for details

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