Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023 Celebrating 30 Glorious Years
Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023Celebrating 30 Glorious Years

2023 Internal Competitions

ECC Ladder League

September's matches finished last week, and the results are in. The best performances of the month were from Brian Dawes and Andrew Yianni, both of whom were unbeaten. Both of those runs proved to be critical in deciding the overall champion.

Across five months of play, the player with the most wins is declared the winner, with a tie-break of net hoops. We have four players that are all tied at the top with the same number of wins.

Our runners up for 2023, then, are Mary Grove, Frances Broadway, and Brian Dawes. All three finished on the same number of wins as the eventual winner - Andrew Yianni, who is the winner despite sitting out a month; something I hadn't thought was realistically possible! That only happened because of a dominant record in this competition; Andrew lost only three games across the whole year - twice to Kim and a golden hoop loss to Frances, but swept everyone else aside.

Congratulations Andrew - you will receive the Claret Jug to keep for a year at the AGM - and thanks to the other 20 players who played at least one month. See you next year!


1: Andrew Yianni - 13 wins, +30 hoop difference
2: Mary Grove - 13 wins, +21 hoop difference
3: Frances Broadway - 13 wins, +20 hoop difference
4: Brian Dawes - 13 wins, +18 hoop difference
5: Ian Moore - 12 wins, +14 hoop difference
6: Nigel Owen - 12 wins: +8 hoop difference
7: Colin Carver - 11 wins: +1 hoop difference
8: Frank Palmer - 10 wins, +11 hoop difference
9: Gillian Porter - 10 wins, +10 hoop difference
10: Nicola Hyde - 10 wins, +9 hoop difference
11: David Frost - 9 wins, -11 hoop difference
12: Thomas Halliday - 9 wins, -27 hoop difference
13: Kim Taylor - 8 wins, -8 hoop difference
14: Jane French - 7 wins, -18 hoop difference
15: Jean Dawes - 7 wins, -23 hoop difference
16: Chris Twomey - 6 wins, -7 hoop difference
17: Dave Hill - 4 wins, -5 hoop difference
18: Frank Harris - 4 wins, -9 hoop difference
19: Suzanne Twomey - 3 wins, -25 hoop difference
20: Patrick Beecham - 1 win, -7 hoop difference
21: Cheryle Bridgeman - 0 wins, -13 hoop difference
*NB Wins includes walkovers awarded for unplayed fixtures which were arranged but the person did not turn up, etc. These would not have altered the winner.

Main Internal Tournaments
Level Play GC Club Championship KO - Thomas Halliday
Handicap GC Club Championship KO - Brian Dawes
7+ GC KO - Nigel Owen
Handicap GC 'Ladder' League - Andrew Yianni
Level Play AC Club Championship Block - tbc (David is out of action, John is currently reluctant to play AC, and Michael beat me - if we can both play John that will decide it, otherwise Michael is the winner)
Handicap AC Club Championship Block - Michael Broadway

Thursday Tournament Series
April 10:10 - Graham Curtis
May Advantage GC - Michael Broadway
June AC Alternate Strokes - Graham Curtis
July GC Doubles - Brian Dawes and Jean Dawes
August Sheila Rudling Cup - Nigel Owen
September Chairman's Cup - Frances Broadway
October 10:10 - Colin Carver

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