Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023 Celebrating 30 Glorious Years
Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023Celebrating 30 Glorious Years

Switching The Lawns

Switching involves using a long switch, like a fishing rod, the end of which is swept quickly over the surface of the grass.  


The main purpose of switching is to 1) remove excess water such as early morning dew and 2) wormcasts - small piles of earth which facilitate weed growth and create muddy lumps; and 3) any other small natural debris such as leaves.


It is an important part of caring and maintaining the lawns in good order so if in doubt ask yourself two questions .... does the grass look wet and can I see wormcasts?   If the answer to either is yes, then PLEASE SWITCH before playing.  

We have two switches - which are located on the left side wall of the shed on the lawns - lying horizontally about half way up.   They are yellow in colour, measure around 6ft and are double that when fully extended.


It can take a little while to get a rythm going - have a look at the video below ...

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