Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023 Celebrating 30 Glorious Years
Enfield Croquet Club - 1993 to 2023Celebrating 30 Glorious Years

All You Need To Know About Lawns

This is a new section on the website which is being developed to be a comprehensive guide to the care and maintenance of our croquet lawns.


You will see on the left in the drop down menu an index to the varous topics covered.  Please click on whichever of these are of interest.


Some general information first.


We have four area Croquet grounds which is described by compass points .... 

  • North (the tennis courts end)
  • South (our hut end)
  • West (the houses side) and
  • East the long hedge. 

The Croquet Season can be divided into three lawn seasons. 

  • Preseason is the time between February/March and 1st April 
  • The Club Playing Season is 1st April to 30th September 
  • The Winter Season is 1st October to February/March

As we are located in a residential area, we need to show some consideration towards our neighbours to whilst quiet manual work can be undertaken at any time, motorised work such as mowing, strimming etc should be undertaken at/soon after 10 am.



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