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Croquet Mallets - A Brief Introduction 

It is always prefereable to own your own mallet if you start to play more seriously and want to improve your game.   Simply by playing with on particular mallet on a regular basis you will become accustomed to it and improve your game.  This is not necessarily possible if you have to borrow a different Club mallet every time you play as our mallets are available on a first come first served basis.

Before purchasing your own mallet however you should try out as many different types as possible - eg lengths of shafts, flexibility of shafts, differeing grips, length of heads and variable weights.  Many of our Club members will not mind you trying their mallets providing you take care not to clang them into the hoops.


Many of the world's top players have played using unspectacular mallets – because high tech or high price does not necessarily mean better, despite the advertising blurb, as is usually the case with any particular sport’s gear. You just need to find one you are happy with. At Enfield, and we’re sure this happens elsewhere, we’ve had members who upgraded their mallet with a more expensive model only to find that they actually still preferred their old one.


Ignore anything that is advertised as a garden mallet, they are invariably too light and not the real deal. Metal shafts with a comfortable grip are preferable. You’re looking for Club Mallets which are only manufactured by a very limited number of companies in the UK. Ours, unfortunately, is very much a minority sport and croquet mallets are often a cottage industry. On the plus side you can purchase mallets manufactured to your own specifications.


Club and personal mallets would generally be wood, metal or polymer-headed with a carbon fibre shaft. Our Club mallets all have wooden shafts, which is an indication of how old they are, but at today’s prices we cannot easily replace them. New mallets with carbon fibre shafts would cost in the region of £180, rising to £280 or more for specialist woods or the ultimate customisations. Whilst club mallets are entirely suitable for tournament play most enthusiasts tend to move towards a mallet with a carbon fibre head and shaft. A top of the range, all-bells-and-whistles, carbon fibre mallet might however cost in the ball park region of £400.


If you play, or intend to play Association Croquet you will require a grip the full length of the mallet.

The exact weight of the mallet is very much down to how it is manufactured, but is likely to be in the region of 2.75lbs to 3lbs. Most mallets are hand built, many are hand built to order, some imported from Australia or New Zealand but like anything else the prices continue to increase.


You will find the various options are quite staggering if you check out all the links below. Heads are usually 9”, 10”,11” or even 12” long. Shafts anywhere between  32” and 38”. Grips vary by type, length and position. If you choose a wooden head you often may well have a choice of wood types. You will also find mallets available with shafts that screw apart for air travel: Treetop Mallets being one of them – and you just never know when you may want to enter an International Tournament in Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the USA.


Our club members use:-

David Barrett – Solid Composite Head - Brian Dawes

George Wood - Wooden Head - Brian Sturt, Marian Cuckson, Nicola Hyde, David Warren

* Manor House - Wooden Head* - Henry Hobbs, John Street, Graham Curtis, Jean Dawes

* Manor House - Carbon Fibre Head - David Frost, Peter Brock, Valerie Stanley

PFC Hoopmaker – Aluminium Alloy Head - Andrew Fall (purchased from Richard Carline) & Al Bateman (purchased in Australia). 

Treetop - Wooden Head - Thomas Halliday


* Manor House Mallets or ‘Pidocks’ are now manufactured  by Dave Trimmer 


For further information and numerous fine photographs follow the links below: 


Croquet Association – their online shop has a limited selection of George Wood mallets at  the C A headquarters in Cheltenham, which is a lovely day out. 



Dave Barrett Mallets – appears not to have a website but does provides leaflets http://www.oxfordcroquet.com/equip/mallets/barrett.asp or http://www.burycroquet.com/assets/images/MALLET%20SPECIFICATIONS.pdf Brian says “I’m still happy with mine, lovely whippy shaft which is ideal for stop shots. The black polymer head has faded in the sun a bit over the years but that’s just cosmetic”


Dave Trimmer Mallets http://davetrimmermallets.moonfruit.com/ 01747 824822 - 07769 030228 - Davetrimmer@talktalk.net  Mary says “Dave Trimmer - carbon fibre 4000S, composite end faces, with brass stripe. The dimensions will be the same, i.e.  10” black foam grip, length 37”. My previous mallet was a Dave Trimmer - 10 inch wooden 2000 series with carbon fibre shaft with black foam grip, 35”.


George Wood Mallets (New Zealand) – are currently available via the croquet Association but see also their website at http://www.woodmallets.com/croquet/


John Hobbs Mallets - Their website is no more and they appears to have ceased trading 


Manor House Mallets * once produced by Alan Pidcock are now made by Dave Trimmer Mallets (see above)


Percival Mallets https://croquetmallets.co.uk/ Michael Percival, Lavenham, Suffolk. 01787 247381, 07780 677943 Michael@Croquetmallets.co.uk It would appear that no-one at Enfield currently owns one but the variations available are plentiful and we would suggest almost certainly well worth looking at. 


PFC Hoopmaker Mallets https://croquetmalletmetal.com Beautiful looking Aluminium Alloy mallets. Southern UK sales are via Richard Carline at Southwick 07876 227165

Jacques appear to produce masses of mallet types but in practice they are wooden and just for garden croquet in the main, not to mention being seriously expensive.


Terminator Mallets (New Zealand) - http://www.terminatormallets.co.nz/PriceList.htm We’ve never seen one but for something seriously different check out their Rainbow Mallets which stand out far more than pink laces - No idea about VAT or import duty charges. Seriously cool or seriously ugly – your call. 


The Second Hand Market  Although you may find loads of mallets on EBay etc, it is very rare to find decent second hand ‘Club Mallets’ online and if you do please never purchase without viewing and handling the mallet in question. It’s being sold for a reason.


Treetop Mallets  http://treetop-mallets.co.uk/ Made by Jeff Farringdon in Colchester. Thomas says “I have a treetop mallet lovely custom maplewood mallet with solid tufnol end caps, peripheral lead weighting, and a carbon fibre shaft with a very grippy foam handle. The heads are inlaid with tulipwood sightlines so it looks quite elegant. They can be customised to have upper and lower grips for AC players, split handles for easy transport on trains or planes, and any combination of shaft length, mallet head length, and weight. They cost from £185 depending on how customised it is, which is very good value. I'm very happy with mine.”


This page and the links included within it were put together by David Frost and Brian Dawes of Enfield Croquet Club and was last updated in April 2021.


For a far more extensive and detailed article on Croquet Mallets we recommend the Oxford Croquet website which we believe to be the most comprehensive piece to be found online. http://www.oxfordcroquet.com/equip/mallets/index.asp


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