Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023 Celebrating 30 Glorious Years
Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023Celebrating 30 Glorious Years


We use a 2050P Earthway Spreader which is stored in the far corner of the main room in the hut.


Essentially it is a hopper sitting on two wheels which spreads the contents of the hopper when the switch located on the right-hand side is thrown.


This then allows the contents to be dispersed underneath at variable rates which can be set. Essentially this rate is determined by how wide the gap that restricts the exit of contents is set. The speed at which it spreads is dependent on the speed it is being pushed. A moderate walking pace being the norm.


Do not open the switch before moving. Always open the spreader with the switch when already underway. DO NOT STOP PUSHING before the switch has been turned off. To do so will allow contents to empty onto a single spot and may damage our lawns.


An example of use: Spread 4.5 x 20kg Croquet Lawn Spring/Autumn 6 10 14 3mg BIOGRAN – Calculation notes indicate: 30 kg per lawn.


Our spreader can be used for small granules, seeds and small almost dust like particles.

Enfield Croquet Club

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