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Chairman's Cup Monday 3 September


Enfield v Letchworth Wednesday 12 September AC Beds and Herts


Enfield Foxes v Magpies Friday 14 September Team competition for new team members.

Newport Elms v West 21 August GC Handicap


Report to follow


Wednesday 15 August


Over the last five days, in three separate sessions, all three of our lawns have been repaired, mowed, whitelined and watered; hoops moved and set on lawn 3; bushes have been moved, and ground prepared by the silver birch tree, in preparation for the possible installation of benches; brambles and privet have been trimmed and cut (in various combinations) Dave Hill, Alan Bateman, Ian Moore, Brian Dawes, Peter Brock, Brian Sturt, Phillip Hawes, Marion Cuckson, Fiona Fall and Andrew Fall.


They and others (notably Michael Broadway and John Street) convene most weeks (usually for 2-3 hours on Saturday or Sunday mornings) to keep the lawns prepared both for club sessions and matches. There are two of these in the coming week: against Newport on Friday, and Letchworth on Monday.


The heatwave is over, but the milder, damper weather will simply mean that the grass will grow with renewed maintenance remains vital. And we will soon be restarting the spraying programme to tackle the dry patches and feed the grass.

If you can spare some time to help, please watch out for emails about upcoming sessions and come along, even if it's just for an hour. You won't be asked to do anything dangerous or unpleasant, or that you haven't been shown how to do.


If you can't come to these sessions, please remember to set up a sprinkler if you come to play and there's an empty lawn: watering is still desperately needed, particularly along the edges of lawns 2 and 3, and on the area of lawn 1 closest to the entrance.


Andrew Fall

North v Newport Hawks GC B Level 17 August

Won 7 - 0

Team David Barnicoat, Peter Brock, Des Taylor, Andrew Fall.

Hoop difference 106 - 56.


Guildford and Godalming Golf Croquet B-Level Level Play Tournament 4 August

Henry Hobbs loses 7 - 4 in the Final

A very long day on extremely fast, dry lawns and baking sunshine. Very well done Henry.


Newport Harriers 3 August

Won 4 - 3

Report to follow


Level v Colchester 30 July

GC Open Play


Report to follow


Level v Ipswich 27 July


Report to follow

AELTC v An Enfield Eight - Level friendly 26 July

Lost 6 - 7


Pictures Mary's and David's


Enfield v Northampton AC 23 July

Won 6 - 0


North v Letchworth Kites 13 July

Won 6 - 1



Newport Oaks v East 10 July
Won 11.5 - 6.5

Report to follow


West v Letchworth Blues 9 July

Won 14 - 4


Enfield v Nottingham 6 July Longman Cup

Lost 2 - 5


Meldreth v East 5 July

Lost 6 - 4

Report to follow

Hunstanton B Level Play 30 June


Henry wins the tournament.


Lost first game 6-7 then won the next 4 games to enter the semi final. Won semi final 7-2, and won 7-6 in final.


10:00 to 19:30. A long day!

Melgrave v Enfield 30 June AC

2 - 2


Thursday 28 June
Marian Cuckson and Mary Grove came first and second in the Croquet Academy's GC Coached High Bisque Tournament (Handicap 10+) at Southwick


West v Meldreth 28 June

Won 15½ to 2½

First external team game for Marian Hardy



West v Newport Oaks 22 June

Won 16 - 2



North v Wrest Park 18 June

Won 4 - 3

Report to follow


Letchworth GC 3 - 8 Handicap Friday 8 June


Des Taylor lost 8 - 10 in the Final
Andrew Fall was in the Semi Final


East v Newport Elms 4 June

Won 10 - 8



Letchworth Falcons v North 21 May

Won 6 - 1


Wrest Park GC Level Play 3 - 8, 16 May


Dave Hill wins

Henry is third

Letchworth Blues v East 11 May

Won 12.5 - 5.5



Wrest Park v Enfield AC 17 May

Won 5 - 2




West v East 9 May

Won 10 - 8

Report to follow


Enfield v St Albans 7 May AC

Won 5 - 1



Camerton and Peasdale v Enfield 4 May - National Murphy Shield

Lost 2 - 5


Watford v Enfield AC 25 April

Drew 3 - 3


Internal Doubles Tournament 23 April


Won By Mary Grove and Henry Hobbs

Runners Up Alan Foott and Ian Moore

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