Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023 Celebrating 30 Glorious Years
Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023Celebrating 30 Glorious Years

2024-2025 Calendar


Recurring Dates - on hold as of 1/04/2024

Club Afternoons - Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - 2.00 pm- 5.00 pm


Mowing and Gardening - Wednesday and Sunday mornings - please note volunteers always wanted!   


Monthly Internal Club Competition - 1st Thursday of each month - full day.  


Club Coaching Sessions - Last Tuesday morning in the month - starting May






Monday, 3rd - Enfield vs Ipswich, GC B Level (HOME)

Thursday, 6th - Two-Shot GC Tournament
Tuesday, 11th - Newport Oaks vs Enfield East, GC Handicap (AWAY)

Friday, 14th - Enfield East vs Letchworth, GC Handicap (HOME)

Monday, 17th - Enfield vs Letchworth, GC Open (HOME)

Friday, 21st - Meldreth vs Enfield East, GC Handicap (AWAY)

Monday, 24th - Enfield vs Bury St Edmunds, GC B Level (HOME)

Thursday, 27th - Evening - Potters Bar 41 Club (on lawns)

Friday, 28th - Enfield West vs Barnet Cavaliers, GC Handicap (HOME)

tbc - Watford vs Enfield, GC Friendly (AWAY) - provisional fixture



Monday, 1st - Enfield v Watford AC (HOME)

Thursday, 4th - Monthly Tournament - One Ball
Tuesday, 9th - Newport vs Enfield, GC B Level (AWAY)

Thursday, 11th - Barnet Roundheads vs Enfield West, GC Handicap (AWAY)

Thursday, 18th - Enfield vs Wrest Park, GC Open (HOME)

Monday, 22nd - Enfield vs Wrest Park, AC (HOME)
Tuesday, 23rd - Colchester vs Enfield, GC B Level (AWAY)

Monday, 29th - Enfield East vs Newport Elms, GC Handicap (HOME)



Thursday, 1st - Monthly Tournament - The Sheila Rudling Cup
Friday, 9th - Enfield vs Chelmsford, GC B Level (HOME)

Tuesday, 13th - Letchworth vs Enfield West, GC Handicap (AWAY)

Thursday, 22nd - Barnet Cavaliers vs Enfield East, GC Handicap (AWAY)

Tuesday, 27th - Newport Elms vs Enfield West, GC Handicap (AWAY)

tbc - Letchworth vs Enfield, AC (AWAY)
tbc - Leighton Linslade vs Enfield, GC Friendly (AWAY) - provisional fixture



Thursday, 5th - Monthly Tournament - The Chairman's Cup

Friday, 6th - Enfield vs Watford, GC Open (HOME)
Monday, 9th - North London Derby - provisional date
Wednesday, 18th - Compton vs Enfield, GC Friendly (AWAY)
tbc - GC B Level Final (AWAY)
tbc - GC Handicap Semi-final (AWAY)
tbc - GC Handicap Final (AWAY)



Thursday 3rd - Monthly Tournament - Close of Competitive Season 10:10



AGM - tbc



Christmas Gathering - tbc




Thursday 4th - Season Opening 10:10
Thursday 11th - Charity One Ball Qualifier
Monday 15th - Enfield East vs Enfield West, GC Handicap (HOME)
Friday 19th - Enfield vs Leighton Linslade friendly (HOME)
Monday 22nd - Enfield vs Northampton, AC (HOME)
Tuesday 30th - Newport vs Enfield, GC Open (AWAY)



Thursday 2nd - GC Doubles Tournament
Monday, 13th - Enfield West vs Newport Oaks, GC Handicap (HOME)

Friday, 17th - Enfield West vs Meldreth, GC Handicap (HOME)

Thursday, 23rd - St Albans vs Enfield, AC (AWAY)

Friday, 24th - Enfield East vs Barnet Roundheads, GC Handicap (HOME)

Wednesday, 29th - Watford vs Enfield, GC Friendly (AWAY) 
Thursday, 30th - Northampton vs Enfield, GC Open (AWAY)


Enfield Croquet Club

Bush Hill Park Recreation Ground

Cecil Avenue

Enfield EN1 1PS


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